Dswp2012 Protecting Vulnerable People: Addictions Assessment Answer


Clinical Counseling Services at Addictions and Mental Health Services-Hastings Prince Edward

Part 1: Community Resource Template

Name of Resource:

Addictions and Mental Health-Hastings Prince Edward (AMHS-HPE)

Contact information:

Include web address

To receive clinical counseling services for mental health and addiction:

· Telephone: 613-967-4734

· Fax: 613-968-4312

For inquiries related to men’s treatment, and residential options:

· Telephone: 613-962-7838

· Fax 613-962-8388

To receive information concerning court diversion, contact 613-968-1111, or fax 613-968-9555

Web address: https://amhs-hpe.ca/services/clinical-counselling/



15 Victoria Ave
Belleville, ON
K8N 1Z5

Mission, Mandate, or About

1. Mission: This community-based agency provides aid for people seeking support in the form of trustworthy, private, client-oriented, and evidence-based mental health and addictions services.

2. Mandate: It is mandated and financially backed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, as well as the Southeast Local Health Integration Network.

3. About: The agency believes in giving everyone an equal opportunity for full recovery. Their priority is the client’s health, privacy, and safety. Hence, they use their service networks to ensure loyalty, creativity, and quality care.

Services offered (focus on those relevant to this course):

AMHS-HPE offers several services, including management, housing, recreation, treatment and counseling. Its counseling and care services entail evidence-based practices in the form of psychotherapy to promote individual advancement, community integration, general wellness, and independence, with regard to personal objectives. Psychotherapy methods employed also enhance a person’s self-esteem, improves responsiveness to certain impulses, challenges harmful thought systems and beliefs, analyzes defenses, and stimulates proper communication and social skills (Staff, 2019).

In more challenging situations, the agency provides professional aid and care in privacy settings, such as agency residences, to encourage a feeling of safety and confidentiality. These not only mitigate negative symptoms, but also allows the patient to work through possible difficult issues from the past (Staff, 2019).

Who may be supported by this resource?

The AMHS-HPE community-based agency provides services to a wide range of people based in the Hastings and Prince Edward County. It targets people aged 16 years and above, and offers intervention strategies in individual domiciles, offices, or in community recreational spaces (MHALAC, 2015).

The main aim of the addictions part of the agency is to help individuals and their relatives properly minimize the harmful outcomes of the addictive substance use, and gambling practices. On the other hand, the mental program accords support services to people suffering from mild or acute mental illnesses. Additionally, all services offered are confidential, and are at no cost to the patient (MHALAC, 2015).  

Is there any legislation specific to this resource?

What is it?

Yes. Specific to this resource is the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) under Bill 46, which was enacted as a formal legislation in Ontario on June 8, 2010. The purpose of the law was to put in place new responsibilities for health care agencies and organizations in Ontario, within the specifications of the Act.

At the moment, agencies subject to this act are health care organizations and agencies, including hospitals. However, the government continues to extend the scope of this Act to support a myriad of government-based strategies, such as, putting patient’s first, and enhancing the value of health care and patient outcomes through the use of evidence-based practices. Hence, the ECFAA mainly focuses on two main concepts – improving quality, and promoting performance reviews (Liswood & McFadden, 2010).

Accessibility – search the sites you find for information about accessibility of this resource

Other sites deem the services at AMHS-HPE to be available, approachable, and of quality (Hope Dream Recover, 2019). Similarly, the Southeast Health-line website (2019) to be accessible for people with disability, and efficient in fulfilling its obligation towards people suffering from addictions and mental health.

Comments – 3 important things you learned about this resource

This resource suggests that the provision of quality and equity is of utmost importance in dealing with people suffering from addiction and mental health. The success of a strategy should, thus, be specific to the youth or adult population since both populations differ with regard to organization, critical thinking skills, and general communication. Similarly, by offering residential areas in which patients can either live or socialize, they are able to cancel out certain negative dynamics of peer pressure, or harmful media (MHALAC, 2015).

Similarly, by working with county-based offices to target people suffering from addictions and mental health, intervention strategies can harmonize any eligibility requirements across different platforms. This not only ensures that healing patients can smoothly transition into the community, but also makes it easier to monitor patients for the purpose of ensuring relevance in services offered.

Finally, the concept of addiction is often consequent to mental illness. Countering both cases in a target group makes it easier to establish and anticipate any connections between the two, thus dealing with and treating both issues at the same time (MHALAC, 2015).


Part 2: Map and Location in Belleville Area

Figure 1: Map and Location of Addictions and Mental Health Services Hastings Prince Edward (Google Maps, 2019)


Google Maps. (2019). 15 Victoria Ave, Belleville Canada. Retrieved from Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/15+Victoria+Ave,+Belleville,+ON+K8N+1Z5,+Canada/@44.1641178,-77.3835062,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d6255e820b2425:0xa1207a3be0f91770!8m2!3d44.166519!4d-77.384107

Hope Dream Recover. (2019). Accessibility. Retrieved from Hope, Dream, Recover: https://hopedreamrecover.ca/

Liswood, J., & McFadden, J. (2010). The Excellent Care for All Act, 2010. Toronto: Public Hospitals Act.

Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Advisory Council. (2015). Better Mental Health Means Better Health. Ontario: Annual Report of Ontario's Mental Health and Leadership Advisory Council.

Southeast Healthline. (2019, June 10). Addictions and Mental Health Services Hastings Prince Edward . Retrieved from Southeast Healthline: https://www.southeasthealthline.ca/displayservice.aspx?id=73104

Staff. (2019). Clinical Counseling Services. Retrieved from Addictions and Mental Health Services-Hastings Prince Edward: https://amhs-hpe.ca/services/clinical-counselling/

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