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Palliative care is intensive medical care for patients with severe illnesses. In this form of treatment, the primary emphasis is on offering relief from the symptoms and discomfort induced by a severe illness. The primary aim of treatment is to improve the quality of life of both the patient and the family. The function of palliative care at the end of life is to ease the pain of patients. This is achieved by a thorough evaluation and treatment of the patient's physical, psychosocial, and spiritual symptoms. Palliative care may be delivered by a professionally qualified team of physicians and nurses. Some other physicians who deal with patients are the other doctors who have further insight into the management of the disease. Palliative care is necessary at any age and at any level of severe disease. Palliative care can be given along with curative treatment. Both of these therapies help to enhance the life of a patient suffering from disease and also help to improve the standard of living of the patient.

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Palliative Care

Similarly to hospice care, palliative care is mostly aimed at alleviating pain and providing comfort to those suffering from severe illnesses. However, in this situation, for now, infections are not considered life-threatening. Palliative care usually benefits patients who have signs of long-term illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, kidney failure, etc. Special drugs are available for palliative treatment. However, they do not substitute for on-going therapy. It acts more like an extra therapy that helps patients and their families cope with disease-related issues. Since illness can make it difficult for the patient to function or even get about, palliative care tackles this as well. And when a disease is deemed terminal, this type of treatment may help a person live an active life. Again, it can be difficult for a nursing professional to handle a critical illness patient. However, the experience of helping others find a reason to live when all hope is lost is also unparalleled.

Classification Of Palliative Care

Based on the settings, there are four choices available to those seeking palliative care. Both of these forms of palliative care provide pain and symptom control, social support, and more. It is just the environment that is substantially different in these forms of treatment.

Hospital Palliative Care:

This type of palliative care is typically given in the hospital over a short period of time. It is managed by a team of specialist caregivers or a single nurse on a case-by-case basis. The Hospital Palliative Care Department also regulates discharge arrangements. In addition, the team arranges for the patient to be moved to another location (care homes, patient's homes, treatment centers)

Palliative care at home:

People who already live in care homes are the best palliative care choices for them. It saves them from the burden of going to the hospital. And because of the calmer conditions, it is considered an excellent location to obtain the requisite medical assistance. However, not every nursing home has the facilities to support palliative care.

Palliative care in the home:

Palliative care is also more convenient in a homely environment. that's why most people choose palliative care at home over other choices. Palliative nurses come to the patient's home and provide round-the-clock care as part of the treatment. A palliative nurse may also schedule times and pay home visits if the family members are able to share the responsibility.

Daycare Hospice:

Hospices are in several respects very similar to care homes when it comes to palliative care. Skilled nurses provide palliative care and recovery in this setting. Interestingly, there is no need for patients to live indefinitely in the hospital. They will attend a palliative care session and then go back home.

It is often safer for the patient or his/her family to speak with the doctor who is taking care of the situation. The doctor may recommend which alternative is best suited for palliative care.

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Scope and Standards of Palliative Care Practice

A lot of changes have changed in the field of palliative care over the last decade. Some of the noticeable improvements are:

• Widening the evidence base for clinical treatment

• Improvement of service provision models of care to address the changing needs and desires of the population.

• Improvements in the vocabulary used to explain the treatment to those for whom it is intended

In addition, people have begun to understand the importance of palliative care for those suffering from chronic diseases. Palliative Care Australia agrees that these following components are important for understanding the concept of palliative care.

• Palliative care must be highly sensitive to the desires, needs, and beliefs of patients, their families, and caregivers. Good communication, joint decision-making, and personal autonomy are essential elements of palliative care.

• Palliative care should also be accessible to people living with acute, chronic, or advanced illnesses, irrespective of diagnosis

• Palliative care affirms life while accepting that death is imminent. Care is given at a period when a person is dealing with severe disease, but it is not motivated by the idea of either bringing forward or delaying death..

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Major FAQ'S Related to Palliative Care:

Is palliative care a good thing?

Palliative care may be effective at any stage of the disease and is best given from the time of diagnosis. In addition to enhancing the quality of life and coping with symptoms, palliative care may help patients understand their treatment choices.

What are the benefits of palliative care?

• Put the patient's needs, goals, and decisions first.

• Helps the family and the patient.

• Allows patients and families to consider recovery plans.

• Increases the quality of life;

• Allows control of pain and symptoms.

• Emphasis on body, mind, and spirit.

• Eliminates excessive hospital visits;

Why do doctors recommend palliative care?

Palliative medicine is a medical subspecialty offered by physicians who give palliative treatment to patients who are severely ill. Palliative care relieves pain and enhances the quality of life of people of any age and at any point of severe illness, whether it is curable, chronic, or life-threatening.

How long does palliative care lasts?

Some patients have been seeking palliative care for years, and others will receive care in their last weeks or days. Palliative care can also be given alongside medications, therapies, and drugs intended to manage the disease, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

What are the principles of palliative care?

• Care is a patient, family, and carer cantered.

• Care given is based on the needs assessed

• Patients, families, and caregivers have access to local and networked resources to meet their needs.

• Care is evidence-based, clinically and culturally safe and effective;

• Care is integrated and coordinated;

• Treatment is equitable

What is the role of the support workers in palliative care?

A palliative care support worker helps provide advanced end-of-life care and assistance to patients with terminal diseases like cancer or other life-limiting conditions. As a support worker, you can serve families in clinics, hospitals, or patient's homes while working with nurses and other health professionals.

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