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Fundamentally, multicultural theories are the ones that lay the ground to establish practices and protocols that attempt to set an equal platform and equal access to academic achievement for the students that come from diverse communities. Multicultural education encompasses the philosophies and activities that aim to ensure equal participation and academic success for students from different groups and communities. This is done to promote multiculturalism and encourage students to work towards a social change and work together.

Got it? Let’s Now Explore the Role of Diversity

According to our experts that provide Bilingual and Multicultural assignment help, diversity means that people share a common space. Opportunity and equal access to resources in an organisation, institution or a state irrespective of their background and personal characteristics. In schools, it would mean that

To have a diverse community of students in school and institutes clearly means understanding that all students are unique in their own way. Their distinctions may include their degree of literacy, physical capacity, cultural history, temperament, religious values, and the list goes on.

Primarily, a professor would ask students to write an assignment on Bilingual and Multiculturalism education to encourage and promote multiculturalism amongst students and help foster a conducive environment for all. Even then, it is imperative for a student to research and present a well-drafted assignment to the professor. Further in this article, you’ll find some concepts that would aid you to write the assignment if you have been looking for bilingual and multicultural assignment help. If you further need assistance or just don’t have the necessary time to complete your assignment, we totally get it. You can connect to our subject matter experts that would do your bilingual and multiculturalism assignment for you.

Let’s explore solutions to a Bilingual and Multicultural education assignment answer

Above is a screenshot of one of the question files of an assignment on Bilingual and Multiculturalism. The above assignment is a case study of the organisation named Nestle and solicits students to reflect on the operations and policies of the organisation in context to cultural diversity in the organisations. Let’s answer the following concepts to be discussed in the case study:

Why is Multiculturalism Important?

A multinational labour force is one in which the organisation's workers have a wide variety of cultural distinctions. Although many major and minor characteristics are used to characterise cultural distinctions, the most specific characteristics used to classify the degree of multiculturalism visible in a given population can be boiled down to "age, sex, gender, physical capacity, race and sexual preference. Such diversity in the workplace is crucial and important for many reasons.

1. Multiculturalism deters away from people making assumptions:
By now, we all recognise that certain problems in the western world arise from societies that communicate without a clear comprehension of each other's complexities. A lot of assumptions made about people lead to conflicts inside the workplace or even faulty market decisions in the worst-case scenario. Introducing multiculturalism in the workplace allows people to interact with and learn from each other and learn about different cultures; this nibs the ignorance and prejudice or any source of a chance of making assumptions in the bud.

2. It Provides Room for Open Dialogue and Fosters Innovation:

Multiculturalism encourages the incorporation of different cultures and the exchange of different thoughts and viewpoints. The exchange of ideas may lead to new business developments and more productive working relationships. Open-mindedness and collaboration are the main aspects of multiculturalism that the workforce can benefit from. It fosters an environment that encourages open and free dialogue amongst colleagues that creates understanding and encourages collaboration among teammates. Additionally, multiculturalism also demonstrates the respect, acceptance and tolerance that reduces conflicts in the organisation.

What are the Two Theories of Multiculturalism that Would Help you With your Multiculturalism Assignment

The Melting Pot Theory of Multiculturalism

The melting pot theory has also had its fair share of criticism as it advocates that people lose their individual cultures and traditions to melt and merge with a larger ethnic group present in the majority

The Salad Bowl Theory

The salad bowl hypothesis, a more egalitarian philosophy of multiculturalism than the melting pot, defines a heterogeneous society in which people coexist but maintain at least some of the distinctive characteristics of their mainstream culture. Metaphorically, like different ingredients are brought together to make a salad, the theory suggests that different culture should be brought together and be coalesced into a singular homogenous community. The theory assumes heterogeneity as the pillar of the workforce at the workplace and promotes multiculturalism with an emphasis.

The theory suggests that it is not necessary for a person to give up his/her beliefs and cultural heritage in order to be considered an equal member of the workforce. For example, in the United States, African Americans shall be liable to an equal amount of work opportunities and equal rights as of Native Americans in the country. On the other hand, a culture may be split by the ethnic disparities promoted by the salad bowl paradigm, resulting in bias and bigotry. However, opponents point to a 2007 analysis undertaken by American political scientist, Robert Putnam, who found that people working in segregated workforces were less likely to participate or volunteer for programs to change the environment.

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What is the aim of multiculturalism in education?

Multicultural is about integrating a common culture. Multicultural education's key aim is to help children understand the disparity and differences of educational institutions. It is assumed that the children learn traditions and culture primarily from their teacher and parents (Ayers, 2014). This kind of environment fosters self-esteem of the children and enables them to learn to accept the presence of people from a diverse background more easily (Gereluk, 2006). If children from varied backgrounds are given the necessary importance, then it would enable them to feel accepted along with their traditional values as well as their customs.

It is of prime importance that children are exposed to a multicultural environment in their classroom from the beginning. To attain this, teachers would need to have the required knowledge of different cultures and traditions. Here are a few concepts to promote multiculturalism in schools.

How to Develop a Multicultural Society in School?

Celebrate numerous and diversified cultural festivals:
Identifying significant festivals of different cultures from across the world is imperative for fostering the idea of diversity in people’s mind. This would also bring the community together and the children together in the classroom. This would also build a comfortable atmosphere for 1st generation immigrants in the community and school.

Hosting Community and Cultural Events

Hosting community and cultural events have been cited in the literature as an effective measure to make people comfortable with the diversity in the community. For the pupils studying school, kindles the spirit of collaboration amongst kids and teaches a lot of pragmatic sides about different cultures of the world. Schools and organisations around the globe organise cultural quizzes to increase understanding of different cultures amongst each other.

Books and Cultural Art

One can also introduce multiculturalism in classes from different cultures and backgrounds by introducing diverse books in the classroom. For young children belonging to different cultures, the books can make them familiar with each other’s culture and also makes an excellent choice for the pupil’s to read something other than their curriculum. It would also portray that different texts are valued in the community and school, thus making everyone feel comfortable and valued in the community.

How to Promote Multiculturalism in The Workplace: Diversity Management Theories

Promoting multiculturalism is an imperative aspect of an organisation. It plays a vital role in determining the organisation’s future, public image and employee culture. According to our experts that provide expert Bilingual and Multiculturalism assignment help, here are a few concepts that would answer “how to promote multiculturalism” in your assignment questions.

There are some researches that would suggest that managing diversity in a workplace does not come without repercussions. Most importantly, a failed attempt to promote multiculturalism in the workplace can lead to conflicts and tensions between teams and employees. It has also been identified that excessive promotion of multiculturalism amongst orthodox workforce can have negative impacts on employee performance such due to workers feeling uncomfortable.

Here are some theories of diversity management:

Psychological Organisation Theory:

This principle offers a collection of best-suited methods for workers searching for streamlined policies and regulations. It is applicable to all positions in all organisations.

Goals theory:

This hypothesis argues that diversity management and organisational performance rely on the company's mindset in several ways, such as approaches for community and organisation.

Learning theory:

According to this philosophy, diversity management systems are an important means of rethinking the organisation's procedures and core activities, removing redundant duties, thus leading to enhancing the organisation's efficiency.

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