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Web Designing Assignment Help

Web Designing Assignment Help

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Web designing refers to the designing of the website with the help of various technologies like .net, HTML, CSS, javascript. Web designing is related to the design, layout, appearance, and content of the website. Layout is called a structure of information on the website. There are 2 most common methods for design a website- responsive and adaptive design. In responsive design, content can be adjusted automatically according to the device size. But in adaptive design content is fixed.

Best Deals for Availing Website Design Assignment Help With Tips

  • Don’t just start the web designing. Firstly make an overview of the plan. You have to find some answers to the following questions like what are your customers, what is the content, what are the pages, what is your motive from your website etc.
  • Provide the social share button on the website. Social sharing buttons are the small buttons that are placed on the top or bottom of the blog or website.
  • Use calls to action buttons on the website. Some examples of calls to action buttons are: watch the video, visit the website, download PDF, Sign up for the webinar, subtribe button, etc.
  • Navigation is very important for a website. Navigation should be easy to understand for the visitor.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly. According to research, 80% of internet users use their smartphones for visiting websites. Try to create a seamless mobile experience for the users.
  • Always analyze your website and its performance. If you have a website with lots of pages then chances of error are high. Scan for the whole website and remove the 404 error or broken links.

Topics in Web Designing Assignment Help and Why Students Need it

In web designing many languages are used like PHP, Javascript, Drupal, Python, WordPress, CSS, etc. here are some topics you will learn in the web designing Assignment help.

  • Dynamic web designing
  • Static web designing
  • Website redesigning
  • CMS web designing
  • Mobile web designing
  • Corporate web designing
  • Mobile app development

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Web Designing Writing Assignment Sample Done by Experts

Develop and implement a database-driven PHP web application that gathers and displays
reviews. Use the theme and database you developed for Lab 5.
Your site should meet the following minimum requirements:
	● The application applies the MVC pattern.
	● The items and their reviews, are stored in the MariaDB database as developed for Lab 5.
You may make minor changes to the database tables, e.g. add or remove a column, rename
a column, or change the data type of a column. You may also add tables.
	● The web application accesses the database through the username reviewer and password
	  review2020 .
	● The site consists of at least three pages:
○ A homepage which displays the three items with the highest reviews that have been
most recently submitted through the web browser displaying the home page. Use
cookies and/or the session array to track the three most recently reviewed items.
○ A page that displays all items. An item can be selected to view all details about the item
and to view its review. The reviews may be displayed on the same page as the selected
item or on a new page for the selected item.
○ One or more pages that allow the user to submit, edit, or delete a review for an item.
	● Each page must include the navigation menu.
	● All pages are professionally styled.
○ Note that the focus on this project is the functionality of the web application. Thus keep
the styling simple.
		○ Best practices for HTML5 and CSS are applied.
Include the updated SQL script file from Lab 5. Populate all tables with data through insert
statements in the SQL script. As in Lab 5, there has to be at least one item without any reviews,
one item with a single review, and one item with multiple reviews. Make sure the user reviewer
is granted the appropriate access rights in the SQL script.
Web Hosting
Make your application available on the web. Note that student server does not support
MySQL. Hence you will need to find another web hosting service. For instance, 000webhost
provides free hosting service, support PHP7, MySQL5, and you can use phpMyAdmin.
Depending on your choice of hosting service, you may have to make some changes to your
project to conform to the host’s requirements, like naming of your database. It is okay if the
solution you submit through the course website slightly varies from the published application
due to constraints by the hosting service. However, make sure that the website version
submitted on the course website works with the submitted SQL script.
Some free web hosting accounts do not allow you to add additional users to a database. In turn,
your application will have to access the database using administrative privileges. That is not a
secure practice in a production setting, but okay for this product. However, the web application
version you submit on the course website must follow best practices and access the database
with access rights that are limited to the rights required by the application.
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