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The human being wants clothes that not only cover their body, but also reflects their personality. Every person chooses clothes that represent their personalities, culture, and desires. The persons behind the design cloths for all are the fashion designer who made a huge fashion industry.  Fashion designers perform in a number of ways in designing their cloth and other thing related to garments. These fashion designers use different and innovative techniques which express the people’s minds by the way of their clothing style. London has a wide range of local and foreign designers which have combined with modern English style.  The vintage style of designing with innovative and fusion traditional style is popular in British fashion. In this essay we admire the fashion designer John Galliano, who struggled a lot with his financial conditions were not good, for his hard working and dedicated to the fashion world he became the main fashion designer at Christian Dior (Vogue UK, 2016).  We also explain the technology he used in his work and different factors that influence his designs, pattern making, and collection on a particular season.

When John Galliano joins Dior, the fashion world recognizes his potential powers as a fashion designer. He became worldwide famous in his first fashion show.

Development Process

Proper research gives dynamic ideas to any designer for making and developing the different designs and its original thoughts and collection of innovative ideas give new inspiration in their collection. The development process of John Galliano is an activity, through which he established and provides the viewers with an insight into the thinking, their interest, aspirations and the innovative and creative vision of his designs (Reuters, 2016). Galliano selection of fabric process is also unique, as his design was inspired by history; he also manages the second-hand fabric to give a unique look. This fusion shows that how the John Galliano is keenly dedicated and has a passion for designing.

Pattern Making

As pattern designing is a modern art in fashion.  Pattern is an Art of shaping and manipulating a raw piece of fabric to finish one. It bridges between design & production. A drawn sketch which is a two-dimensional illustration on canvas or paper can be turned into a garment through a pattern which complements the design of garment components (Jones, 2015). A designer converts the flat raw piece of cloth into a three-dimensional form, which fits the customer body.

Pattern designing must be used in an effective manner. In John Galliano pattern making, he is famous for creating wonderful stories and characters in his designer collection. He believes that telling stories in a collection is innovative thought. But a designer should be focused that thing is about the clothes despite all the fantasy. His designs show the free pattern style. In his designs, the curves flow and change as they move around the body. In his patterns, the important figures are crafted.


Digital fashion is the bridge between digital technology and couture. It is an innovative way to manufacture fabrics using computer technologies. This technology gives an upper hand to provide numerous ways to design clothes in different ways, with a large and unique variety of color patterns (Reuters, 2016). It not only saves time in producing things but also reach with cost benefit for both designers and customers. 

Technologies used in experiments and innovative ideas make John Galliano famous international British designer.  He uses the modern technology for digital printing and for three-dimensional effects in clothing. He has the technology to use second-hand cloth materials and from diverse sources, he was able to create a completely new look finished design. His love of bias cut gives added fluidity to the irregular hemlines of a man of his designs. Having a taste of 18th century where dandyism frightened in, he normally uses the fabrics with a designer twist as he loves to experiment and different challenges. One of his collections he presented a Napoleon elegance jacket giving the part of sexiness that saturates his work (Reuters, 2016).  In 2010 his spring collection having digital technology shows his experience of work and interest. Galliano produced the designs at the cheapest cost with the help of normal fabrics. His designs are on the other hand were creative (Reuters, 2016).

Political factor

Political trend plays quite a critical role for fashion designers. Present political changes are the reflection of today’s fashion. When we linked the relation between fashion and politics, we realize that fashion is not only a matter of visualization and artistic, but it also contains politics features also. As John Galliano concern with political influences in his designing is not much affected. He believes in innovative design with less cost and always accepts challenges that impact on his designing (Kim, 2013). John  believes fashion is linked with interest and ideas that cross beyond the limits and that’s why he inspired by the China culture.

Social and cultural factors

For every fashion designer, it is important to know the social culture of his innovative designs. High culture always inspired by the visualization of designers like ancient painting stories of empires, sculptures, and other forms. The creative fashion designer always expresses their message through their innovative designs. Galliano linked his social style by creating themes and styles based on the romantic message, from the past he always connects the people with empire collection, Napoleon style (, 2016). He mixes cultural and history fusion that makes his design more innovative and creative.

Aesthetic Factor

Aesthetics contain known values and customs. Fashion designer engaged about the aesthetic factor by exploring the pattern and features of designs that provide meaning. Aesthetic shows the experiences and values of the society at any ancient time or present time. An innovative time of aesthetic occurs when fine design recognized. John Galliano is recognized for his fusion of romantic and progressive aesthetic designs.

John Galliano’s exit as a fashion designer at Christian Dior takes to an end a wild fashion journey. In 2011, Galliano comes in the limelight for his controversial behavior and becomes the hot topic in the fashion world (Di Trocchio, 2011). The designer was suspended in February; Dior announced in March that the company began proceedings to permanently dismiss John Galliano. The 50-year-old fashion designer, who is famous for his romantic and theatrical fashion designs have a controversial collection in 2000 that was inspired by the homeless people, their coats tailored with broken stitches, contrasted lady gowns (Shin Yu Kyung, 2011).

Focus on season collection

We often hear the word spring fashion, winter fashion, and other seasonal fashion. A designer launches his or her new collection of garments that are worn in a particular season. The designers are very particular about the colours, fabrics that match the combination with the season. Some designers focused on the fusion of collection, i.e. mix and match combination. John Galliano is the designer of all the seasons. Galliano collection has never failed to surprise the audience. His each designed to express a complete historic theme with great empire personalities and inspired for the season as well (Mejdal, 2014). He manages his seasonal collection so well that inspires the audience and beautifully understood by the people. In 2000 his spring collection based on the homeless theme comes with the controversy and even his critic’s acknowledgment John Galliano designs excites the customers and Dior sales had doubled since the joining of Galliano.


The desired vision in John Galliano’s designs, which commonly rethink method and shape, and the great creativity, of his cut style, ensured his reputation as one of the greatest British designer.

After the significant research, competitor analysis the designers can identify a proper and a particular market for their customer and their fashion vision. John Galliano collection displays the large variety of potentials in his work that encourage other fashion designers also. He is the designer of all the season and work with high technology having innovative pattern making and used creative development process in his style.

Galliano’s first fashion design collection for Christian Dior was the historicism in full- puffed evening gowns and his designs represent his historical research (Night Spirits, 1010). Sometime in his collection inspired from different cultures, ancient empires. In considering the remarkable quality of his designs, in the 90s, his fashion presentation was full of theatrical, by his own name and the principle designer for the Christian Dior.

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