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Personal Statement Writing

Nowadays with the growing needs of the universities for personal statements from students, the challenges that students are facing are unending. While some of them are not sure of their career goals to be included in the personal statements, others lack the kind of passion that is needed to write one. A lot of students also get confused with the format.

Over the years, students have been seeking our statement writing services to get high-quality personal statements and to get clarity on all of their doubts. Assignment Help Era is a potent resource for students to get unmatchable academic guidance in writing an impeccable personal statement for any university across the globe. Having helped students with our customised personal statements, our experts have bridged the gaps between the dreams of students and their favourite universities.

How does a Good Personal Statement look Like?

Assignment Help Era is the leading personal statement writing services USA firm. The reason behind this is the extensive amount of workforce that is recruited in our panel. We have over 2000+ PhD experts in our team who are truly dedicated in their respective fields.

Also, we have hired an exclusive panel of professional personal statement writers who know every nuance of writing a flawless and praiseworthy personal statement. In the last 10 years, they have clarified every doubt of students regarding these academic documents that have helped them draft high-quality personal statements and confirm their admissions in a plethora of reputed universities all across the globe.

Over the years, a lot of students have approached us to get themselves acquainted with certain features of a good personal statement. So, here we are with a list of 6 important aspects in an award-winning personal statement.

These are:

1. Honesty

A good personal statement must have clear distinctions of goals, values, experiences and achievements. Then, the readers will get to know the actual picture of the student and his/her aspirations. Naturally, honesty is a driving force for writing a perfect personal statement.

2. Engaging story

A personal statement must be written in the form of a story. Just like a reader gets attracted and engaged towards a story, the admission officers must also get drawn towards the personal statement. Naturally, it cannot simply include a list of achievements in a monotonous way. The entire life of a student must be revealed sequentially.

3. Well-formatted

The main point to be kept in mind while writing a perfect personal statement is that it must be appropriately formatted and must be free from errors. The language used must be precise and bright and it should be able to convey the characteristics of the candidate in a well-articulate way. Adhering to a proper structure is considered to be the most important point by our experts who provide professional personal statement writing services in the USA.

4. Adhere to the guidelines

Every university rolls out different guidelines for writing personal statements. Therefore, it becomes important to adhere to each of the requirements before writing one for that university.

Our panel of personal statement help experts make it a point to study each of the guidelines meticulously and then draft reference personal statements for students. This gives a picture to the assessors that the student has conducted enough research about the university, as a result of which their application gets approved.

5. Catchy introduction

The introduction of the personal statement must be catchy or engaging. For this, we advise students to add some funny anecdotes or a relevant quote. There is a reason why the introduction is known as a ‘hook’. it must be written in such a way that it binds the readers till the end of the document.

6. Answer what has been asked

Most of the time, students do not give the answers to what has been asked and beat around the bush. This makes the person devoid of the actual purpose. Naturally, the application gets rejected. This is what has been mostly observed by our experts who provide residency personal statement services. No assessor would spend much time studying the document, therefore, the answers must be there clearly.

Other than these, several aspects need to be considered for writing a perfect personal statement. Students have also contacted us via our live one-on-one sessions to get instant answers to all their doubts regarding a personal statement. Are you in a dilemma on how to write a good personal statement? Simply seek our online personal statement writing services and we will provide a wide range of samples for your reference.

Order a Fresh Personal Statement From a Panel Of Bonafide Experts!

Knowing the significance of a personal statement in the lives of students, Assignment Help Era has recruited a dedicated panel of experts who provide professional personal statement writing services to students all across the world. Having mastery in writing impeccable personal statements for students for the last decade, we have helped students build their bright futures easily.

In addition to the superior-quality personal statements that you get from us, we also offer a wide range of benefits to students to make their experience with us memorable. Some of them include:

Native writers in the house

As discussed, each of the universities in different parts of the world adheres to different guidelines for a personal statement. Assignment Help Era is a global firm that functions in different parts of the world including Australia, USA, UK, India and more. Due to this, the experts that we host are native writers who understand all the guidelines of that specific region thoroughly. This helps us prepare tailor-made personal statements for students and help them land in their favourite universities.

Thorough quality check procedure

We understand the importance of submitting high-quality personal statements. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of getting admission into your dream universities due to some silly mistakes, isn’t it? Realising this, our experts who provide personal statement services in the USA make it a mandatory process to pass each of the personal statements through a 21-step quality check process. Only when all the set quality parameters are met, it is delivered to the students.

No plagiarism at all!

No student can afford to miss the prospect of getting admission in any prestigious university, just because of submitting a plagiarized personal statement. To help students combat this issue, our Academic Writing experts who provide personal statement writing services ensure to equip students with a copy of the Turnitin report with every personal statement to validate our authentic work. So, the personal statements that you get from us are 100% original.

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