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1. Draw the following wood members in cross-section and provide their actual overall dimensions:

(a) 6 x 12,

(b) two 2 x 12 nailed together,

(d) two 2 x 12 nailed together with 1/2 in. thick intervening plywood.

Use a straight edge, and draw all to roughly the same scale.

Show actual dimensions for each member.

  1. How much would it cost to purchase 1,500, 16 ft long 2x8s at a cost of $700 per MBF?
  1. Your intern has specified the following grades for various sizes of lumber for a project. Determine if you would be able to obtain the lumber as specified.

Lumber Grade Yes/No

2 x 6 Stud

2 x 10 Standard

4 x 4 Select Structural

2 x 6 No. 1

4 x 4 Utility

2 x 8 No. 4

2 x 2 No. 2

  1. Give your recommendations for the type of (manufactured) wood product and its exposure rating as necessary for the following components of a typical wood frame building:
  1. a) wall sheathing

(b) floor sheathing

(c) roof sheathing

  1. The following drawing shows the detail of an outdoor wood deck.

(a) Complete the detail by using appropriate graphic symbols for the finished grade and each wood member. Also provide the missing dimensions (red ?s). Graphic symbols for various types of wood members are found in your textbook in Fig. 13.27. An appropriate graphic symbol for finished grade (ground) can be found in many figures in the textbook like Fig. 13.43 and 13.44.

  • Decking?
  • Guard Rail Verticals?
  • Joists?
  • Beam?

(c) If you were to replace the beam with a glulam would you recommend a balanced or unbalanced beam, knowing that the beam is 18 feet long and supported by posts spaced at 6 ft? Explain.

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Construction Homework Help

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