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IT Assignment Help

IT Assignment Help

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Information technology is applications and methods of technology to solve any issue and problem. IT departments tackle many important functions and perform a vital role in the organization. IT also refers to architecture and methodologies. The field of Information technology is rapidly increasing domain in the world.

The subject of information technology is very vast. Students are required to submit and unique information in their assigned tasks. Our Information technology assignment help service covers all the subjects related to information technology like a security issue, risk management, data mining, operating systems, artificial intelligence, etc. our team will provide you excellent assignment services at an affordable price.

Various Topics covered by Information Technology Assignment Help Experts for You

Networking: computer network is the connection of various computer sharing common resources and sharing information.

Data Transmission: it is the process of transferring data from one place to another place with the help of any media like wires, fiber optics, etc.

Storage: it is the process of storing data or any information in the foram of video, audio, text, etc.

Database: database is a collection of data in an organized way. It records the information in the form of tables, records, transactions, etc. Oracle, MS Access, and SQL databases are used for this purpose.

Software: COBOL, MATLAB, OCTAVE software are used in the computer system for computation and visualization.

Languages: Python, c++, .Net, etc are the computer languages. With the help of these languages, we can interact with the computer. Languages are the set of rules and formats used to provide interaction to the computer with the help of programs.

Diagrams: UML stands for unified modeling language used for analysis, design, and various business processes.

Reason to consider us for IT Assignment Help and issues which are faced by companies

Cost: it is very costly for the small organizations. A small organization can’t afford the latest technology for better performance.

Skilled employee: IT required skilled peoples for better performance. For small organization

Security: there are lots of security threads nowadays to the organization. Small companies or industries can be compromised.

Infrastructure: IT required some modern infrastructure. Modern infrastructure requires space and additional costs.

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Sample of IT Assignment Help Solved by ITAssignment Expert

LAN Design and Implementation for Enclave Films Company

Scenario : 
Enclave Films is an eminent movie company which composes movies and delivers high quality video 
to make it download through VividZone company website. The original movie company management has 
decided to consolidate the contract with VividZone by adding more efficient staff and appliances.

Enclave Films is in building B and the web team is positioned in the same building while majority 
of the administration, sales, accounts and management functions are supported in building A. 
Both buildings are located in the same premises. Movie company plans to aggregate all 
their staff and resources in one building. Therefore when adjacent office space becomes 
available in building A, these groups will be accommodated together. Building A has a 
reception and a customer area as well.

About the Network

The branch network of Enclave Films has grown without proper planning. The LAN cabling 
in both offices is Cat5e Ethernet. The office complex provides an Ethernet link between 
the two buildings.

The current network is a flat network design with minimal redundancy. A small wireless 
LAN is used occasionally by few project managers with laptops and the guests at Building B.

a)	Building A - general office and managers, including reception, accounts, and 
administration. It consists of 12 PCs and 02 printers. 
b)	Building B - production suites and provides networking for the media development 
and storage. It consists of 09 high-performance workstations, 05 office PCs, and 02 printers. 

The Management expects to enhance the network based on following major criteria:
a)	Separate the network into VLANs.
b)	Data traffic expected to increase by 80% 
c)	Possibly consider connecting directly to the VividZone network; must be a fast 
    and reliable connection 
d)	High network availability with redundant links and technology 
e)	Wireless network access at Building B
f)	QoS to support video applications 
g)	High network reliability with network monitoring and security

Activity 01
You are newly recruited as a Network Engineer by the movie company to redesign the network.
You need to produce a report for the company that includes the following:

1.	An an overview of your report. 

2.	An explanation of;
•	networking principles, protocols and devices, including benefits and        
    constraints of networked solutions
•	the impact of network topology, communication and bandwidth requirements, 
    effectiveness of networking systems
•	operating principles of networking devices and server types and networking software

Activity 02

1.	Prepare a written plan of how you are going to design a Local Area Network including 
    a blueprint of your LAN.
2.	Justify the security requirements and quality of services needed for selection of accessories
3.	Design a networked system to meet a given specification
4.	Provide the IP address allocation table for the redesigned network.
5.	Install & configure network services and applications of your choice.
6.	Conduct a test and evaluate the design to meet the requirements and analyse user feedback.
7.	Suggest a maintenance schedule to support the networked system.

Activity 03
1.	Implement a networked system based on your prepared design.
2.	Conduct verification with e.g. Ping, extended ping, trace route, telnet, SSH, etc. 
3.	Record the test results and analyze these against expected results. 
4.	Investigate what functionalities would allow the system to support device growth 
    and the addition of communication devices.
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