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What is a bibliography? A brief overview!

A bibliography is an organized list of sources that researchers use while writing their research papers. It is the work of other authors that they cited in their own research to put emphasis on a point they are making.

The word bibliography derived from the ancient Greek language (βιβλίον, romanized: biblion, lit. 'book' and -γραφία, -graphía, 'writing') that literally mean the academic study of books.

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Different kinds of bibliography that students have to study as a part of their course!

You must have come across the different terminologies like an annotated bibliography, work cited, and bibliography. Ever wonder what is the difference among them, and where do we use different kinds of referencing styles? Well, don't worry, and keep reading further to know the difference.

Annotated Bibliography-

When an author includes a short note in which he explains the significance of the work he cited in his research paper, then it is known as an annotated bibliography.

Works Cited-

In many research papers, there is a section at the end where a list of references is mentioned. That organized list of references is known as works cited. The primary role of this kind of bibliography is to provide a precise list of references that the author used while writing his/her research paper.


Sometimes a researcher goes through a lot of information that is available on the internet, periodicals, journals, etc., and uses it in their text. In the end, the author put out the list of exact journals, periodicals, and other sources from which he used the information to prove a point. That list of references is known as a bibliography.

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