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The branch of statistical techniques which allows for summarisation of data on the basis of pictorial and tabular representations. It is one the most commonly followed method to study the data pattern by focusing on its features. Irrespective of the size of dataset, properties in form of central tendency measures can be easily studied through mean, median and mode. To sum up, students are asked to submit assessments for the same as a descriptive statistics assignment helps in getting a simplified and easy-to-understand approach into studying the overall features of the data under consideration.

Relevance of the Descriptive Statistics Assignment Topics

Descriptive statistics is one of the most basic form of quantitative analysis which also acts as the foremost step towards getting informed about the data set. Once the properties of data are thoroughly studied, descriptive statistics assignment writers can proceed with the next step of analysis. The relevance of finding descriptive statistics is determined in the form of advantage of simpler and lucid interpretation of the data through tables and graphs.

Why Students Have to Write Descriptive Statistics Assignments?

The purpose behind assigning students with undertaking a descriptive scale analysis of data is for providing them with knowledge of importance of data summarisation in the form of obtaining descriptive statistics assignment solution. The solutions found further build the analytical approach within the student. There is lot of help available with performing a descriptive statistics assignment help online. We comprise of team members who own comprehensive level of expertise in helping students with their descriptive statistics assignment.

By undertaking a descriptive statistics assignment, students are given the chance to enrich their knowledge about statistical tools such as measures of central tendency, measures of variability and dispersion. We, at Assignment Help, provide descriptive statistics assignment writers and experts who perform the assignment with keen interest while analysing the data and generating pertinent results.

Types of Descriptive Statistics Assignments

The basic task of describing the data can occur in several forms such as tables, charts and graphs or both. The major motive behind all the forms is same which is of providing descriptive statistics assignment help online by observing the numerical facts and information related to the dataset. Among the two kinds of descriptive statistics assignment help provided, pictorial and numerical statistics are focused upon the most. Numerical statistics allow for comparison across different average values found. Under pictorial statistics, our descriptive statistics assignment writers provide graphical representation of data through histograms, pie-charts, frequency distribution graphs as shown under:

The following pie chart displays the composition of different gases in the atmosphere.

An example of a case simplified into data summarisation via descriptive statistics is presented in form of frequency distribution which presents people with different age groups. The purpose of the data set is to organise the sample of persons across their salary and later hold a comparative analysis to infer for differences in salaries of people belonging to varying age groups.

Another example of data summarisation through pie chart can be done by organising young workers as per their educational details from a state in USA where it can be easily depicted that greater percentage of younger population is still graduating from community colleges.

The graphs suffice for pictorial statistics while frequency tables present interesting and useful ways of organising central tendency measures, measures of variability and measures of dispersion of data. There are various software which provide an easy and time-saving move towards obtaining the tabular and graphical outcomes. Our team of descriptive Statistics assignment writing experts are well-versed with SPSS and MS-Excel, and are thorough with the processing of input and output. Additionally, the usage of other software such as Minitab or R is also undertaken depending on the requirements of the specific descriptive statistics assignment problems.

Below shown is an example of output obtained from running the data on SPSS whereby a clear idea of different measures of tendency, dispersion and variability can be seen.

Things to Avoid During Descriptive Statistics Assignment Writing

Given the importance of descriptive statistics towards conducting analysis of data, following are the considerations which are needed to be made for building a good descriptive statistics assignment with reliable output and interpretation.

  • Inappropriate reporting of measures of central tendency, dispersion and variability can lead to committing serious mistakes in data interpretation. It is the brilliance of interpreting the outcomes which substantiate the wholesome process of carrying out a quantitative analysis. Therefore, it is important to report the value of mean alongside the value of standard deviation which requires one to measure the average and variability which go hand-in-hand to describe the data.
  • Secondly, the frequencies which are obtained from the data in numerical statistics should not be simply mentioned. Rather, the percentage, ratios or proportions must be comparatively discussed.
  • Although pictorial statistics allow the viewer to get a quick grasp of the characteristics of data, yet any discrepancy in the choice of graph can lead to incorrect findings.
  • The graphs and tables are the only tools under descriptive statistics which describe the summarisation of data. Hence, incomplete labelling or incomplete discussion of constructs such as relative frequency or cumulative frequency must be strictly avoided.

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