Digital Leadership In Uae : Assessment Answer


With the global society undertaking great strides in technological advancement, it becomes paramount for the governments to keep up with the pace. Digitizing governments would no doubt enhance service delivery to all citizens as well as enhance the optimal use of resources (Sheninger 2014). This paper is a discussion of the e-Government, a strategy the United Arab Emirate’s government can use to digitize itself.

Working Title

The working title of this research will be ‘Digitizing the Government of United Arab Emirates.’

Research Methodology

Qualitative design data collection: questionnaire, synthesis of literature and case study.

Relevant Theories

A number of theories will be crucial in ensuring steadfast implementation of the e-Government among them the decentralization theory, which is the equivalent of devolution in political policy making. This theory is anchored on the principle of enhancing the redistribution of resources and even government functions from a central location (Bates 2016). The rationale behind this is ensuring that one does not have to pay a visit to a given government department’s office with an aim of getting some crucial documents such as the identification documents. In turn, this can be done from a given department’s portal whereby the citizen in need will just have to key in their respective details and thereafter post them to the portal through a computerized system. This will, in turn, be enhanced through the power of democracy

The theory of educational leadership will also be pertinent in ensuring that the e-Government is successive by offering civic education to the public. This includes educating the public on their rights and expectations (Holland 2016). The United Arabs Emirates consists of seven states and this implies that the importance of civic education can never be underestimated. This is so since it will serve as the binding element cutting across the seven states. The civic education programs will also serve as platforms through which the leaders will carry out researches on the issues that affect the citizens. This would be made easier by the one on one interaction of the leaders with the citizens. Besides, via the e-Government platform will also have an answers and questions icon which will also serve as an interactive session between the leaders and the leaders. This will be also an avenue for educating the public on some pertinent issues that may be affecting them.

Aspects of the Thesis that Will Produces Long-term and Sustainable Knowledge

Enhancement of transparency and accountability

Enhancement of transparency and accountability will, in turn, lead to long-term and sustainable business environment. Through this aspect, businesses will be in a position to get full knowledge on the utilization of their funds, additionally, it will ensure that the businesses thrive in a favorable environment that is free from the exploitation for instance through corrupt deals by the government. This is in line with the principles of the UN Global pact that dictates that businesses should always strive to work against corruption of all kinds, bribery and extortion included-principle 10 (United Nations Global Pact 2016). Through this aspect, therefore, the business will have the powers to raise any alarm related to any corrupt government ministry and therefore enhance the promotion of integrity for the welfare of the society.

Need for digitized government

In addition, the aspect of the need for a digitized government would be vital in weeding out corruption from within the government institutions. This is in line with the UAE’s Pearl Initiative. This initiative is comprised of anti-corruption groups which act as the society’s watchdogs and whistleblowers in case any government official or institution is involved in any corrupt dealings (McAuley 2015). Therefore, the e-Government platform is no doubt a long-term and sustainable program, one that would have a lot of support from the Pearl Initiative. This depicts that with such a platform in place, then the interests of the society will be well catered for and embraced in totality.

It is, therefore, apparent that the e-Government strategy will be a crucial one within the entire UAE’s society. This is not only because it will be a means of enhancing service delivery to the citizens but also a means of guarding the interests of the society with zeal. This will be through curbing corruption within the government institutions, enhancing equity among all the citizens as well as enhancing transparency and accountability at all levels of the government. Besides, as demonstrated above, the strategy will also be in line with the UN Global pact and the Pearl Initiative which guarantees its sustainability and long-life. This would be so since these pacts are active campaigners for transparency and accountability within the UAE society which signifies that the e-Government strategy would receive immense support from them. In turn, this would lead to advancement in service delivery as well as public awareness of the government’s dealing with ease.

Innovate and rebalance

Leadership skills are considered to be more effective if it provides opportunities to the community and penetrates new customers' requirements. The primary objective of this research is to consider all the people in society to bring in-line with the digital technology. Tuia et al. (2016) mentions the government takes initiatives for implementing "Urban remote sensing” for high-resolution satellite data and data fusion and also to analyze the requirement for developing sensors to analyze the data on their regular procedures. Moreover, citizen participation plays a crucial role in the aspect of public influence in policy making. This procedure helps the government to build a long-lasting relationship with their community people and values their changing requirements. Citizens’ acceptance of e-government services in UAE like easy registration for the appointments with the governing authorities without paying any extra costs and provide free educational programs for educating the communities to use their digital technology. Madichie and Al Athmay (2013) highlight that the online payment method for the local people like eDirham is one of the innovative steps that devised by the Ministry of Finance of UAE. This service is supported by the Federal Network and cloud services, mSurvey and Evaluation of mTransformation ( 2015). This survey conducted by the UAE government entities and is designed to reach a wider segment of the target audience and work for their satisfaction. mTransformation is designed for public awareness of electronic/mobile services, which complies with the government entities and maintain their digital service quality standards. Furthermore, innovation of government that ensure their digital leadership is the application of UAE mGovernment App Store, which has a distinctive design and easy to use. It consists of over 300 UAE Government apps available on Android and iOS platforms.

Embrace Risk

Jalilvand and Malliaris (2013) depicts that the government details are crucial as these data denotes the economic growth of the nation and comprise of all the essential details that are highly confidential. It is also evident that with the increase in the digital technology and techniques there is an increase in the risks of hacking and unauthorized access in the confidential place. Thus, Kamal and Saadi Halbouni (2013) portrays that in order to ensure the long-term and sustainability of the digital leadership, UAE government must implement effective risk approaches so that confidential data can be protected. Protiviti is an organization that helps the UAE governance to secure their data in clouds. Protiviti’s IT Governance & Risk Management professionals work efficiently on the cybersecurity measures complying with ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The digital leadership ensures its effectiveness by following five essentials procedures- designing secure configuration, implementing boundary firewalls and internet gateways, applying administrative privilege management, patch management and malware protection.


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