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Exchange Studies are a complex discipline of finance. Students pursuing their studies in finance or marketing will encounter assignments of exchange studies. It focuses on the changes in interest rates and foreign exchange rates. There are multiple complexities involved in understanding the concepts of exchange studies. Some of them are the involvement of banks, dynamic fluctuations, hundreds of investors, and dealers. The foreign exchange market is a marketplace that handles trading over the globe with currency exchange. It assists in buying, selling, and exchange of currencies. The prices of trading are either current or defined. However, students find it tough to incorporate these elements into their assignments. Fortunately, Assignment Hippo is here with its exchange studies assignment help. It assists the students with assignment-writing.

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We provide exchange studies assignment sample to give the idea of our work. The example given below is of assignment that is expert-written and timely delivered. Scroll down to have a look.

What Is A Foreign Exchange Market?

It is an over-the-counter marketplace that depicts the exchange rate of foreign currencies globally. People participating can buy or sell currencies by estimating them. Foreign Exchange Market has firms managing investments, forex dealers, central banks, hedge funds, retail dealers, and investors. The markets are known as the Currency Market or Forex. It is a financial market that provides solidification to emerging economies. Going by the quantity and amount of trade, it is the world’s biggest financial market. Forex provides the ability to purchase, exchange, and sell while enabling agreements for international trading. A participant should know the market risks and fluctuations involved with the foreign exchange markets.

The Topics Of Foreign Exchange Market For 9220gic Assessment Answer

  • Consumer Prices

  • Supply and Demand

  • Monetary Policies

  • GDP growth data

  • Inflation and deflection

  • Risk Management

These are the forex assignment topics for which our writers give advanced writing help.

Factors Leading To Change In Currency Value

The market forces are behind the currency value like tourism, types of investment, and geopolitical risks. When a tourist visits a country, he/she has to exchange the home currencies with that of the host country’s currency. It is among the demand factors of a specific currency. When a foreign company looks for business with a company in another country, it becomes a demand factor. The foreign company will have to pay in local currency. All these factors lead to the expansive size of foreign exchange markets.

The Three Functions Of Foreign Exchange Markets Mentioned In 9250gic Assessment Solution

Hedging Function

Hedging is the process where the export and import of goods happen at the current price with a rate of exchange. It is applied to avoid the risks of variations in future rates of exchange.

Transfer Functions

It modifies the power of countries signing an agreement, to purchase. Credit Instruments use bank drafts, foreign currency estimates, and over-the-call transfers.

Credit Functions

Forex gives credit to carry foreign trade. After the expiry time of three months, international payments are done with exchange bills.

The Effect Of Inflation On Foreign Exchange Rates

A country’s currency depends highly on inflation and the rate of foreign exchange with other countries. Though it is a factor among many other factors, inflation harms the rate of foreign exchange and currency value. Low-intensity inflation does not affect much, but high-intensity inflation does have an adverse impact. Inflation can show its effect on the interest rate, which in turn affects foreign exchange rates. It is complex to understand the relationship between inflation and interest rates, for the countries which issue currencies. Economic growth increases with low-interest rates and has a positive effect on currency value. On the other hand, low-interest rates do not attract foreign traders as the higher interest rate does.

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