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My research will be centred on Healthcare. Firstly, effective HRM (Human resource manager) strategic plans in the selection and recruitment of the healthcare professionals are vital in achieving better health results. Therefore, in this Bibliography, I have selected one of the articles NCBI website to understand in general the recruitment and selection in Healthcare. The other four pieces have been chosen from different health sectors around the globe. After analysing these articles, it's apparent that the selection and recruitment of the health practitioners need to be given a lot of attention. This is because the health sector seems to have some challenges in matters regarding the recruitment and selection of the personnel.

Keywords: Recruitment, health personnel, systematic review, remote and rural areas.

This article journal examines the shortages of the health professional within the remote and rural regions. The research has indicated that the isolated areas have been given more attention to this issue in the developing as well as developed countries. This study, therefore, focuses on the crucial aspects influencing the health professionals' selection and recruitment within the remote and the rural regions. The article also tries to investigate those factors relevant to the developed and developing states. The following procedures were used in carrying out this research. Through the literature review and extracting the required information via a predetermined process. Then AMSTAR technique was used in accessing the quality of the methodology. An umbrella survey was conducted which provided the overview of other existing ordered procedures that synthesised the crucial aspects that influenced the recruitment of the health professional in rural and remote regions. Different databases like PubMed interface were then consulted and another website of science. The aspects of other reviews the appraisal score of the research was later reported on the table. An overview of different inquiries together with their categorisation by the AMSTAR technique was as well recorded on a separate table.

The results from this research the following factors are linked to individual's aspects of the retention and recruitment of health professional within the rural regions. These are the background, the origin and the lifestyles. The other factors are the working environment and conditions in advancing the profession. The incentives also play a crucial role in impacting the recruitment within the rural regions. But the study is not able to bring out clearly, the recruitment differences between the developing countries and developed countries. This is because of short reviews that have focused on the retention and recruitment of health professional in developing countries. However, is useful in my research since the findings have allowed me to understand the main aspects that influence the recruitment of health personnel in both developing and developed states. Although, the literature review is not adequately covered by the appropriate measures taken to alleviate the shortage of health practitioners within the remote regions.

The issue of selecting the health professional is not straightforward. Hence this article is attempting to examine the significant components associated with the selection of a surgeon in performing GAS (Gender Affirmation Surgery). According to the studies in this article, some aspects govern every decision in selecting the health providers within the patient-provider link. However, there was the need for investigating other factors that are very vital in the selection of the surgeon in performing the reconstruction of genital. Choosing the surgeon for this particular process is always determined by limited decisions or selected information from the marketing materials. The primary procedure for this research was through a survey carried out through the questionnaire. These questionnaires were given to about 54 transwomen who had gone through gender affirmation surgery, and 47 were distributed to cisgender. The females who experienced the plastic surgeries preferred the primary professional and listened to their feelings more compared to those undergoing GAS. That means the procedure of choosing the healthcare professional is not straightforward. The selection is determined by the market materials.

The study is every vital in investing in the selection of different medical professionals within the healthcare sector. This because most patients will always relate the skills of the health professional and that's the foundation of their decisions. The pragmatic issues like locating the facilities at the convenient areas or the ease of getting the appointment are of great help in deciding while selecting the health professional but have not been adequately examined in this article. The choice by age, race, ethnicity or gender aspect is not clearly outlined. According to the research, these two groups considered this factor not necessary. Some of the legal expertise like whether the health professional has ever been involved in malpractice activities may not be availed. Other times, patients are found travelling for longer distances for surgeries hence unable to acquire the information concerning the stuff. The individuals who undergo the GAS have always longed for this process, unlike the patients who pass through the elective surgeries. Therefore, inflicting a lot of fear and stigmatisation due to health care disparities. Hence it was agreed that the choice of surgeon would be determined by the aspects patient's choice of reconstructive or plastic surgeon.

Keywords: Rural doctors, equity, retention, interventions, recruitment, inequitable distribution, health professionals.

Lack of the healthcare practitioners within the rural areas remains to be a big challenge inequitable delivering the healthcare. The problem is experienced in both developed and developing countries and the more favoured parts of the country are the wealth rural regions despite the whole issues within the remote areas. A comprehensive assessment was then carried out by the EPOC (Cochrane Practice and Organization of Care) with the aim of evaluating critically the influence of different strategic plans to reduce the health mismatch in urban and rural areas.  The article has mainly focused on the fundamental studies that try to address the retention and recruitment of the medical doctors to remote and rural regions. The rapid growth of urban centres is a world phenomenon but comes with its challenges especially in developing countries where it has been faced with weak infrastructures. Having better healthcare facilities, it's one of the ways that can better the individuals living in these regions. Hence the need to examine the strategies in recruiting the healthcare professionals in rural and urban centres.

The method used in this study was the literature review.  A detailed probe of the English literature examination was carried out through the PubMed (National Library of medicines) database. The following keywords that were used; (retention or recruitment) and (remote or rural). A total of about 1261 references were as well identified and examined keenly. All the critical research that reported the exact results and few selected review journal articles. Because of the prospective vital interventions researches, questionnaire-based studies were as well incorporated.

The further search was conducted to scrutinise all the references to the picked articles making a total of 110 extra items. In order to provide a complete overview in a precise and a valid perspective, the evidence was classified into five intervention groups. These were education, coercion, selection, support and incentives and the strongest of all the indications was to be rated as absent, weak, stiff or moderate. The keywords that were used in defining the remote or rural were as well summarised. The universal description helped in comparing the collaborative and future studies. The coercive strategic plan used in the study was only able to address the short-term recruitment. This study has failed to provide definitions of the work involved within the developing countries. However, it has enabled in understanding various methods and some of the recruitment methods used in developed and developing countries. This one of the factors which can be used in my topic of study as an aspect to be considered in the selection and recruitment of healthcare.


Article 1 Mbemba, G. I. C., Gagnon, M.-P., & Hamelin-Brabant, L. (2016). Factors influencing recruitment and retention of healthcare workers in rural and remote areas in developed and developing countries: an overview. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 7(2), 61–66.

Article 2 Ettner, R., Ettner, F., & White, T. (2016). Choosing a Surgeon: An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing Selection of a Gender Affirmation Surgeon. Transgender Health, 1(1), 124–128.

Article 3 Wilson, N. W., Couper, I. D., De Vries, E., Reid, S., Fish, T., & Marais, B. J. (2009). A critical review of interventions to redress the inequitable distribution of healthcare professionals to rural and remote areas. Rural and Remote Health, 9(2), 1060.

Article 4 Marchand, C., & Peckham, S. (2017). Addressing the crisis of GP recruitment and retention: A systematic review. British Journal of General Practice.

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