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Eadweard Muybridge is one of the most known talented photographers in the world though he died long time ago. He was born in England in the year 1830 in town called Surrey. He later moved to the United States of America in the year 1851 where he worked has a commission merchant for London printing and publishing company. While doing the merchant job, he was privileged to learn about photographic work from Selleck who used to produce images on a plate of chemically treated metal or glass. He died 74 years later. This photographer developed the best types of photos, which are far much best than those produced by the person who taught him artistic work.

Characteristics of Muybridge

This man possesses some distinctive characteristics which are very fundamental in the line of business. One of the most important significant characters he had was passion. This is viewed from the way he liked his job of photographing. He was always into his job and he never complained about it even for a single time. Muybridge left the work with the printing firm in order to fully base his work on the call for best sets of photographing work (Evans & Glass, 2014).  Furthermore, he traveled far and wide to take photographs and display them. Additionally he was a very hardworking man. Muybridge left his home country in search for job opportunity in another country was an aspect of hard work. He traveled all the way to the United States of America in search for green pastures at a very tender age of 20. This gives us an explicit view that he liked to grow to be an independent man in the society (Muybridge et al, 2010). This aspect is also illustrated through opening of his own firm and companies dealing with printing work at the same time photo shop. Supplementary, he has seen has a very determined man. Despite the fact that there were great photographers in California the likes of Charles Weed and Robert Vance, he was never deterred but affirmed and started his photographing works. When he entered into this new market, he became the best beating his proponents in the industry. This generated the new person in him and thus opened his photo shop in California.

Importance of the photographer

Through the study of works of Muybridge, one depicts some of the most important features as shown by the work of this man. One of the advantages of studying this is to equip ourselves on the development and the enhancement of the photographic work. One gets the view that it was started way back in the 1980s with Muybridge being among the pioneers of the evolution of this artistic work. Through these studies, we realize that for one to succeed in this field, one ought to be dedicated. Muybridge travelled very far in the process of establishing himself in this field. The fanatics of photographer are given the knowledge, which requires them to always perform several trials in order to produce the intended results. This man tried several shots from all of types of view in producing of the snaps. Moreover, he makes us understand the role of specialization in the labor industry (Rascaroli, Young & Monahan, 2014, p. 6). During his course of producing photographs, he was able to specialize later on human and animal movement styles. One sees that he was able to come up with a shoot, which clearly shows that man, and animals move in a given base. Additionally the manner of movement is unusually uniform on how they raise their legs from the surface. He always showed on the importance of education in any economic sector. This artist continued with learning and at the same time lecturing in the university. His soul aim was to perfect and know more on the photographic works. Most of his students and the colleagues admired his spirit of doing things. Most of the articles were written in remembrance of his determination to succeed even in times of trials. He was also fascinated in the accomplishment of the tasks in which one anticipated to do without being stopped by the circumstances. One sees that, he returned into photography work even after the trials he was facing as a result of killing of his wife’s lover. He never gave up given the fact that the case is one of the mostly deadly and time-consuming.

The context

Through the analysis of the works of this man, one realizes that there were a lot of themes which evolved. Muybridge work was founded on the social consideration, cultural and the technical perspective. According to the social aspect, one get glue that this man was very outstanding (Cubitt, 2014). He travelled far in the process of doing photography work. He was often considering the information given to him by other people in the field of photography. These greatly build this man into the best one ever imagined off. Moreover, the position of being a student and a lecturer at the same a writer means that he had a great perception of connecting with people. His travelling needed a sociable and outgoing person (Stremba & Bisson, 2009). This is because of travelling far and wide in the line of duty. According to cultural perspective, Muybridge failed this terribly. This is because he engaged too much on the unethical site of view while producing of the photographs. He was perplexed on the nudity of both male and female from any angle. This is against the codes of ethics in the society (Philagrafika Organization, Moore College of Art and Design & Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2011, p. 11).

The murdering of the wife’s lover presented him as a much uncultured man since killing is against the culture of the human race. Moreover, staying far away from his motherland means that it was too much into other cultures of the world than that of where he was routed. Additionally, this man loved city life very much. He travelled to several cities just to perform photographical work of those cities. Some of the examples of these cities are those of San Francisco in which he took between the year 1867 and 1881. After marrying, he did not have time for his wife causing her to commit adultery. His irresponsibility is to be blamed for this mess in the downfall for their marriage. The failure to attend the burial of his wife was also down fall for this great photographer (Leet & Hill, 2011, p. 5). The all world is especially on the family law requires that the family especially the husband to be present in such event when the wife dies. Through living his son in the hands of the society that is orphanage was very wrong and is criticized seriously by the cultural. It is required that the remaining parent ought to take care of the children after the other dies prematurely.

According to technical perceptive, the photos of this photographer were into the point, as shown below:

He ensured that they were instant on shutter. Through his technical brain in the field of arts, Muybridge was found to produce best photographs from different angles.

The best which left the whole world in marvel was the jumping of the horse at a given length. Through the practice termed as galloping horse.

In this series which he performed between the year 1872-1873, one finds that throughout this period he was intending to analyze a give characteristic of this animal jumping. His photographs deduced that people and animals actually move and permanently alter the perception of time and speed (as shown below):

This was clearly illustrated through the subsequent demonstration he performed in Pennsylvania University in the year 1984 and 1987. This man is also termed the father of Zoo gyroscope. This is the situation in which shutter display of photos in a succession series (Morris, 2009, p. 7). This man advanced this technology in the year 1879. This gave him the name ‘stop-action series photographer. A description he obtained from his fanatics in the photographing industry. Most of photographs gave the images of the reflection of the streets. For instance, the pictures he took between the year 1875-1876 shows Panama and Guatemala in very beautiful and captivating position admired by many up to date (as depicted below).

Personal views about photographer

Despite of the great memories in which he left in this world, I strongly view him an s a very reckless man due to the kind of concentration he gave and showed the public. Some of his work though admired by many depicts totally how immoral he was. The act of taking photos shows the body parts of male and the females is very much against the human codes of ethics. The society strongly disagrees with this. However, the great regency he left behind in the photographic industry should be emulated by the current generation and if possible they improved it and take into the other level (College Art Association of America, 2011, p. 5)

Comparison of Muybridge works to those of other photographs in the 21st century

Both the photos were taken by using of the shutter part of the camera. They were clear in nature and most were taken with and intention of passing out certain information. Besides, some were absolutely used for pleasuring of the eyes of the photographer (Leet & Hill, 2011, p. 11).


The ancient photos used plate of chemically treated metal or the glass in showing of the production of the images of sites in the world. This was very difficult process though determined persons likes of Muybridge made it through and even advanced by inventing of the automatic shutters display (Adam, 2014). The 21st century photos solely depend in its production through the use of the computers and the laptops. This is very simple. It came in due to the advanced technology we are experiencing in this century.

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