Mobile Workforce Technologies Organization Answers Assessment Answer


This particular paper is reflected in the e-business strategy of the organization in order to achieve strategic business goals. This paper study is carried out to develop an understanding of the drivers related to e-business performance. The main idea of this paper is using the e-business strategy to achieve a high-level customer satisfaction and meet with proposed business goals and objectives.  The main contribution of this paper is to analyze various e-business strategies for the firms to achieve high performance. I analyzed various strategies, which are useful for any business organization to achieve high growth in the market. Finding the main idea of the paper will take my thought towards critically analyzing this particular paper.

Detailed comment on the selected paper

The research is planned and carried out on the two research questions such as why the performance of the firm is varied among different organizations, which are operating in the same field of business. There is dissimilarity between the performance due to access to information as well as technologies. The second question is that due to divergence in performance, to what extent the organizations are different in their structure. It also planned to do research on future implementation of e-business strategies in the organization. The paper study is based on aggregated data. It is also reflected in the singular models. In this study, four hypotheses are set and then it is tested using the interview as well as survey data collection method. The analytical tools, which are selected for this study is decision support, office as well as groupware. The IT tools used are CASE and object oriented models. I have learned from the paper is that the advanced e-business applications are used to define the business objectives of the firm. Shehu and Mahmood defined the IT competency for the project work such as the need of technical information to get a better knowledge of the benefits of e-commerce in the organization. Ndubisi, Capel and Ndubisi argued that use of high IT systems increase the competency of the organization so that they can perform well and compete in the market.

Compelling reason to like the work

I have liked the work of the authors as this paper gives me the knowledge on the business strategies, which help me, achieve information about how different business strategies help an organization to compete in a similar market. The unique about this work is that it sets four different hypotheses, which gives an innovative success to the author’s work. The hypothesis is properly set, which helps the authors to get properly detailed data on the selected topic. When we have to compete in the marketplace, the organization faces different IT challenges, which gives pressure to them to achieve their business goals. Lipitakis and Phillips stated that the hierarchical model is used to measure the e-business strategies of the organization. The analyzed results are important for the academics as it gives methodical way to examine complex interface connecting the technology as well as firm’s structure.

Compelling reason to dislike the work

The reason behind dislikes this work is that this paper does not give any example of definite strategies, which can be used by the organization to achieve their business goals. The paper reflected on different analytical tools, but it is not used accurately to conduct the research. The use of IT aligned with the organization is poor, and it is not mentioning any of such IT technologies, which gives high value to the organizational performance. The cross-sectional design does not enable to give details information on the strategic change of the organization. Moderating is considered as an issue, which influences the quality of the data and hampers its performance.

Comment on references and related work

The paper is based on the e-business strategies, which can increase the performance of the organization. The references used in the paper study are appropriate for the given study but in my viewpoint, there is more paper, which can be cited for this paperwork. The cited paper should be on innovative e-business strategies, which can be used in the organization. After analyzing the paper, I have found that the paper should be in information technology and firm performance, IT strategic orientation, a creation of value in e-business and strategy to business models. These are the related work, which is similar to the selected paper.

Comment on presentation style

The paper describes its goals clearly. It describes that it reflects on the e-business strategies, which helps the firm to achieve high performance in the similar market. The paper is not able to deliver accurately on the possible e-business strategies, which are used. However, the presentation of this paper is good. The strength of this selected paper is that it follows a proper structure such as the introduction, literature review, research methodology using data collection method with setting of hypothesis, findings and discussion and finally a conclusion. It goes through the entire paper structure. The weakness is that the content of the article is not up to the mark and in some paragraphs, the content is not clear to the reader. The reference list and keywords are proper to search more on the paper. The paper has no such figures, but it contains some tables, which are not clear to the reader. The tables require information that is more detailed so that the reader can understand it.

Suggestions and Recommendations on the paper

Clear goals: The paper should give a clear description of the goal of the paper at the beginning of the article so that the reader can understand the purpose of the study. If the author mentions a clear goal, then it helps other researcher analyst to do further research on this article.

Focus on the paper quality: The authors should at first focus on the quality of the paper by giving a proper concept of the e-business strategies, which should be used by the organization to achieve their business goals and objectives. There are no figures in the paper, which are used to describe the paper topic. Therefore, figures should be given to describe detailed on the content.

Clear tables with a proper description: The tables used in the paper are not clear; therefore, the author should give detailed information on the data, which are given in the table format. After analyzing the table, I cannot get proper results from the selected article.

Comment on the unanswered questions

There are no such unanswered questions in the paper, but the paper requires more detailed information on various e-business strategies, which can help the organization to achieve high performance. Similar organization can achieve a higher level of performance by implementing and adopting innovative business strategies within the firm.

Paper description

This particular paper is reflected on aligning the technology as well as a business strategy of the organization. The key points are that it deals with the issues as well as frameworks, which are raised while implementing the business strategy within the organization. The paper study presents the findings of the survey as well as interview feedback of the audiences. The survey is taken based on IT strategic levels. Knowledge management is used in this study to develop as well as capture the organizational objectives using the organizational knowledge. Dahlberg, Kivijärvi and Saarinen concluded that project management skills are used by the author has to manage the data, which are gathered from the employees of the IT organization. The main contributions are that to find the issues, which affect the project work to achieve their project goals. Future research is also done on the content of the research so that future implementation of business strategies benefits the organizations.

Detailed comments on the selected paper

The research is planned on using the advanced information technology for the organization to become a vital enabler of the business strategies. It improves the competitive advantage of the organization and the quality of the services. The use of information technology in the organization improves the business process by implementing a new system, which can do within few hours. It eliminates the occurrence of errors in the organization and gives a high level of customer satisfaction. The data are gathered from taking the interview of 21 senior IT executives using the interview as well as questionnaire survey. The survey is done using both quantitative as well as a qualitative survey. Chatzoglou and Chatzoudes argued that the analytical tools are used to analyze the survey data to get the feedback of the executives about their current system as well as an existing system. The survey is done to meet the challenges of alignment, partnership and supporting of alignment. I have learned from the study is that the use of advanced IT strategy for the organization improves the competitive advantage of the organization. I have appreciated some of the technical points such as the use of information based technology gives a planned approach to the organization. The IT strategic objectives should be documented properly so that the business can adopt organizational gain by implementing a new system.

Compelling reason to like the work

I have liked this article, as the objective of this particular paper is proper as well as accurate for the audience to understand the main concept of the research. The author has used clear and precise language to give their viewpoints on the article topic. In the entire paper, the author has highlighted the issues as well as frameworks used by the IT executives to align technology as well as business strategy. Use of figures in the paper gives an innovative approach as the reader can get a better concept on the paper. In my point of view, this particular paper is valid for doing research in the future. This particular paper topic gives more chances to search for new innovative techniques to implement business strategy within the firms. In addition, the research methodology is detailed into clear language and the data collection methods used accurately. Future research is also possible to do in other organizations, which helps the research analyst to get information about any other field of study.

Compelling reason to dislike the work

I have disliked the paper as in this particular paper the data are gathered from the survey of the employees working within the organization. However, this particular study does not give a proper detailed analysis of the survey results and the percentage of respondents those are given their responses on the selected survey topic. As the detailed analysis is not given in the paper, therefore I cannot get proper knowledge on the topic. Even no survey question is given in the paper so that I cannot get to know about any of the questions based on which the research is taken place. Even the results are not given properly so that the reader can get to know about it. There is a lack of experimental results on the survey. Therefore, unreasonable assumptions are made on it. The analyzed results are not up to the best quality. The research methodology uses complex data analysis technique which is not understandable by the audiences. 

Comment on references and related work

This particular study reflects on the alignment of the business strategies as well as information technology, which raises the organizational performance to a high level. The cited references in the article are accurate and with those references, the reader can search for more information over the internet. As per my point of view, the cited reference should be on technological deployment and organizational performance, global drivers of business, steps to align the information technology with the business strategies and design of business strategy throughout the information technology. The mentioned cited references are the related work, which is similar to the selected paper.

Comment on presentation style

The presentation of the article is proper. It gives an introductory paragraph on the article topic. Different studies are reflected with supporting the business alignment of the IT strategies. After analyzing on the IT business strategy, the outcomes are clear to the reader. I can understand that if an organization is an inability to invest into IT, then it does not gain business credibility and gives proper reactive services to the customers. Without the IT business system, the organizations are not able to compete in the marketplace. This paper reflects on the competitive business advantage using the IT systems. In the field survey as well as interview section, modified framework is used to analyze the article paper. Even the use of both quantitative, as well as qualitative data collection techniques, gives a unique advantage to the strength of the paper. The reference list, as well as the keywords used, is completed, and it is useful to give the researcher proper search skills. The figures are readable, and it trends to give information on the topic. The writing style of the authors is accurate so that all the reader can understand the concepts of the paper.

Suggestions and Recommendations on the paper

Use of data analysis technique: In this particular paper, the data that are gathered from the employees of the IT senior executives should be analyzed properly in the data analysis section. The data analyst should individually analyze each of the survey questions so that they can gather proper information as well as knowledge of the alignment of business strategy as well as information technology.

Findings and discussion section: After analyzing the data, an article should have a finding as well as discussion section, which should give details on the collected data.

Make reasonable assumptions: The research analyst should make assumptions, which are possible to do. If they are making of unreasonable assumptions, then it affects the outcomes of the research. It is made in such a way that it gives some quality to the research. 

Comment on the unanswered questions

I have identified that the research analyst cannot make a list of the survey questions. Therefore it may be possible that some of the questions are answered on the researcher end. Most of the work is done based on assumption, and therefore it gives a vital influence on the study.

Paper Citation

Moderating effect of technology on the business strategy-performance relationship in Malaysian SMES

Paper Description

This particular paper is reflected on the moderating effect of the technology in the small sized enterprises. In my opinion, this moderating effect on the small scale industry is entirely analyzed by Malaysian context. The concise literature review is presenting the moderating effect of technology on the interrelationship between business strategies and performance of 100 SMEs in Malaysia. I have analyzed that the core contributions of this paper are to analyze the strategic policies that will be guiding the SMEs to improvise their performance level in the competitive marketplace. Findings from this paper will be elaborating my concern about this paper. In this paper, business strategies are used so that it cannot affect the performance of the Malaysian SMES companies. Wu and Gide valued some of the technical points such as utilize of information-based technology provides a considered approach to the association. I have thoroughly analyzed different IT strategies, which are functional for several business organizations to attain a high expansion within the marketplace.

Detailed comment on the selected paper

I found that the research is mainly carried out on one research question: "how the technology is moderating the relationship between the business strategy and performance in Malaysian SMEs." The answer to this question is analyzed by reviewing several kinds of literature on the interrelationship between the business strategy and technology. The concerned data collection for the paper is done through the structured questionnaires for 48 small and medium sized enterprises. Reich and Benbasat  stated that the analytical tools in this report are a measurement of business strategies and technological advantages through surveys. I have learned from this literature that three generic business strategies are not only applicable to the large-scale organization but also applicable to a small and midsized organization. I found that there are several empirical pieces of evidence are represented within a review that supports the moderating effect of technology on the relationship between business strategies and technology. I have selected this paper as it gives a proper structure of any research article.

Compelling reasons to like the work

I have liked the work of the author as this paper is providing a good knowledge about the generic business strategies that must be implemented within the small and midsized enterprises in order to achieve improvised performance level. In my opinion, three hypotheses presented within a paper that are highlighting not only the responses from SMEs but also elaborated the chances of improvements within the organization. According to me, different business strategies affect the performance of the SME from different ways and technological complexity moderates the interrelationship between business strategy and performance of SMEs. I have liked that the paper is very argument, and it is cited by different authors. The author’s arguments are clear to me and therefore I can understand the concepts of the paper.

Compelling reasons to dislike the work 

The compelling reason behind the disliking this paper is that the paper does not provide any example of practical implementation of generic strategies on SMEs. I have found that several gaps may be filled if the example shows the relevant data that proves that Interrelationship between the performance of SMEs and business strategies are influenced by ethnological advancements.  There are no figures in the paper, which reflects on the paper topic. The most vital gap in this paper is that the topic of the paper is not cited with any author's name. Therefore, there is a lack of understanding of the topic. No such analytical tools are used for this paper, which gives a better understanding of the topic. However, on the other hand, no use of figures in the paper reduces the quality of the paper.

Comment on references and related work

According to the specific search done by me on the interrelationship between business strategies and performance of the SMEs by the technological advancement I have found that all the references cited within this paper are approximately matching the with the context of the paper. Following are the concerned other resources that may be provided as examples of references for this paper: "Whose Innovation Performance Benefits More from External Networks: Entrepreneurial or Conservative Firms?, Leveraging External Sources of Innovation: A Review of Research on Open Innovation, etc."

Comment on presentation style

At first, I have identified that the presentation style of this paper is not so good. The paper has described its goals perfectly. It is due to the reason that there is no name of the authors is mentioned at the beginning of the article. Therefore, I am not able to identify the authors those are giving their viewpoints in the paper. The article is not presented properly as compared to other two articles. However, out of it, the entire presentation is proper. It reflects with an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. The identified five chapters of the article give proper knowledge on the topic. The topic of the paper is related to a moderating effect of the technology in the Malaysian SMES. The data analysis section of this paper is accurate as it analyzes the paper topic based on taking a survey of 100 SMEs within the manufacturing sector of the Malaysia. The list of references as well as keywords is completed. Use of contingency framework in the literature review gives a clear picture of the entire review which helps the research analyst to get proper knowledge on the topic. The research model is reflected in strategies of business, technology as well as performance.

Suggestions and Recommendations on the paper

Use of proper data analysis method: ANOVA is used to analyze the collected data. The data should be analyzed using the simple technique so that the audiences can understand it properly. Even use of ANOVA is not accurate, as most of the reader has no knowledge of this analysis method.

Spotlight on the paper superiority: The authors those are writing this paper should concern about the superiority of the paper. Therefore, proper use of data analysis and data collection methods should be used.

Use of clear language: The authors should use clear language to conduct the research such that it should be understandable by everyone.

Mention the name of the authors: At first, it is identified that the names of the authors are not mentioned. Therefore, the reader cannot understand who the contributors of the paper study are.

Comment on the unanswered questions

There are no such questions, which are remaining unanswered in this paper. Two of the hypothesis is selected to answer the research questions based on the selected research topic.

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