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What is Boolean Algebra?

Boolean Algebra was developed by George Boole in his book named “An Investigation of the Laws of Thought” in the year 1854. It includes various elementary algebra that differ in its values, operations, and laws. In this modern world, digital computers are used which are based on binary system and Boolean Algebra variables are too represented in the values of 0 and 1.

Terms used in Boolean Algebra

Few terms have been used in Boolean Algebra and its detail can be found here:

Variable – It shows a logical quantity in the form of 1 or 0 values.

Complement – It is an inverse of variable and represented by a bar over variable.

Laws and Rules of Boolean Algebra

Commutative law of addition for two variables

The commutative addition law is presented as A+B = B+A. This commutative law states the order in which the variables makes no difference.

The Associative law of addition

The associate law of addition is as A + (B + C) = (A + B) + C. This law mentions that when two or more variables are added then the outcome is the same irrespective of the way we arrange the multiple codes.

The Distributive law

This law includes three variables as A (B + C) = AB + AC. This law mentions that two or more variables and a single variable is correspondent to the single variable with each of the two or more variables.

Standard Form of Boolean Expression

The standard form of Boolean Expression may be as follows:

Sum of Product forms is also called SOP - When we add two or more variables then the outcome expression is a sum of products. For example:




If it is written in a single variable term then it would be like A+ABC+BCD+CDE and so on.

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