BUS 190 Spring 2017 HW 1

Kyra Costa

BUS 190 Spring 2017 HW 1

  1. Modeling
  2. Sculptors will often make maquettes – smaller models of a larger piece – to work out their ideas and any problems they might incur. What type of model is this? Explain.

An iconic model because the sculptors are using a smaller model to then replicate it into a larger piece.

  1. Okun’s Law attempts to describe the change in unemployment rate due to the change in GDP growth by the regression model: Δ Unemployment = β0 + β1 GDP Growth + ε. Okun’s Law is what type of model? Explain.

Okun’s Law would be a mathematical model to represent unemployment through a math formula.

  1. Medical researchers developing a vaccine against the Ebola virus first try to understand how the vaccine works in Rhesus monkeys. They are using what type of model? Explain.

The researchers are using an analog model to see how the virus works in physical form, but using monkey’s does not fully represent the actual reason to study, being humans.

  1. As part of a court case involving a large business interruption claim due to a supermarket’s large warehouse fire, a statistician was hired to use statistical methods to determine when the supermarket’s retail sales recovered to their pre-fire level. They are using what type of model? Explain.

They are using a mathematical model to use a formulas and key assumptions by using statistical analyses.

  1. Dimensional analysis
  2. How many seconds are in a (non-leap) year? In doing this calculation, which do you think gives the most accurate result – using 365 days per year, using 30 days/mo x 12 mos/yr, or using 7 days/week x 4 weeks/mo x 12 mos/yr ? Explain your reasoning.

There are 31,536,000 seconds in one year.

                The most accurate result comes by using 365 days/ year as the starting unit for an equation

365 days/ 1 year x 24 hrs/ 1 day x 60 mins/ 1 hr x 60 sec/1 min, then you are left with seconds as the remaining unit

  1. How many centimeters are in a mile? (Use 2.54 cm/in)

There are 160,934 centimeters in a mile

2.54cm / 1inches x 12 inches/ 1 foot x 5280 feet/ 1 mile = 160,934.4

  1. EZ Cheez blends 2 tons of a sharp cheddar and 1 ton of a soft cheese a day to make its EZ Cheez blend. EZ Cheez is packaged into 12 oz. containers. How many containers per day does it output?

8,000 containers per day are made for output

3 tons (2000 lbs/ 1 ton) (16 oz/ 1 lbs) = 96,000 / 12 oz = 8,000

  1. Drawing lines and regions.

 Please use the graph paper provided, with 1 block per unit. Follow the convention of using the earlier letter of the alphabet on the horizontal axis and the later letter of the alphabet on the vertical axis.  Please use a different graph for each problem.

  1. 5 A + 3B ≤ 15
  1. 3A + 5 B ≥ 30
  1. 5B ≥ 3A
  1. 5A ≤3B
  1. A ≤ .5(A + B)
  1. B ≥ .3(A + .5B)


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