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What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

It is a science-based tradition to promote wellness by the identification of the individual’s aspect and later employing non-toxic therapies which are naturally made for the restoration of the individual’s psychological, structural, and physiological balance.

According to AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians), it means- a definite system of science, primary health care, philosophy, along with the practice of the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illness. The medicine distinguishes itself through the principles upon which the practices are based. Naturopathic medicine and its techniques comprise modern and traditional, empirical, scientific methods.

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Naturopathic practitioners specialize in natural medicine, and they are trained as general practitioners. They cooperate with various medical science branches, refers patients to distinct practitioners to diagnose or treat when appropriate.

These specialists possess a 4-year graduate degree in Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from a medical college. The degree requires grad-level study in conventional medical sciences like biochemistry, cardiology, gynaecology, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, neurology, and paediatrics. Also, students pursuing this subject must conduct extensive coursework in natural therapeutics. This comprises therapies from the sciences of botanical medicines, clinical nutrition, physical medicine, homeopathy, and lifestyle counselling, hydrotherapy, and exercise therapy.

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Naturopathic physicians are quite successful in treating chronic ailments that do not respond to conventional medicine, such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, pain, and digestive disorders.

Customized plans can be developed according to the needs of the individuals comprising nutritional supplements, diet therapy, and botanical medicine.

The professionals know the art of healing, and it is more than dispensing a natural supplement or herbal remedy. It requires patience and time to listen to each patient.

  • Health Promotion- Professionals treat underlying ailments and restore bodily functions by enhancing the healing abilities of the body.

  • Disease Prevention- Naturopathic specialists work with patients by identifying the main reason for the disease.

  • Treatment of conditions and Illnesses- Naturopathic practitioners are trained to treat all health care issues from acute to chronic and many more.

  • Individualized treatment- Naturopathic treatments are individualized and are provided only after studying all the factors such as history, dietary habits, genetics, lifestyle, etc.

  • Conventional Medicine- Naturopathic practitioners also work with conventional medical doctors.

  • Safe and Effective Treatment- As aforementioned, the practice treats underlying disorders and restores normal bodily functions through the enhancements of the healing abilities of the body. Furthermore, the treatments are individualized.

  • Cost-effective- Naturopathic medicines and treatments can help in curbing costly chronic diseases.

  • Research- Many Naturopathic treatments and therapies are developed after being validated by various scientific researches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Naturopath A Real Doctor?

The naturopathic practitioners incorporate a system that makes usage of natural remedies to aid in body healing itself through various therapies such as massage, herbs, acupuncture, nutritional counselling, and exercise. Though some of the treatments are centuries old but in the modern era, it uses the combination of traditional treatments with modern science.

Does Naturopathic Medicine Really Work?

Naturopathic medicines are gentle, effective, non-invasive, and do not contain any adverse side effects. These medicines do not try to suppress symptoms. The professionals identify the specific individual’s weaknesses and tailor treatments accordingly. Furthermore, they find symptoms that define the individual rather than common symptoms defining the ailment. Moreover, it is cheaper and easier to prevent a disease than to treat an ailment. Naturopathic professionals evaluate the objective and subjective information required to uncover potential susceptibilities.

What Is Naturopathic Medicine Used For?

Natural medicines are used to prevent ailments, promote good health, and treat illnesses. Most naturopathic specialists can treat allergies and various common health issues. The specialists believe in natural therapies like lifestyle counselling, and nutrition, and can suggest homeopathic dilutions, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, or physical medication.

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