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Excel Assignment Help

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Excel - The Magical Spreadsheets for Excel Assignment Help Services

When the whole world was busy discussing early Spreadsheets and wondering how they became successful, Bill Gates was busy developing the best spreadsheets in the world. In 1985, Microsoft released one of the most important software - Excel- to the world. Bill Gates always believed spreading sheets are the future of the world. In 1987, Microsoft announced Excel for Macintosh computers. Shortly after a year, it became the top technology company in the US.

Excel is easy to use and very Comprehensive software. The beauty of Excel is that you don't need expert help to use it. It may look simple but Excel is super powerful software, more than 70 per cent of the staff of Fortune 500 companies are using excel. Doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers, and mathematicians all are using excel for their tasks.

How is Excel Different?

Excel comes with many features. Apart from visual basic, there are many new features included in Excel which make it different from previous spreadsheets. Let’s see what they are:


As the name suggests, this feature allows you to create mini line charts or sparklines in the worksheet cells. Sparklines are mini diagrams which give you summaries of your data without any headaches collecting data. Make sure to have a look.


Slicers are a very useful feature because it makes the user's question clearly. It gives users the ability to change a view of their data by filtering sort and applying conditions.


Every business track involves data and lots of information. It is difficult to handle all of it without any graphical aid. Previously, there were basic shapes and simple line charts to aid you in this. But Excel has made it much easier for you as now you can choose from a variety of charts matching your business needs. Now you don’t need to struggle with charts at all. Thank Excel!

Conditional Formatting

This feature helps you apply the design to your cells based on certain conditions. You can apply the desired or customized design to your cells. You can use conditional formatting with reference to another cell, making a logical test, or many other ways. You can test or change conditions anytime you like.

Data Validation

Data Validation lets you control the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell. Advance it a step further by also applying drop-down lists, error messages and more - you can even allow a ruling list from another worksheet.

How to Insert Data into a Cell?

The cell is the basic element of spreadsheets. Mostly, it contains a formula, value, character or an error. Thousands of cells make a worksheet, and a workbook is composed of numerous worksheets.

To input data into cells can live or die on your worksheet. So, you must be careful about this. You can input data into cells using several ways. While using excel to input data, you must be careful. Because data is valuable. Ann important thing is that you must keep track of your data to know how well your business is doing. First of all, to input data in a cell, you need to select the cell. Put your cursor on the desired cell and then click. Now you are ready to input the data. Type or insert text or a number. The field of cell changes after inputting data. There will be no space provided on the right shows of the cell. You can massage data by selecting font size and changing the font colour. You can insert other data into the cell by adding an excel checkbox or other input values. If you click on the cell, you will see the formula bar at the top. If you want to insert some more information, then start typing in the formula bar. You can also update the fields of a cell. For this, you have to click on it. Press the F2 button and then continue typing more information. After completing all the data, press enter.

Benefits of MS-Excel

  • Excel has plenty of advantages as it contains various features. Even someone who doesn’t know the straw of spreadsheets can use it. You can use an excel workbook with easy usage and features for doing calculations.
  • It also helps in organizing and analyzing data. Similarly, the tools are very flexible and easily understandable for the users. One of the most significant advantages of Excel is that it can be quickly accessed by users.
  • You can also customize the Excel feature according to the need of your choice. Excel also comes in handy for analyzing the change of data over a period of time. Finally, it is widely used by businesses of all sizes. Even you can use it to organize the data and manage your daily tasks.

Why Do Students Need Excel Assignment Help?

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