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In this project the Outdoor power Equipment depot retailer “   Husqvarna   ” wants to build an online application so that they can increase their marketing. Through online system they want to offer their customers maximum flexibility, speed, simplicity and freedom to buy, trade-in and lease outdoor Equipments (Lyytinen 2014). Through the use of the online system both the retailer and customer can determine the current market value of the trade –in equipment in less time. Here the researcher will describe about the business objective, vision statement, scope, limitations and major features of adopting the online application (Arvidsson 2014).

1.0 Business requirements



In this project the Outdoor power Equipment retailer “Husqvarna” is building their online system to provide better facilities to their customer. By using this system the retailer will sell their products online .Even the customers can book some of their materials online.


The priority of this project is to provide their tools especially in the construction companies.

                Error handling

There are several persons allocated for each department to handle the whole system. Manager will handle the whole company, the store manager will store all the materials of the company they can add, delete and update the products. The salesman will deliver the products to the customers, software engineer will handle the website

Financial department


Major Value


Major Interests



Growth in the revenue

see product as avenue to 25% increase in market share

richer feature set than competitors; time to market

Highest budget = $1.5M


Errors related to work

highly receptive, but expect high usability

Higher reliability, easy use

It should be implemented on low-end workstations

Legal value

Fast accessing of data

resistant unless product is keystroke-compatible with current system

ability to handle much larger database than current system; easy to learn

no budget for retraining


The online system of Husqvarna   is to provide the outdoor power equipment products to their customers through online. The customers can purchase the products by selecting the products from the website. They can also book the products or a limited period of time; they can also rent their products on the site. In this way they can also earn money. It is a kind of both business to business and business to customer (Husqvarna 2016).The main target of this business is construction companies. The company can target more and more customers through online system. They can easily get retailers and customers through this online site. Marketing and profits can be increased as the customers can easily get their products on time. Different products are arranged according to their departments. The products can be added, updated and deleted by the product manager. Different salesman has been appointed to deliver the products to the customers on time. It provides light weighted products that can be carried easily. The power consumptions of the products are very low due to which the demand of the products are increasing rapidly. It provides the product with a warranty .When the customers are not satisfied with the products they can easily return that back and can get 50% of the amount (Kim 2014).

1.2 Business objectives

The objective of this business is to provide outdoor power equipments to their customers. The products supplied by Husqvarna   are Lawn mowers, riding movers, trimmers, leaf blower, chain Shaw etc. It provides more than 400 outdoor equipment products. Through the online system the customers can choose their products easily according to their budget. The main target of the business is construction companies as they need more need more outdoor power equipment products. Through this system more and more customers can be targeted. To start this system

 $ 10,000, 00 dollar is required and the company can earn more than $50,000 per month (Reiser 2013).

1.3 Vision statement

This online system will include various functions. The customers can visit the online site of the company and can register on that site .After the registration of the customer their details will be stored in the database of the company (Passmore 2013). The users can then see the products online and can select the product according to their choice .There will be a cart system available on the on which the customers can put their products which they have selected. Through this system the customers can also trade in or rent their equipments online. There will be one store manager  who can add /delete/update products .There are number of equipment manufacturers and each offer its own models. Each equipment has extended warranty plan that can be brought from retailers, with the help of this application the customer can even replace their products within one year and can get 50% money back (Moon 2013).

2. Scope and limitation

Scope of online system

There are different scopes of the online system of Husqvarna. Through this system the customers can book the outdoor power equipment whenever they need. It has a wide range of business because the customer can order their products from anywhere under the whole United States. The product supplied by husqvarna has many advantages as the product doesn’t produce any noise while running.  The products are light weighted, it can be carried easily anywhere. As we know that outdoor power equipment needs electricity for running and produces high amount of electricity bill. But the power equipments supplied by husqvarna produces low amount of bills. If the customers want any product for a limited period then they can book the products in low amount and can return that back after use (Jeon 2014).There are some business opportunities for the people in this system. Those who want to do the business can easily do that through this system they can rent their products. They can upload the picture of the product on the site and can give the descriptions about that product. If any customer will select that product then the salesman will take that product from the renter and will give that to the customer (Agaraj 2015).


There are several limitations of the outdoor power equipments online system. The products booked by the person on the rent can be kept properly if any damage will occur then those people have to pay the full amount of the product ( Cho 2014). The products should be handled properly by following the given instructions. Products can be booked for a certain period of time, if the time limit will exceed the customers have to pay the full amount. The employees should be trained properly about the online system. A little mistake can destroy the whole system. The customers have to pay for the product only through net banking, debit and credit card (Oorschot 2012).

2.1 Major features

There are various features of the online system of Husqvarna. It has converted the business from complicated to simple. It provides different kind of business facilities like business to business and business to customer. The company can run their business with few employees. They don’t have to waste much amount on the employees. Different retailers can also rent their product through this system. It helps both the customers and retailers to fulfill their demands. The customers can get their products on a limited amount of time. The products can be delivered to the customers within 24 hours from the time of the delivery. The customers can put their queries about the products on the website and their queries will be solved easily in a limited amount of time by customer care executives. The products are available on different ranges (Michaels 2013) .The customers can choose the products according to their budget. It provides 24 hours facility to their customers. The customers can purchase the products whenever they want. There are several payment facilities available on the system that will help both the customers and retailers to complete their transactions easily. It will also help in checking the market condition and the status of the company according to that. The shareholders can also make agreement with the company. It will help the company to expand their market through United States (Olson 2014).

Graph: Sales demand after implementing online system in Husqvarna

Source: Created by author


The main focus of this project is about the importance of online business. The adaptation of new online system in Husqvarna will not only increase their business in an efficient way but also helped the customers to satisfy their needs. Online system has expanded their business throughout United States. It has added many features in their business. In this report many advantages of online system has been explained. This online system has helped the retailer to handle his whole business by sitting at a single place. It has increased the profits in the business in an efficient way that is clearly shown here in the given graph.


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