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JavaScript (or "Js") is the most commonly used programming language for active web pages client-side scripts, but it is often used on server-side using programs like Node.js.

JavaScript is a robust script language on the client-side. JavaScript is mainly used to enhance a user's website experience. In other words, with JavaScript, it is possible to create the website more colorful and social. JavaScript is also extensively used in the development of games and mobile applications.

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JavaScript is mainly used in the browser, lets developers manipulate content on the web page via DOM, manipulate AJAX and IndexedDB data, draw canvas graphics, communicate with the browser's computer via several APIs, and more. Due to the current development and performance enhancement of APIs accessible on browsers, JavaScript is one of the most extensively used languages worldwide.

JavaScript was invented in 1995, by Brendan Eich, a popular browser from the time it was released in Netscape. Originally, the language was dubbed LiveScript and JavaScript replaced. Most programmers believe JavaScript and Java are similar. JavaScript and Java are currently quite different. Java is an extremely complex language, while JavaScript is a scripting language only. The programming language C influences the syntax of JavaScript mainly.

Uses of JavaScript by JavaScript Assignment Help With Applications And Concepts GUI etc..

Adding interactive actions to web pages: JavaScript lets users to interact web pages.

The things that one can do with JavaScript on a website are almost limitless– these are a few examples:

  • Show or hide more info with the click of a button
  • Alter the color of a button after the mouse hovers over it
  • Zooming out or zooming in on an image
  • Displaying a timer or count-down on a website

Creating web and mobile apps and Much more for example Converting the pseudocode by Javascript Assignment Helpers

Developers can use several JavaScript frameworks for developing and building web and mobile applications. JavaScript frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with pre-written code to use it for regular programming features and tasks—literally a framework to build websites or web applications.

Building web servers and developing server applications: In addition to websites and software, developers can also create simple Web servers using JavaScript and improve the backend network using Node.js.

Game development: JavaScript can also be used to build browser games.


Speed: JavaScript on the client-side is very fast, as it can be executed right away inside the browser on the client-side. JavaScript is unimpeded by network calls to a backend server unless additional services are available. It doesn't also have to be collected on the customer side, giving it some pace advantages.

Simplicity: You can read and execute JavaScript relatively easily.

Popularity: All over the internet, JavaScript is used. JavaScript is a multitude of tools. StackOverflow and GitHub have many projects which use JavaScript and in recent years the whole language has become very much implicated in the industry.

Interoperability: JavaScript with other languages and can be used in a wide variety of applications. In comparison to PHP or SSI files, JavaScript can be introduced into any web page irrespective of the file length. JavaScript can also be used in scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

Versatility: There are several ways to use JavaScript over Node.js servers today. If you were to use Express to bootstrap node.js, use a document store like MongoDB, and use JavaScript at the front end for clients, you would build a full JavaScript app from front end to back using JavaScript only.


Security on client-side: Since the user can access or view the JavaScript code, they can use it for malicious purposes. The use of the source code without authorization may include certain procedures. It is also very easy to put code into a database which threatens data security across the website.

Heavy bitwise function: JavaScript stores a number as a floating-point 64-bit integer and 32-bit bitwise runs operators. then, JavaScript transforms the signed integer to 32-bit, works on it, and translates it to JavaScript number 64-bit. The calculation takes longer to transform the number to an integer. This increases the time required for the script to run and speeds down.

Lack in a facility for debugging: Although certain HTML editor software supports debugging, it’s not as successful as other editor software like C / C++. Therefore, since the browser displays no bugs, the programmer considers the issue difficult.

Stopping Rendering: The compilation of the whole JavaScript code on the website will stop a single code mistake. It seems like the user did not have JavaScript. The browsers are however extremely tolerant of these errors.

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JavaScript is a great and powerful web-based technology. It is not so difficult to learn, It's scalable. It casts well with other web technologies— like HTML and CSS — and even interacts with plugins like Flash. JavaScript allows the app interface to be highly responsive, avoiding painful reloading of pages, and even addressing CSS support issues. You may even use JavaScript to create Offline online systems and sync automatically with the right browser add-ons (like Google Gears or Yahoo Browser Plus). JavaScript is not limited to browsers either. In contrast to other languages, the speed and small memory of JavaScript creates more and more uses— from automating repetitive tasks in programs like Illustrator to using them as a web language and as a standalone parser. Order now to get top quality javascript programming assignment help from reliable tutors at We have the best javascript assignment helpers who can tackle all kinds of problems at ay time. Order now and avail amazing discounts to get the best packages at assignment hippo.

Javascrip Assignment Help Sample Solved by Assignment Hippo JavaScript Experts

{`In this assignment, you will be building a single page application that make use
	 of APIs published by Yelp
	 You will use these APIs to get restaurants’ information and reviews in Vancouver, BC.


You need to sign up at to obtain an API key (registration is free). 

Read to understand how the API key is used as authentication for the queries made to Yelp. Below is a sample of how you will add the API key into the header of the API call. Replace ‘XXXX’ with your private API key.

		var request = require('request'); var options = { url:
		&location=vancouver,bc,canada.........', headers: {
		'Authorization': 'Bearer xxxxx'
		request(options, function(error, response, body) { if (error) {
		 return console.error(error);
		 } else {
		 console.log('data from API call = ' +JSON.stringify(body));


You will implement both the backend and frontend for this website. The backend will be implemented using Node.js with Express as the Web Framework while the frontend will be implemented using jQuery, javascript, and basic HTML.


The backend has 2 endpoints:

  1. GET /restaurants/<selected_cuisine>
  2. GET /reviews/<id>

The backend will also provide an index.html as a landing page for the users.

The 1st endpoint GET /restaurants/<selected_cuisine> will be calling the Yelp API, passing in the selected cuisine as the value for categories. The location and locale will be limited to Vancouver and CA respectively. So the query URL should look like this: A&location=vancouver,bc,canada&....

This endpoint will return the following data from the API response to the UI:

  • name
  • URL
  • review_count
  • rating
  • price
  • location

Other requirements:

  • The result size from Yelp will be limited to the top 10 restaurants
  • The user can sort the result by best_match, rating or review_count
  • The user can filter the result by price

The 2nd endpoint GET /reviews/<id> will be calling the Yelp API This API call will return 3 reviews of the restaurant specified by the provided id

This endpoint will return the text of the reviews from the API response to the UI.


The frontend is the implementation of index.html which will have 3 dropdown lists and a submit button. 

  1. The Cuisine dropdown list has the following options:
    1. Italian
    2. Mexican
    3. Chinese
    4. Japanese
  2. The sort by dropdown list has the following options:
    1. best_match
    2. rating
    3. review_count
  3. The price filter dropdown list has the following options:
    1. Inexpensive
    2. Moderate
    3. Pricey
    4. Ultra High-End

On click of the submit button, a call will be made to GET /restaurants/<selected_cuisine> endpoint. The sort by and price filter will be pass as query parameters. The result from the query can be rendered to an unordered list on the same page below the dropdown lists. 

Alongside the display for each restaurant, you will provide a “see reviews” link which on click will call GET /reviews/<id> to get reviews of the restaurant. The reviews of the restaurant will be appended to expanded rows below the restaurant itself. The user can collapse the reviews of the restaurant by clicking a “closereviews” link. When the user clicks on the review of another restaurant, all expanded reviews of other restaurants need to be collapsed. Look into using the jQuery effect to expand and collapse the reviews of the restaurants.