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ANSYS Assignment Help

ANSYS Assignment Help

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ANSYS is one of the most in-demand software for the analysis of various features in any product cycle development. With professionals from mechanical, civil, electronics, electrical, etc, using ANSYS to carefully check the factors affecting the safety of the equipment, it is also one of the most sought after the knowledge that today's company desire in students. ANSYS with its wide application is one of the most versatile software which can be used in much different application because of its wide range of features which were added during its development phases. It is also very hard to master because of too many features which generally makes anyone confused. Often it is seen that mechanical engineering professionals use ANSYS is a variety of ways to make their work easy as well as productive. ANSYS can be used to design 2 Dimensional as well as 3 Dimensional drawings and models.

Various Features Explained by ANSYS Assignment Help Professionals

The various features through which designs are made in any other modeling software can also be run in ANSYS with little or no difficulty. This makes ANSYS one of the best software for designing in the world. This software is also tailored according to the needs of different professionals like ANSYS for electrical engineering, ANSYS for electronics engineering, ANSYS for Mechanical Engineering, etc. This has made software extremely helpful for the professionals of a particular field because of the variety of functions that are developed only for those professionals. Also, this can reduce the amount of time required to check for different functions which are not very beneficial for the particular profession. But as it is a very powerful application, it is very tough to master and hence creates many problems for students. Due to its market demand, almost all colleges prefer to include ANSYS in their syllabus so that students can use and know the software which provides them with practical knowledge which is generally desired by different companies.

Problems faced by students in ANSYS Assignment and Projects

Students often face many difficulties while completing ANSYS assignments as assignments in ANSYS are generally hard and are difficult to solve accurately. ANSYS also requires a good computational power to run as it is resource hungry software. These types of computers are generally not present in the hands of students and also ANSYS is very expensive software which students cannot afford. As students are not familiar with the software it also makes it extremely difficult for students to master it hence are not familiar with most of the functions and also lack their working knowledge of how to use those functions. Students spend a lot of time completing the assignments which are generally wrong hence making it difficult for them to score good marks in ANSYS assignments. All these reasons make it very clear that students should give these kinds of hard works to professionals who have experience as well as expertise to complete their assignments with the necessary accuracy. Hence we at Assignment Hippo provide all the students with professional-grade ANSYS solutions.

Need for professionals for ANSYS Assignment Help Online

Students should always prepare for their exams and also try to develop their interpersonal skills. Since college is one of the best days of student life for their overall development, students should give extra care in getting good marks in their theoretical exams so that they get good enough marks in their overall examinations and can land a job. Also, ANSYS requires a lot of practice to be able to master it hence not suitable for students to put aside their studies and practice ANSYS. Students also lose their interest if they are unable to complete a task that affects their career negatively. Also, the time spend on ANSYS is mostly not productive for students as they are left behind their syllabus which can lead them to fewer marks in their examination. Also, the assignments which are given to students are mostly not according to the industry which makes it of no use for students to practice, so too students who spend their time on ANSYS assignments generally gain nothing from those assignments. Getting professional help will not only increase their chances of getting good marks in their assignments but will also save a lot of time for the students which can be used in completing their other assignments or syllabus for their exams. This will increase the efficiency of the students hence making it better for the students,

Consider Assignment Hippo for ANSYS Homework Help Services

To prevent students from getting conned by other online assignment help provider we at Assignment Hippo provide students with professional-grade solutions to all their assignments with the help of our experts who are not only willing to share their expertise and experience to the students but also are determined to provide these students with good solutions so that they can score good marks in their examination. Also, since plagiarism is not accepted anywhere in the world we are determined to provide students with 100 unique work with a plagiarism report added in every solution we provide from our side. This is the reason why we are trusted by 1000s of students and are their best assignment, help provider. Students don't only like use due to our aforesaid qualities but we also take pride in completing the task on time as we know students are very anxious about their assignments and are generally waiting for the assignments to arrive so that they can submit and take a breath of rest. We also provide students with reports which may or may not be asked according to the specified format in technical and precise writing. We proofread the reports so that it is error-free as well as professional-grade report. Lastly, we are available 24*7 to help students with our customer support team ready to help them by answering their queries. We have an innovative pricing scheme that let us price the assignments with the least amount of money that can be availed so that students have no issues regarding worry about their pocket money.

ANSYS Sample Assignment Help Solved by the Experts

        Gear is basically a toothed wheel. But, it is one of the most important machine elements in
        mechanical power transmission system. It has a wide range of applications starting from wrist
        watch to heavy industries due to its high degree of reliability and compactness (Karaveer et al.,
        2013). In this project, the students are required to conduct a comprehensive Finite Element
        Analysis using ANSYS software and submit a complete report in the final stage.
        Gear Design
        The general dimensions of the gear shown in Table 1 and the shape of the spur gear tooth is shown
        in Figure 1. Table 1: Specification of spur gear tooth

        Figure 1: Spur gear tooth
        Consider torque T = 132 N-m at 3000 rpm
        The Tangential load can be obtain by ๐น๐‘ก = 2ร—๐‘‘๐‘‡                      (1)
        The theoretical bending stress is given by ๐œŽ๐‘ = (๐‘šร—๐น๐‘๐‘กร—๐‘Œ)            (2)
        Value of deflection is obtained by ๐›ฟ= 16๐ธ  ๐‘๐น๐‘ก ๐‘ก โ„Ž33                  (3)

        Boundary Conditions
        Based on the assumptions of Lewis equation, the boundary conditions are set
        in ANSYS model. The fixed support is used at the root end of the tooth and
        the force is applied on the face having components in Y and Z directions.
        The tangential force (Ft) having magnitude 1466.67 N has been introduced with
        component at Y and Z direction as 1378.2 N and 501.6 N respectively.

        Points to be covered
        In ANSYS software develop the spur gear tooth model, then, perform the following
        I.	Generate the mesh and perform the mesh sensitivity analysis, then, show the optimum
            elements number.
        II.	Conduct modal analysis and identify the first four modes (natural frequency) of the
            spur tooth.
        III.	Conduct static analysis by applying the tangential force on the tooth face,
            then, determine the maximum Von Mises stress along with the maximum deformation.
        IV.	Conduct Transient analysis by assuming the load is not constant load (Assume any
            dynamic function to represent the transient load), then, plot transients Von Mises
            stresses and displacements.
        V.	Compare the theoretical results obtained from Eq. (1) โ€“ (3) with the numerical
            results and identify the accuracy.

        KARAVEER, V., MOGREKAR, A. & JOSEPH, T. P. R. 2013. Modeling and finite element analysis
        of spur gear. International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, 3, 2104-2107.
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