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Mental health is a crucial element within the health sector (Saxena, Thornicroft, Knapp, & Whiteford, 2007). Assessment (2017) explains that many mental health conditions often affect many people, around 23% of the populace of adults in given instances. This statistic underscores the significance of mental health topic, which should be reflected on and comprehended well. The 5 Rs reflection framework can be used to assist in reflecting on and understanding mental health topic well. The 5 Rs include reporting, responding, relating, reasoning, and reconstructing (Martschinke, Waugh, Beamish, & Davies, 2004). In this regard, this paper utilizes the 5Rs reflection framework to reflect on the mental health topic.


As a student, I possessed various beliefs and opinions regarding the topic of mental health and illness. I always believed that mental health conditions are illnesses that only affect the elderly or people as they age towards their later life. I had an opinion that as folks age, their brain tends to shrink in a way, an occurrence that makes them start experiencing memory losses, jumbled speech, and so forth. Apart from these beliefs, I assumed that mental health conditions also come about due to genetic factors and following traumatic brain injuries. I supposed that mental health conditions can be inherited from parents such that if one parent developed any mental illness, his or her children also develop the same mental health condition. Similarly, I believed that if a person is involved in a traumatic brain injury, he or she ultimately develops a specific mental health condition. Currently, I engage in activities that support my mental wellbeing. Some of them include building positive relationships, sleeping well, undertaking physical exercises, and so forth. Hull (2012) explains that physical exercises play a critical role in preventing mental health conditions.


Over the years, my attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about mental illness and health have been shaped and formed by various elements around me. I have now known without any shreds of doubts that mental health conditions can be brought about due to genetic factors. This statement means that it is a hereditary condition (Burmeister, McInnis, & Zöllner, 2008). Furthermore, I have confirmed my thoughts concerning mental health conditions being brought about by traumatic brain injury. Schwarzbold et al. (2008) explain that after every traumatic brain injury, it is always likely that psychiatric disorders will develop. Apart from these causes, I have managed to learn about other causes of mental health conditions such as other diseases and factors. Subsequently, I have learned that engaging in healthy lifestyle practices can prevent the development of mental health issues (Walsh, 2011). Jacka (2015) highlights that addressing lifestyle elements like physical activity, smoking, drinking, diet, and so forth can go a long way in aiding the prevention of mental disorders development. Aside from these facts, I have also gained insights into some of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues.


Whatever I have learned and know about mental health has made me consider various facts when encountered with a possible mental health issue. In fact, I always embed precise considerations in my experiences of mental health issues as well as those of others. The first consideration is always the intensity and type of the mental health condition. Depending on the signs and symptoms of a specific mental health problem, I always make efforts to ensure I decipher the type and intensity of the mental health condition that I am encountering. This occurrence has been made possible by my broad scope of mental health knowledge. Currently, I know of what mental health entails, causes of mental health issues, signs and symptoms, types, and so forth. I have acquired some of these facts from the media. Through various mental health campaigns and advertisements, I have learned specific facts concerning the mental health topic. Additionally, my culture has enabled me to understand the topic better. After encountering a family in my society that had three members (grandfather, father, and daughter) battling with the same mental health issue, I managed to learn that some mental health problems are hereditary and can affect folks of diverse ages.


My existing thinking, knowledge, and opinions concerning the mental health topic are in line with many of the unit’s tutorials and lectures. Currently, I am learning about various aspects of mental health. Some of them include different types of mental illness, their causes, signs and symptoms, and so forth. Other sub-topics include mental health assessment and management. Almost all of these mental health aspects are aligned with my existing thinking, knowledge, and opinions. For example, the various aspects of mental health such as the different mental illness and their causes are in line with my thoughts about the same. Furthermore, the lectures and tutorials concerning mental health management are in line with my existing knowledge regarding how to prevent or manage mental health issues. My belief in leading a healthy lifestyle as a means of preventing mental disorders is a mental health management measure (Walsh, 2011). These learning materials, as well as many others that I have encountered so far, arouse many emotions. The signs and symptoms of mental health issues are saddening because of the thought of many issues that people deal with today. Even so, the mental health management concepts are encouraging and cheering. They underscore the hope of preventing and managing mental health issues.


All the information presented above can be integrated into my future nursing practice in various ways. For instance, the causes and management techniques of mental health issues can assist me in identifying and developing outstanding ways of caring for the patients. In a way, that can aid in developing a care plan that is patient-centered depending on an individual. Similarly, the information I have acquired can enable me to develop the nursing competencies that can assist me in dealing with patients. The info and knowledge can enable me to know the difficulties that mental health patients are going through thereby obliging me to display values such as empathy, kindness, and so forth when caring for them. Even so, I anticipate encountering specific challenges such as dealing with irritable patients who do not want to cooperate with nurses. I believe that integrating my values (already mentioned) can enable me to deal with such patients.


Mental health is a crucial topic in the health sector because it can affect many people around the world. Many of the lectures and tutorials about the topic provide important insights about mental health. This paper has reflected on the topic and provided various information and knowledge about it.


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