Effects Of Social Networking Answers Assessment Answer



There is no doubt left to the fact that the element of social networking sites and media channels has really revolutionized the picture of socialising in the current times. In fact one could day that the social media or the networking sites are considered to be the most potent mediums through which communication could be established and maintained between people living in the distant parts of the world(Rennie and Morrison). In the present times we find that millions of people are using this medium for the purpose of staying touch with their loved and dear ones.

Rationale of the Research:

A good ratio of these users happens to be the young crowd that consists of the teenagers and the preteens. The effect of this extensive use on the psyche and the overall development of the global youth is an agenda that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. In fact we see that a good many number of psychological evaluations and researches have also been conducted in order to find out the actual effect of this practise on the young and impressionable mind.

Thesis Statement:

The current discussion makes an endeavour to ascertain the effect of this practise and point out whether social networking is a trend that comes with considerable benefits or greater but hidden troubles.

Positive Effect of Social Networking amongst Youth:

Social networking is a trend that is the gift of the modern internet age. Through this trend we see that the people of the world have learned to establish contact with people in the distant parts of the world. The teenagers who have been engrossed in this trend have shown a definite opening up of their characters and nature. As a result we see that a number of introverts have turned out to be quite social extroverts. This has also worked wonders for their confidence(Laroche, Habibi and Richard). Once again the social networking media channels also acts as a platform that acts as a stage where opinions are expressed, ideas are expressed and a kind of public opinion is formed and crystallized. This not only helps to create a kind of awareness but also gets the youth of the globe more involved in the daily current affairs. The social networking sites have contributed significantly in transpiring of information and creation of a kind of edge of public and popular opinion.

Negative effects:

Psychologists in the recent times through their researches have once again pointed out at the good number of psychological adverse effects that have once again bee studied in the people, especially the teenagers who make an extensive use of this media. A child who uses these sites for long often develops psychological and physical problems such as depressions, becoming social recluses, arrogant and also obese. They become more susceptible towards physical ailments in the future. Once again the virtual world becomes all the more important as compared to the real world(Brandtzæg). Once again we find that youngsters often falls victim to a internet stalking and also peer domination(Forest and Wood).


Nevertheless we see that the social media sites or the social networking sites are being extensively used in the recent times. Even the adults are making a wholesome use of such sites. Apart from communication establishment or personal constant such sites are also being sued for business communication and expansion and also academic purposes.


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