Dmqa500 Site Safety And Quality: Assessment Answer



This report is prepared conducting a deep analysis of the methodology of a construction organization. With the help to this report following different template distinct knowledge associated with the construction site functions that are followed by the site tenderer will be delivered. In this report the management charts will be prepared dependent on the chosen organization. With the help of those management charts the staff member and the team who will be defined with their given role as well as their responsibility. Apart from that this report will also include all the information of the required documents and ways to control them. Through these documents the process by which flow of the information operates at the working site will be explained. In this part complete information related to methods that are used for collecting the information also the advantage and disadvantage related to it. This report will cover a detailed plan that includes a required set up at the location also the needful facilities appropriate for the workers.  The report will consists of different plans which are useful for the construction site in this it will include waste and environment plan for the silt protection, vehicular access, stock piling, or waste control etc. It will include the plan for managing the communication between the workers and advisors at the construction site also the procedure for the monitoring of construction site.

Organizational Charts

Board of Directors: The main role of the board of director is to analyze the prosperity of the company according to the interests of the shareholder and stakeholders of the organization.

Managing Director: The purpose of managing director is to give direction to entire of its business operation. He/she is responsible for imposing the strategic guidelines to the board through which company is able to gain its functional vision and mission.  

Managing representative: Objective of this role is to ensure about the smoothness of the work in organization as well as to fulfill the requirement of business and delegates of the organization.

Committee: Responsibility of the committee is to keep eye on the activity and the outcome from that particular activity so that the benefit received to organization can analyzed.

Business development manager: He/she is responsible to make sure about the factors which are responsible for the growth and development of company (Kette, 2019).

Finance manager: This role define about control or management of entire financial activity functioning in the organization.

Production manager: The role of the organization who ensures about the requirement and manages the products and services of the organization.

Quality Control manager: It is the responsibility in which individual has to maintain the quality standard of the construction or service according to satisfaction of their clients.

Programming manager: The role in which the person has to manage records and information associated with the service getting operated in the organization.

Procurement: Its responsibility is divided into three different functions in which the first function explains about the receiving services and programs; the second process is related to the maximization of the efficiency of any particular project while in the third stage delivery of the project is defined.

Supervisor: The role which has the responsibility to assign the job or work to workers and employees who have to work at the construction site. He/she take cares about the facility available for the workers as well the resources available at the site.

Inspector:  It is the duty of the inspector to analyze the work getting done at the construction site is fulfilling the quality or requirement of the clients or not. He/she has to prepare report on the same.

Warehouse man: The individual is responsible to manage the storage and construction material at the site.

Statistics Expert:  It is the responsibility of the expert to analyze, collect, summarize the accurate data which needs to implement with the construction plans and for identifying the resources so that the capital investment and its accuracy can be increased (Musa, 2019).

Document Control

The process which ensures about the document getting delivered to every employee associated with the operation of the company. It is also useful process for managing the quality of services. With the help of this process documentation preparation and handling of the documents is maintained. The process covers record of the employees who was responsible for the preparation of documents in order to avoid mistakes. Simply it can be defined as the tracking of documents associated with the project (Lee, 2019).

Creation: A Control procedure of the document is to identify the individual who create the document. For giving the name to the document it is mandatory to identify the format of document and it is mandatory to analyze the originator of the document.

Review: For the assurance of quality needs that the companies regularly review their all documents for the accuracy of their project. It is defined by the process of documentation control that way or method through which the document has to be reviewed. It is also includes the individual and methodology used to record the review.

Revision: The process of documentation control is used to analyze the revisions and procedure for specifying the process who initiates it. After completing the revision of the document it is transferred to any associate who will identify the date of the revision.

Replacement: This process ensures about the recent or updated version of any document by replacing the old version on the site location where the document has to be used. This process explains about the complete transformation of the document.

External Document: The documents which are not linked with the internal procedures of the organization and they specify about the person who is responsible for the integration of the documents to the system of company. With the help of these documents it is easy to examine that either the document which is available and related to inside of business process requires modification or not (Mohammad, Viana, & Raghib, 2019, October).

Logistics: Site set up and Temporary Works checklist

For running any project with efficiency and effectively the planning has to be done for the logistics set up associated with the construction site.  In the plan several approaches needs to be follow at the construction work which includes the stages of the development. The main objective of the logistic system is about providing deliveries on time as well as the minimizing the risk factors material handling and storage on construction site. Logistic plan is simply divided into two main divisions for this associated work of Barbadoes Street and Tuam and are mentioned below (Winiarski, Urba?ski, & Faizan, 2019):

  1. Construction of Logistic tasks
  2. Logistics Strategies for Construction

Construction of Logistics Tasks: It is very important for planning the project of construction site it also includes the timeline of the project and stages that will be followed. The construction material and all other required resources as well as tools will be mentioned (Guo, Li, Liang, & Tang, 2019).


Time lines of the project



01-11-2019 to 05-11-2019

Work assigning with Contractor

Contract and required documents


06-11-2019 to 12-11-2019

Contractor and Workers planning

Construction material to construction site


13-11-2019 to 02-01-2019

Construction Work

According to the requirement delivery of Construction material  

As per the requirement

Logistics Strategies for Construction: These strategies are basically used or designed for managing the construction in proper and according to the requirement of the clients. It includes the date of the beginning of the project and the day when it has to be finished.  In the plan the number of workers assigned and type of work they have to do will be decided. The strategies designed in the construction helps the contractor to maintain the flow of the construction and to utilize the resources in better way (de Brito Junior, Ribeiro, & Yoshizaki, 2019).  . It is also necessary to manage the quality and for that the monitoring of the site and resources will be also include in this plan. Quality is the factor that cannot be compromised in any way for the construction or repairing. This plan also includes the safety of the workers which is most mandatory for the organization. The strategy will also include the estimation of the cost for the project and the revenue that can be generate once the construction get complete (Regla, & Marquez, 2019).

The practices which are required for the plans are mentioned below:

  • Management or Arrangements
  • Volumes and planned measures of Vehicle
  • Safety standards and other protective measures for vehicle
  • Access of site and routing
  • Management system of delivery
  • Communication Process

Communications on site: Site Meetings

Site meetings are very crucial for the success of construction projects, to make better communication and effective outcomes. Regular meeting needs to organize between the stakeholders who are associated with the projects. All the meetings need to be formed with a proper schedule on weekly basis and monthly basis according to the requirement of the client and project (Lentz, Genty, Gergereau, & Descatha, 2019). With the help of this procedure the organization is able to develop a good chance for develop two way communication. This process is also helpful in creating and managing the trust with the stakeholders of project by enabling their visit on the site as well as by involving them in the discussion associated with the project.

Schedule for the Site meetings (Wang, Wu, Tam, & Zuo, 2019)

Checklist for Meeting




























Number of employees and Worker present
























Last meeting notes  












Useful Sources




Results and performance data








Electrical Power (if applicable)








Catering arrangements




Other Stationary








Care for Guests




Monitoring Process

Executive Summary

Monitoring in the projects which are associated with the construction at site helps the organization for analyzing the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of the project. For the monitoring of any project at construction site specific team is assigned which keeps eyes on the updates and control the construction of the project. For monitoring the project different categories will be characterized and they are mentioned below (Kazemian, Yuan, Davtalab, & Khoshnevis, 2019):

  • Environment of the construction
  • Control in Quality
  • Timeliness and targets of meeting
  • Negotiation, suppliers, and performance of suppliers
  • Health and Safety
  • Costing
  • Resources and Material
  • Confirmations with the plans and other specification

However, few things shall also be considered while designing the monitoring process, as this process is useful for providing a vision connected with the progress of the project also it allows the organization for minimizing the issue as well as methods to eliminate them before they arise and can cause hazards. For the monitoring of construction project it is mandatory to develop an outline of the project for tracking the update of project progress (Perisoglou, Ionas, Patterson, & Jones, 2019, September). It will also provide support to every individual in understanding the role at construction site. The monitoring process is helpful in setting goals according to skill of workers through measuring individual according to their projects they had worked. Monitoring process helps to develop a relationship between workers and project manager (Zhang, Yu, hang, Yan, & Chen, 2019).

Current site is for corner of Barbadoes Street and Tuam located near Wilson car park has been started and all the formalities with the contractors also completed. The required material will is stored at the construction site so that it could be used for backfill. In the current procurement of the construction project the dealing with the contractor and supplier is completed also the quality and requirement of the clients are cross-checked. The schedule of project and the last day for completing project is also explained and discussed with the clients. The required material is stored in the warehouse of the construction site apart also two people are also assigned for the management and checking of construction resources (Sepasgozar, Li, Shirowzhan, & Tam, 2019).

The power for issuing the instructions to the contractor is assigned to contract administrator. All of these instructions are known as contract administrator’s instructions or architect instructions. Hence at the site the contract administrator instructed to contractor for managing the safety of all worker and maintaining the client requirements. Some of other instruction which can be provided by the AI are mentioned below (Li, Geng, Li, Zhao, & Nie, 2019, March):

  • To vary work
  • For postponing the work
  • For sanctioning the variation
  • Issues related with the expenditure


Date of beginning

Ending date

Notice to proceed



Starting Project



Project date for completing










Location of Work


Description of the Work

Construction at  Barbadoes Street and Tuam located near Wilson car park

Start Date


Nominated Supervisor


Work Force


Distribution and

Method Statement Briefing

It will include all the details linked with the program in which name of the company, start and completion date, location of the site and the person who is assigned for completing the project will be defined. The scope of work will be discussed.



Monitoring Arrangements: The assessment of the inoculation incidents and it will be performed by the health and safety advisor of organization. The annual audit of the issues associated with compliance and management with the help of audit tool.




Hazards: Sometimes there are risks of the various hazards which can be caused to workers from the tools and other incidents.



Task Analysis: This process is used to identify the goals of the project which are assigned to the worker and other employees of the organization.


Materials: Material of the project will be discussed with the client with respect to quality.


Training Requirements: The worker and employees will be trained for the project and according to the requirement of work.



Plant and Equipment: N/A


Sequence of Work

· Management or Arrangements

· Volumes and planned measures of Vehicle

· Safety standards and other protective measures for vehicle

· Access of site and routing

· Management system of delivery

· Communication Process




Method of Work

· Confirmation for Access of Site and Security

· Provide access to deliveries

· Allocation of the roles for site management

· Demolition

· Foundation and drainage  

· Structural frame

· Finishing

· Internal and external finishing

· Testing




Temporary Work:

In temporary work the license for the design needs to get approved as well as the design of the construction needs to overview. It will also include training of the workers (Mahmoud, 2019).



Monitoring Cash Flow

The cash flow in any construction site is very crucial and dominant aspect for managing the project and execution of its plan. Through different chain of activities issues associated with the cost and funding can be examined. The main objective of the cash flow is about the fulfillment of the plan which was originally performed (Wheeler, 2019).  

  • Developing budget for control in utilization
  • Identifying the account cost
  • To design a schedule for cost accounts
  • Develop forecast estimate
  • Conversion of cost estimate to a budget plan
  • Monitoring of budget implementation including status report of cash flow
  • Evaluation of financial reports(Grimshaw, Cartwright, Keizer, & Rubery, 2019) 

Managing Subcontractors

In the construction project the subcontractors are not permanent employees of the organization which is assigned for the work. It is not easy to manage their roles and responsibilities it becomes challenging task (du Plessis, 2019). The organization will be able to identify the direct benefits by managing subcontractors. There are some parameters which have to follow for managing the subcontractor and they are defined below:

  • It is very essential for developing a clear communication according to expectation of organization before hiring the subcontractor.
  • Time management is one of the most important parts for managing the subcontractor. The duration for starting and ending the project shall be discussed before the beginning of project.
  • To create a follow-up with the subcontractor on the regular basis will help the organization to understand the work done by them is according to them or not. Also the analysis of the expectation will become more efficient and effective(Divakar, 2019).


This report is completely based upon the plans for managing any construction site. Basically, this report is prepared for the construction work of Barbadoes Street and Tuam. In the report organizational charts of the company is prepared with the detailed description of roles and responsibility. The document control at the construction site is one of the most important processes which are explained in the report. Set-up of the site is defined along with the checklist of temporary work at the construction site. The report includes different plans in which plan for managing or reducing the waste at construction site, communication on site or meeting plans are defined.  Importance of the monitoring process is explained with the program and diary used at the construction site is defined. Role of managing the cash flow at construction site and managing of subcontractor are explained.


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