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The business fundamentals are the basic expertise required to address the various aspects of running an organization.  It comprises motivation to lift and maintain the performance of an organization. It makes a workplace great. This report includes various suggestions to motivate employees. It also includes the motivation of supervisors for new employed employees along with the existing employees. Finally, the suggestions are implemented so that employees are motivated to do well in the assigned work.

Suggestions for motivating employees 

Set a good example: Communication is the key to make employees realize that they are being included in the major decisions of the organization. They should also be made to realize that their voices matter. It is because employees are motivated when they feel required, appreciated and esteemed. The motivated employees contribute more efforts in the organization. It is recommended to hire employees who have attained great leadership skills. These leaders are called engines and are perfect examples for the other employees and also who are new to the organization (Rajiah & Bhargava, 2016).  

Focus on employee’s happiness rather than employee motivation: The employees and customer should make feel good in order for the business to revolve around happiness. There is a number of incentives that focus on keeping employees happy and it automatically works as motivation. These incentives can be bonuses, perks, amenities, education, and positive recognition. The bonuses and other financial incentives are a great way to retain great performances. The perks are not simply financial and are a good response to perks (Lear, Fleig-Palmer, Hodge, Fleig & Arensdorf, 2016). The perks can be in the form of casual days at the office, office parties, half days, short leaves, office parties, and social activities outside the office. The workplaces amenities can be gym, day-care center, and cafeteria are a good way for the employees to stay focus on the work. The employees can also be motivated by paying extra for the education. Recognizing employees in the public for doing good performance can make a huge difference (Yavner, et. al. 2015).

Encourage employees to voice complaints: It helps in fixing various things by encouraging employees to voice complaints. There are various reasons due to which employees do not like to contribute to the culture of the company. The employees treat customers in the same way they are treated by their employers. Getting solve the problem of the employees helps to promote ethics in the organizations (Kasemsap, 2016).

Motivation by supervisors for the existing employed and new employees 

The employees who are employed now or have been in the past have been motivated by the supervisors by providing information about the upcoming products. They are informed how the company makes and lose money and how employees fit into the overall plan. The supervisor created a work environment which is open, trusting and fun. It encouraged new ideas and initiatives. They involved employees in the decisions which directly affected them (Whaley, Douglas & O’Neill, 2014). It even motivated employees to have a sense of ownership in their work and environment. The supervisor even creates a partnership with the employees and gave them chance to grow and learn new skills. It shows employees how they meet their goals within the organization’s goals. The performance of the existing employees is used as a basis for recognizing, rewarding and promoting people (Davis, Kelley, Kim, Tang & Hicks, 2016). The low and marginal performers are dealt with by improving the performance or leave the organization. The employees are rewarded based on the feedback provided by other employees.

The supervisors can motivate employees who have never been employed before by setting smaller weekly goals. The new employees should be motivated for achieving the goal and reward for the same on the office parties. They assume that goals are realistic and everyone is benefitted only if work hard. The supervisor should interact with employees openly and should maintain a transparent system. They should be made to realize that they are involved in the big decisions. It ensures commitment from the new employees towards objectives of the company. It even enhances loyalty and pride of the company (Barry, 2017). The employees should be realized that the supervisor trusts and depend on them. The confidence shown on the employees go a long way. They should be known that they are trusted to do the best job possible. It can rarely disappoint to the supervisors.

Implementation of the suggestions 

It is a challenge to motivate group members. Every person has different motivating factors and needs to be motivated in a different way. An example of a perfect employee can be set up to motivate all the group members.  Such employees generally have great leadership skills and contribute more efforts in the organization. The group members should be provided incentives on a regular basis so that they feel motivated and give their best in the assigned work. These incentives comprise bonuses, perks, amenities, education and positive recognition. It makes employees to stay focus on the work. The group members are also motivated to sort their problems by voicing their opinions (Aboelmaged, 2018). The members feel exhausted if they face an obstacle in their daily process. Happy and satisfied employees lead to contribute maximum efforts in the assigned work. It also promotes the ethical environment in an organization. The supervisors create a partnership with the team members so that they can grow and learn new skills. The suggestion of recognition and reward works best to motivate members and perform well in the assigned work.


The motivation is a constant challenge. What motivates one employee does not necessarily motivate another person. It is considered that treating employees nicely is an element in motivation. It represents to employees that they are needed for the success of the organization. The valuable tips are appreciated to engage and motivate employees. It makes a workplace great. The motivation is also a choice made by the employees. It is because no matter how hard a manager tries but employees are eventually in charge of motivating themselves.


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