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Earth & Marine Sciences

Earth & Marine Sciences will help you to understand the environment we live in. Earth Science teaches you about the planet we sustain on, the atmospheric phenomena, the occurrence of various natural calamities, the evolution of life, and so on. Whereas Marine Science will take you into the depths of the sea. It will teach you about oceans, and seas. The resources it provides can be used for sustainability.

The subject imparts knowledge about the Earth and its oceans, and the various physical and chemical process affecting these two entities. Climate change, various natural resources, its management, and the actions to be taken for its sustainability, in the long run, are a few of the topics that are taught in this subject.

Further, there are sub-disciplines of Earth & Marine Sciences involved:


Geology explains the structure of the Earth on and beneath the surface and the various reasons behind the phenomena. This field is concerned with the study of solid Earth, its atmosphere including liquid and gas.


It deals with the physics of the Earth. Which means the Earth’s atmosphere is an integral part of this study. The study of the atmosphere includes Oceanography, Seismology, Volcanology, and Geomagnetism. This study entails the principle and methods of physics to the study of the Earth


Hydrogeology is the study of groundwater. It is commonly known as geohydrology or groundwater hydrology. It deals with the study of the nature of the water’s interaction with the soil and rocks, how water gets recharged into the ground, and how it flows through the aquifer.


Oceanography is the study of oceans through the application of chemistry, biology, physics, meteorology, and other offshoots of science. It deals with various features of the ocean like- physical, chemical, and biological. Moreover, the ancient history of the ocean is studied too, its present conditions, and the future.


The subject teaches about the evolution of Earth and the Ocean and looks into present features. It gives knowledge about the current state of the aforementioned subjects to maintain the environment we live in for sustainability and conservation for humankind.

Human activities are causing the climate to change at a drastic rate. Earth Scientists recognise the issue and work to find out measures to prevent further problems. For example, research in the field of energy to find an alternative source. If the pace of using our resources remains unchanged, the time is not far where the Earth and its oceans will be depleted of its valuable resources. For example- Coal, Petroleum, Iron, etc.

Students can find this course a bit daunting without an expert opinion. These are the topics, our Earth & Marine Sciences homework help experts provide while guiding through your assignment:

  • Earth and its glorious history

  • Geology

  • Geophysics

  • Volcanic activities

  • Decoding fossil Records

  • Remote Sensing

  • Mountain belts and its anatomical structure

  • Palaeontology

  • Computational Earth

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