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This paper will illustrate and determine the importance of people skills and leadership in the construction of the University Classroom Building. The significance of leadership and people skills in regard to the project management in the construction project is suspect and is maybe not seen as imperative and accordingly gets less consideration than technical skills [1] this is seen when Bob Moore send carpenters to his house to use their skills and be motived during the rainy days. The apparent ignorance thereof can cause losses and lead to insufficiency since he was noncommittal when asked by Jim about the billing of the carpenters the days there working on his house. Jim seems to be a great manager and a leader as he is really concerned about the work ethics that is why he confronts Bob about the workers working at Bob’s place.  

Project Management Execution

In the case study of, they seem to have a poor execution phase since the plan has not been well put into work. Project management execution consists of two major phases of executing and controlling and monitoring [2]. The execution of building the University Classroom Building project has been poor because the weather and this has cost some workers (carpenters) being sent home derailing the execution of the project. This could be handled by having a 24-hour shift of the workers when it is not raining to compensate for the days that there are not working due to the inconveniences caused by rain instead of Bob sending them to his home at the cost of the company. This will make the execution of the plan work well. Monitoring of the project seems to be perfect as Jim is taking note of everything that is happening only that he is not in control since he is new to the company and he should talk to the seniors about the same.

Project Management Risk Analysis

The risk part for this project is the measurable part of the uncertainty which will be estimated by the probability of occurrence and the magnitude of the damage [3]. The major risk that the project plan could have identified was weather since the greater part of the construction is done on the outside. To mitigate this risk the project managers could have either decided to postpone the project up to coming summer when working conditions will be favorable or have a 24-hour working shift when the weather is not raining to reduce loss that is incurred when workers work two hours a day and get paid for a full day.

Ethic Assessment

In the case study there two facts about the ethical dilemma. First, Bob is not willing to lose workers by sending them home when the weather is not favorable which is against the code of conduct. Secondly, Jim finds himself in an ethical dilemma what to do when discovers that Bob is sending some workers to his house to work there. In the case of Bob, it is not legal to send a worker who is an employee of a company to work on personal issues other the tasks assigned to him or her by the company [4]. Bob conduct to send worker work at his house does not in any align with PMI code of ethical professional conduct. On the other side, it was legally right to first enquire from the Bob whether the worker he was sent to work at his house was being paid by the company before taking any necessary step. This can, by all means, aligns with the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct.

Ethics Alternatives

The ethic alternatives in the case study are between Jim and Bob. First, Jim when he discovered that Bob is sending some workers at his house at the expense of the company he would have approached the billing department to get the facts about the same. The pros of this action would have given Jim the basis of approaching Bob on the same and also his seniors. Con of this action would have caused conflict between Bob and Jim since Bob has worked for the company for a longer period and earned respect from his colleagues. Also, Bob was not supposed to send the workers to his house instead he could have halted the project until they were in good working condition [5]. One of the pros of this action it would have saved the company money. Con it would have made the company lose some of its workers. 

Ethics Analysis

The ethical analysis, in this case, involves Jim. First, Jim would have made sure he had all the facts regarding the workers sent to work at Bob’s house [6]. He could have gotten the information from the workers themselves and the billing department about their payment when they got to work at Bob’s place. Secondly, consider approaching Bob on the same or his seniors. Consequently, he should consider whether his action will prevent or have a positive impact on any harm. Lastly, Jim could have reported the issue to his seniors.

Ethics Application

By reporting the matter to the seniors the greatest good of this choice is the will prevent the company from incurring further loses. In addition, the choice will beneficial to all as Jim will feel satisfied and Bob will have applied work ethics when handling such cases [7]. The ethics survey and approval procedure are a fundamental, and conceivably tedious, some portion of any personal research project. Picking up ethics approval is not a stage in the process that ought to be left to the latest possible time. An excellent ethics application requires planning and some time. Along these lines, individuals are unequivocally asked to permit themselves adequate time to build up a well-design and perfectly documented morals application that tends to all pertinent ethics issues.

Ethics Action

It will be best to report the issue to the seniors since Bob has worked for quite some time for the company and it would be hard to confront him on the same issue considering the Jim has just been hire and this is his first project for the company. Ethics speculations are hypotheses of right action. Ethics standards are intended to manage action. Furthermore, if ethics principles exist, they apply to all people. Hypotheses of action and agency look to figure out what determines an action, what recognizes the agent from nonagents and the rules that administer what happens when operators act. These joint endeavors both is contingent on and inform each other.


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