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I believe that work is a physical or the mental attempt or action aimed at towards the production or achievement of something. I must say that I am a very result-driven person since my childhood. Doing a good job as well as achieving the desired end results is one of my primary motivations. While I enjoy working on a particular project on my own, I am specifically motivated by the buzz of working in a team. I have realized that it is very rewarding working closely with others who generally share the same and common goal (Rasula, Vuksic and Stemberger 2012). Therefore, I must say that a good team and a successful team leader motivated me highly to achieve a desired position in the workplace.

Apart from that, I have understood that personal motivation is the major element to success in whatever we want to gain in our life and at the same time, this is the hardest concept as well to explain clearly. I gave felt that I feel motivated highly by constant progress. I find this exciting enough to implement innovative ideas and see them through to fruition. I find the most satisfaction in implementing “out of the box” ideas that ultimately prove their value (Coulson-Thomas 2012).

To me, a productive day is such a day when I am capable enough to do lot of things that are very fertile in nature and has abundant results. I have found that after doing a lot of fruitful works, my satisfaction level goes high and I become satisfied enough with my activities. () has stated in his research work that it is necessary enough to engage people at all levels of the organization, as successful change management takes place at the bottom. Effective reward system is one of best and most widely used element that motivates people to perform best and take enthusiastic role in organizational change (Pemsel and Wiewiora 2013).

In response to Michal Krajcik’s post, I must say that I also perceive works as something meaningful as well as essential. Through work only, I am capable to use my talent in a proper way to serve others. I do agree with Michal Krajcik that main start up button for success at work is generally money, power, popularity, status and some more. When Michal Krajcik said that for him, motivation is leaving legacy that is clearly visible, I completely agree. I believe that becoming a role model and motivating others to walk on the same path is another major part of motivation. I have already explained that one of the major significant aspects of motivating as well as involving employees in the organizational change is engaging people at all levels. In this case, effective communication is highly necessary and change does not mean to mandate, rather the employees are required to ask for changes (Pemsel and Wiewiora 2013).

The steps mentioned in the post of Michal Krajcik are absolutely proper and I completely agree to these steps. All these seven steps are highly essential for enhancing the procedure as well as actions in the organization. In this case, I would like to add on some other seven essential steps and these are as follows:

  • At first, it is necessary to involve the employees in the change procedure
  • Secondly, it is necessary to interview the employees regarding their feelings
  • Next, it is necessary to concentrate on effective delegation
  • Then it is required to raise the levels of expectations
  • The next step is asking the employees for commitment
  • The best and the most effective way in this case is expanding the channels of communication
  • The management is required to be firm, committed as well as flexible
  • The last one is that the management is required to keep a positive attitude towards the entire procedure

Magdalene Palogan Donato as well has posted on the raised topic, i.e. meaning of work. He believes that the definition of work in general varies from one way to another, as it has a broad nature. Works can be easily associated to job, employment, career, talent and many other aspects and thus it is tough to define work from one single perspective. I have found that Magdalene Palogan Donato’s previous work’s balance has framed and helped to understand the challenges of life. Magdalene Palogan Donato has different perspectives of life, as he has stated that he is motivated by the purpose of doing the job rather than recognition and appreciation. He is motivated by the term “job well done” and thus his perspective differs from others. I completely agree to Magdalene Palogan Donato, as I believe in Herzberg’s motivational theory. Thorough understandings of the motivation factors and hygiene factors have helped me to shape my ideas clearly (Coulson-Thomas 2012).

However, it is necessary to mention here that I disagree to Magdalene Palogan Donato’s viewpoint of motivating and involving people in organization, as he has stated that organizational change most of the times are considered as obstacles by the employees. Apart from this particular notion, I agree to the steps mentioned by Magdalene Palogan Donato for managing people in improving the process and activities in the organization. I have found from the research work of Magdalene Palogan Donato that every organization takes measures and methodologies to advance the overall business operation and efficiency be it throughout Balanced Scorecard, Activity-based costing, TQM, ITIL, Six Sigma, and many others methodologies (Coulson-Thomas 2012).


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