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The company whether it is the small sized or medium sized or the large sized, it shall be required to present the financial statements in the manner as defined by the relevant statutes and the applicable laws and regulations. These are required to be presented not only for the benefit of the stakeholders and the users but also the benefit of the company as the better presented financial statements will create the image of the company. In order to proceed with the study, the company that has been selected out of the ASX 100 listed companies is the Woolworths Limited.

The study has been started with the short description about the nature of the company and followed by the analysis of the cash flow statement detailing each and every item reported therein and making an analysis as well as the evaluation as to how the changes in cash and cash equivalents have been made for the last three years and due to this the annual reports of the company for the earlier three years have been considered beginning from 2015.

After analyzing the cash flow statement other statement has been analysed that is an extension of the statement of the profit and loss account and is known as the statement of the other comprehensive income. The reported heads of the statement has been analysed and discussed as to why it has not been the part of the statement of the profit and loss. At the last the company’s income tax has been analysed in detail. Under this, the deferred tax assets, deferred tax liabilities, income tax expense, income tax paid and income tax payable have been discussed with regard to its accounting treatment and the difference between the income tax paid and income tax payable. The report has then has the concluding paragraph and ended with the recommendation and the proper references.    


Woolworths Limited has been chosen for the purpose of making the analysis in this study.  The company is based in Australia and its headquarters are also located in Australia. The company has its wide operations across Australia and New Zealand. The company is engaged into the retail sector and provides all the products and the services that are required by every household. It operates the series of the supermarket chains across Australia and New Zealand and is also regarded as one of the largest company in the retail sector. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of this report, the annual reports of the company have been downloaded from the website of the company from year of 2015 to the year of 2017.


At first, the statement of the cash flows has been analysed. It describes how much cash has been generated by the company during the year. For having the clear vision the accounting standards have prescribed three heads under which the company can have the detail of the reasons for increase or decrease in the cash flow statement. In respect of the following, the same have been analysed:

i) List of items Reported

The items reported in the statement have been bifurcated into three activities – operating, investing and financing and below are the items reported therein:

  • First item is the amount that the company receives from the customers or clients to whom the goods or services have been sold or rendered respectively. This plays the major part as it is the most important in current assets to generate the liquidity. The company has received 65329 million dollars in 2016 as against the 65498 million dollars in 2017. The difference is not much higher in comparison to the revenue of the company for both of the years.
  • Second item is the payment that the company has made who have supplied the gods in the course of the business. The payment for the last two years has not been identified major. In the year of 2017, the amount paid is 61747 million dollar and in the year of 2016, the amount paid is 61834 million dollar.
  • The third item is the amount which the company has paid to the Australian Income Tax office and there has been the large amount variation in the payment. In the year of 2016, 848 million dollar has been paid whereas in the year of 2017, 686 million dollar has been paid.
  • The fourth item is the amount received by the company when it sale its item of the property plant and equipment. These are the inflows of the company and thus increase the cash.
  • The fifth item is very important as it relates to the amount which the company pays for the business combination or the acquisition of the business. The company either issues the shares or pays the consideration in cash depending upon the decided and agreed terms and conditions. This is regarded as the outflows of the company and will thus decrease the cash availability of the company.
  • The next item is the amount of the dividend which the company receives on the investment made in other companies of the securities and similarly the adjoining item is the dividend paid which the company is liable to pay to the shareholders who have invested in the company.
  • The next item deals with the major issue which is done by the company when there will be the expansion of the business. In this the company issues the shares to the public in lieu of the cash consideration and accordingly on the issue of the shares there will be inflows of cash and is classified and mentioned as the proceeds from the issue of shares. In the current year of 2017, the company has generated the cash flows to the tune of 55.50 million dollar (Fraser, Ormiston and Fraser, 2010)
  • The next item is related to the other way which the company usually adopts for expansion of the business is the proceeds that the company obtains from the funding obtained from the banks or the financial institutions. In the current year of the 2017, the company has borrowed the amount of 184 million dollar and thus has increased the cash flows of the company.
  • Proceeds from borrowings – It is the amount which the company receives from the banks or the financial institutions for carrying out the functions of the company. In the year ending 2016 the company has borrowed the amount of $628 million and in the year under consideration, the company has borrowed the amount of $184 million.
  • The next item is the opposite of the previous one and it will be mentioned as the amount which the company repays to the banks and the financial institutions. Both in interest and the principal amount thereon as paid will be treated as the cash outflow of the company. In the current year 2017, the amount 1406 million dollar has been paid.
  • The next and the major item is the increase or decrease in cash as reported in the cash flow statement. It details whether the company is the cash rich company or not and whether the cash inflows of the company is more or less. (Woolworths Limited, 2017).

ii)  Analysis and Evaluation – Three years

Apart for the analysis of the each reported item, the overall performance of the company has been analysed and evaluated with respect to the cash generated at each activity level which are operating, investing and activity. 

S. No.





















Surplus / (Deficit)




It has been evaluated from the above table that the  cash flows from the operating activity has been fluctuating because of the change in the amount of income tax paid and also the amount that is received from the customers and paid to the suppliers has been identified as variable in nature.

It has been further evaluated that the investing function has bought the decline in cash flows majorly because of the acquisition of the assets for the company.

Similarly, the financing function has bought the negative cash flow because of amount paid for borrowings. (Taylor, 2010).

Therefore, the overall impact in the cash flow statement will be that there will be negative cash flows.


Along with the cash flow statement, other statement is also the major statement and is known by the name - statement of other comprehensive income. It is regarded as an extension of the statement of the profit and loss (Chambers, 2011).  

iii)  List of Reported Items 

  • Hedging Reserve
  • Foreign Currency Translation Reserve 

iv) Description 

  • The head of the hedging reserve is related with the recognition of the change in the fair value of the instruments used for the hedging of the cash flows on accrual basis. It is classified as transferrable to the statement of the profit and loss account on the realization.
  • The head of the Foreign Currency Translation Reserve deals with the change in the value of the value of the assets owing to the foreign currency as at the end of the accounting period. Therefore, it is also classified as to be transferred to profit and loss on the realization of the gain or loss. (Bamber, Jiang, Petroni and Wang, 2010).   

v) Not Reported in Income Statement 

These items are required to be disclosed in this statement as per the requirement of the IFRS and also it will be classified to be mentioned in the statement of the profit and loss account and will be transferred as and when the gain or loss will arise.


vi) Company’s Tax Expense

Yes, the company has reported the income tax expense and accordingly the amount of the income tax expense is 837 million dollars in the year of 2017. It includes the amount of the current tax and the deferred tax expense. (Woolworths Limited, 2017).

vii) Company’s Tax Rate Times your Accounting Income

The income tax expense is calculated by multiplying the amount of the tax rate with the taxable income and not the accounting income, therefore, the tax rate if multiplied by the accounting income then the tax expense will not be the same. This has happened majorly because the tax is paid on the taxable income and not the accounting income and for calculating the taxable income, the accounting income is adjusted with the timing differences and the inadmissible items which are mentioned in the Income Tax Act. Few differences are impairment, inadmissible expense and etc. 

viii) Reporting of Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities

Deferred Tax Assets have been reported with the amount of 372.39 million dollar. It is created so as to nullify the amount of tax as per taxable income and the amount of tax as per accounting income. The major reasons for the presence are:

  • Hedge amount
  • Provision not admissible
  • Difference in Foreign currency and
  • Difference in deprecation as per companies act and income tax act (Harrington, Smith and Trippeer, 2012). 

ix) Reporting of Income tax Payable and Difference from Income Tax Expense

Income tax payable has been disclosed and the amount of paid amount and the payable amount differs from the fact that the expense amount includes the deferred tax also. (Laux, 2013). 

x) Difference between Expense and Paid for Income Tax

As mentioned, expense includes the deferred tax also, therefore the expense amount and the paid amount will not match. (Manzon, G.B. and Plesko, 2012). 

xi) Insights for Company’s Income Tax Disclosure

It has been found very interesting and it is worth to mention that the disclosure made by the company will enable the users to understand the effect of the income tax expense in the financial reporting.


The report has provided the relevant facts and figures and will help the users to have the decision in an efficient and effective manner.

The recommendation is to prepare the other comprehensive income statement in the true and fair manner as the same will affect the reported profits of the company.


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Woolworths Limited (2016), Annual Report -2016 .

Woolworths Limited (2017), Annual Report -2017 .

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