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A harvest strategy or the exit strategy is the process by which an investor or entrepreneur tries ways to get his return on the investment he has made after the success of the business. The exit strategy or the harvest strategy determines how much money the investor is expecting un return and what strategy has been chosen for the business.  It is the plan for taking the firm to a particular destination (DeTienne, McKelvie & Chandler, 2015). Those destinations can be reached by scaling rapidly and taking it to the national and global level or by selling it to a competitor for substantial more than receiving value.  The owners of the company, after having created a successful business decide upon whether they should run the business or sell it in order to retire from the work (Buckley& Strang,2015). It will solely depend on the desire of the owners. However, it is true that the owners will ensure that they are exiting from the market with minimum damage to the investors. All the due debts will be paid if it is to be wrapped up. All the agreements will be conducted in black and white. The profit and success of the business will be measured on the basis of their early and quarterly profits.  It will also be kept in mind that of the amount of loss exceeds the expectations, the business will be closed and the debts will be paid.

Operational Overview of the Greatest South Asian Street Food

The operational overview of a company reveals the process of their working. It determines how do they work, what are the primary focus of their business operations, whom and how do they manufacture the product, process and then serve to the customers. The Great South Asian Street Food is a popular fast food restaurant which is devoted to providing the best customer services. The company intends to sell 20000 dishes per year to provide the customers an extensive range food items satisfying their appetite (foodnetwork.com,2018). They will have efficient chefs and kitchen staffs to achieve their goal. The yearly opening hours of the restaurants will be 1500 hours as a whole and the nearby locations will be provided the free delivery services.  A unique operation of the company will be the transportable food van which will cater to the tastes of the customers with their ordered meals (Janssen et al.,2018). This extra service will make the restaurant more attractive.  The company will take care of the food desires of the foreigners and the travelers. The restaurant will also provide the delicious food items at reasonable price so that everyone avails the opportunity to taste the south Asian street foods. The customer satisfaction will be their streamline while delivering the products.  The company will try their best to reduce the wastage of food by making the food vans follow the order –make sequence. Time frame of the restaurant service will be long as compared to the other street food restaurants of the city. The margins they will provide on the product pricing will be compensated by the long service hours (slideshare.net, 2018).  The orders for delivery will be accepted through a web platform where the customers will be able to request their meals. The choice of spices and sauces on the dish will be at the hands of the customers.

 The marketing of the products will be done through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Snapchat and others. In order to reach the potential customers, the social media marketing will be done to keep their blog consistently attractive for the customers (Buckley & Strange, 2015). Asian Street Food will hire four employees including one manager with basic cooking skills, two cooks and one customer assistant (pactrading.com, 2018). Our manager will be responsible for supervising the operational process, our two cooks will take shifts and be responsible for meal preparations, while our customer assistant will be responsible for cashier and other customer services. The company will aim at serving the best quality products and fresh material will be used for the dishes.  They will try to take the ingredients from the local suppliers as much as possible.  One of their main suppliers will be the Rusty Market because thus market bring in only fresh vegetables.  The company will switch to greenmarket tableware which is decomposable within 60 -90 days.


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