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Business Ethic and How Could be Applies

Business ethics are defined to be the moral principles and policies which guide how the organization, individual and group behave in an organization. The principles and guidelines provide an organization with the framework on how to relate to the environment and they would achievement their strategic goals without interfering with the activities of people and another enterprise in an environment. The business ethics gives the organization a platform of behaving according to the acceptable code of conduct, by following the substantial procedure in their normal daily operation. Therefore, business ethics are the essential elements which define the operation of an institution in relation to the acceptable code of conduct (Arend, 2013).

Business ethics are primary criteria which are used by people and other institution to judge the activities undertaken by the company while it moves towards improving their performance as we achieving the set goals and objectives. Business ethics play a key role in the decisional process of an organization, they judgment on right or wrong in relation to the decision to be made in an organization (Shaw, 2016).

Example of business ethics is working with the clients, an organization should set a framework which embraced provides principles and guidelines to employee while they serve clients, customers are the prime stakeholder in an organization they determine the existence of the company in a business environment, employees should treat client honestly and fairly without cheating on them in any case (Burnes, 2004). The company should develop an extensive approach which will guide employee while they perform their job functions.

Leadership Styles Identified in Kurt Lewin

Leadership is a strategic management approach which defines the success of an organization. Leadership involves the process of identifying and communicating clear visions and core values of the business. It is defined to be the process of influencing individual and working groups in an organization to work towards achieving the same goals and objective (Jung, 2014). Different scholar has defined leadership styles according to their research findings, Kurt Lewin defines leadership style as a methodology and an approach to implementing organizations plans, motivating people and providing direction to employees in an organization. Kurt Lewin identified various leadership styles which comprise the following (Morden, 2016).

Authoritarian or Autocratic

Authoritarian is a leadership which is being by leaders and managers who dictates policies, procedures as well as deciding what goals to be achieved in an organization without considering others in the decision-making process. According to Lewin, authoritarian leadership style is characterized by less creativity in decision-making process compared to other leadership styles (Burnes, 2004).


This is an essential leadership style that indicates the clear approach of achieving strategic goals in an organization. It is also explained to participative leadership style where all the employees are involved in decisional making procedure in an organization, the involvement of other stakeholders makes embraces the effectiveness of democratic leadership style in a business firm (Arend, 2013).

Laissez-Faire or Delegate

Laissez-Faire is a leadership style that gives the employee and opportunity to fully make major decision relating to their activities in the organization. In this leadership style, mangers and leaders are not fully involved in the decision-making process, they delegate all the decision-making duties to the subordinates (Jung, 2014).

World Health Safety Act 2012

Consultation is the provision of the WHS Act of 2012, the main purpose of the consultation act provided by Word Health and Safety is to improve the performance and related activities in health organization. WHS Act of 2012 reflects modern excellence work safety, addressing the emerging issues and contemporary work measures. Consultation act ensures that employees in a health institution are consulting with the management in identifying and addressing vital issues relating to the health safety practices (Chein, 2010).

Consultation act 2012 aim towards allowing the health workers and management to develop measure of managing the emerging issues in health safety and practices. Consultation allows workers to have in higher morale, enhances job satisfaction and increased productivity, thus it acts as the motivational approach (Blodgett, 2016).

ABCDecks Mission, Purpose, Objectives and Core Calues


ABCDecks is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. 

To provide a dynamic and quality services that will ensure customer satisfactions.


1)    To build client relationships upon the foundation of trust, confidence, and integrity.

2)     To our purpose by being committed to giving totally the most noteworthy conceivable quality workplace for our representatives; treating our exceptionally esteemed customers, business partners, material merchants, and subcontractors with loyalty, honesty and respect; and by applying the qualities of our organization to our every step. 


The company objectives will comprise the following

1)    Increase revenues

2)    Have strong customer satisfaction

3)    Have positive reputation and image in the market environment

4)    Respect of laws and regulations

Core Values

The core values of the company will include

1)    Integrity

2)    Accountability

3)    Commitment

4)    Trust

5)    Work Ethics

6)    Measured Performance

7)    Excellence

How an Organization Manage Change

Organizational change is exercised when an organization wants to move from one state to another state. Change resistance is one of the issues arising from organizational changes, it implies employees who resist the transition of the organization (Cummings, 2014). The changes made in the organization may force the employees to counterattack because of the imposition and consequence of same changes in an organization (Burke, 2013). Change management is the strategic approach which should be used by the management while striving towards managing and reducing the resistance to change by the employees.

Involvement of Employees in Decision-Making

This is one of the essential approaches that needs to be considered by the management while reducing and managing change in an organization. This approach recommends that employees should be involved in making the decision relating to changes to be made in the organization (Burke, 2013).


Communication is also a primary factor and a strategic approach which is used in managing change in an organization. Problem arises in the organization as a result of the organization management and leadership failing to communicate the intended changes to the subordinates, this, therefore, forces the employee to resist the changes made by the management (Cummings, 2014).


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