Marriage Proposal Written By A Assessment Answer


Insurance company letter

1. The letter has been written using Indirect Approach.

Any letter that comprises of some negative and that which anticipates resistance from the recipient is written in Indirect Order (Mirzaii & Bozorg Aliabadi, 2013).

2. In a letter written in indirect format often ties it is difficult to well organize the message that is to be delivered leaving no space for miscommunication. Thus, strategizing a business letter with the use of words that may have a positively inclined appeal to the recipient despite the message being negative is important (Frear & Chiu, 2015). Replacing the phrase sincerely regret by humbly apologetic would leave a greater positive impact.

3. Dear valued insured,

It has come to my notice that you have recently received a letter on behalf of the company that states the denial of coverage for your loss. We are humbly apologetic that we unfortunately could not aid you in these times. The terms and conditions of the insurance contract that provides coverage, we can only cater to those claims. Kindly appreciate this initiative of the company.

This is a supplement for the original declination letter that did not contain language that may have been in relevance with your situation. Please do note that this letter includes language that is in line with certain specified appeal processes. If at any occasion you are of the opinion that there is dispute in our findings and that our position is inaccurate, you may follow the directions as have been outlined and the matter will be further reviewed by the company in detail.

Marriage Proposal

1. Dear Dave,

Your sudden text after so long was really a pleasant surprise. You have been a good friend to me all these years and I have tried to be the same from my end. I cherish our friendship. I believed that the romantic relationship that we had in the sophomore year of college was long gone and forgotten. But, your surprise visit and the following events have made me think over and over again in these past ten days. Finally, my delusional belief has been shattered pieces and I have no regret in admitting that I still have strong romantic feelings and inclination towards you. I believe that this feeling is mutual and was forcefully denied by both of us.

I have decided that I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. I will be eagerly waiting for your consent.

Yours faithfully,


2. This letter has been strategically framed in a manner that would gradually grab the recipient’s attention with the flow of the letter that is direct (Kamei, 2012). The letter ends with the actual message of marriage proposal to keep the recipient in the lag of the message.

This letter has been written using the direct order since this approach is generally used while conveying a positive message. Here, organizing the message is also simple (Arnold, 2012). Another reason is that in this approach there are lesser possibilities of resistance from the recipient’s end.

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