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Someone great once said “the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”, and since there are numerous kinds of people living around us, so to live peacefully amongst the people with varying cultural and religious beliefs, we have to respect every culture.

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Cultural Safety

One’s culture is their “way of being” and shapes their identity and influences their behavior. It can be understood as the values, beliefs, language, norms, and materialistic things passed down to consecutive generations. Multiculturalism or cultural diversity refers to a system that

  • Recognizes and respects the diverse groups present inside society.

  • Values and acknowledges the differences, both social and cultural.

  • Encourages and enables continuous collaboration in a culturally inclusive context, while empowering everyone in that society or organization.

Cultural safety is used to define the way of working along with individuals from varying cultural backgrounds without diminishing, demeaning, or disempowering them. A culturally safe environment is where every individual feels safe in talking about their values and views, without feeling less important in any way. Cultural safety, therefore, is not only having specific knowledge about cultures, but also a way of working.

The process by which cultural safety can be achieved includes the following three steps:

  1. Cultural Awareness: becoming aware of the cultural perspective of other people, to nurture the uniqueness of their culture.

  2. Cultural Sensitivity: knowing that cultural differences are present, without assigning a value to them, neither positive nor negative.

  3. Cultural Safety: for improving the interactions between individuals having different cultural beliefs and backgrounds, by being culturally aware and sensitive.

What Are The Principles of Cultural Safety?

Cultural safety has five principles, which are stated as follows:

  1. Self-Reflection: Reflecting on one's practice or giving serious thoughts to actions and character. It refers to being self-aware of one’s own beliefs, values and communities and families. This is believed to impact one's interaction with others.

  2. Balancing The Power Relationships: Minimization of power differentials between two individuals, while working together to prevent the other person from feeling alienated. This can be achieved by negotiations or changes made within an organization or society.

  3. Building Relationships: by engaging in conversations with other people, for instance, fostering relationships with Indigenous workers by acknowledging and listening to them.

  4. Decolonization: acknowledging and becoming aware of the impact of colonization on Indigenous people and their lives. This can be gained by learning their history, people, and families. In short, learning the history of a system in which you are working, and its impact on the clients.

  5. Treating Regardfully: not demeaning or diminishing others through our actions and treating them regardful of the individual and cultural differences.

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