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What is Microbiology: A.K.A The Science Of Culturing

Fundamentally, Microbiology is the science that studies and discovers microorganisms. Microorganisms are the organisms that are too small to be visible by the naked eye and require high power microscopes to view them. Microbiology often finds its applications in the field like immunology, virology, and basic biological sciences. This field also deals with the functions and classifications of microorganisms and also with figuring out the ways of controlling and exploiting their cellular activities. This science enables us to study these organisms and help develop vaccines, drugs and treatment procedures for the various infections that are caused by microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

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The microorganism can be divided into species of Bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoans. Some algae also come under the group of microorganisms. It is noted that a vast group of microorganisms are rather beneficial to the human body and the world rather than being harmful. Microbes support numerous ecological processes and biological processes inside the bodies of humans and other animals. Microbiota is the word that encompasses the entire species of microorganisms that live in a mutually beneficial environment whereas microbiome refers to the entire group of genes that are found in a microbial community associated with a particular site of the host.

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Let’s Have a Closer look at the Microbes and Microorganisms


Microbiology came into existence primarily due to the study of bacteria. It is only when scientists started to discover and study bacterias, we could discover smaller microorganisms like viruses and protozoans. Experiments conducted by French scientists in France in the year 1800 established the foundation of studies in microbiology when they conducted experiments on single-celled microorganisms and microorganisms like bacteria. Their studies laid the foundation of theories like the theory of disease and the theory of fermentation. They devised techniques to monitor the microorganisms under a microscope and culture these organisms on a petri dish Now these techniques are in use to study different kinds of organisms like protozoans, amoebas and viruses.

Microorganisms can be divided into two subdivisions; Prokaryotes or Eukaryotes. According to the definition, all bacterias are considered to be prokaryotic which also is a synonym for single-celled microorganisms that do not contain a separate nucleus bound by a membrane. Their DNA floats as a genetic material inside the cell instead of being tightly contained and protected.


Algae belong to the eukaryotic genome. These are the cells that are similar to the animal cells as their DNA and genetic material is enclosed inside a nuclear membrane and stays at a fixed position in the cell. Eukaryotic microorganisms might include algae, fungi or protozoa in the family. Some Protozoa and algae are also classified as protists which means that they have a kingdom like an ecology between different members of the community. Some of the eukaryotes are unicellular others are just multicellular organisms.

Algae are different from Bacteria and resemble plants when it comes to food synthesis. They generate their own food with the help of a substance called chlorophyll that converts sunlight to consumable energy. Algae occur in moist and damp environments and can possibly grow in any kind of water. The eukaryotes can be microscopic as well as multicellular organisms with over 120 metres of height like algae.


Like algae, Fungi are also Eukaryotic organisms. They have well defined and rigid cell walls with a clear distinct genetic material enclosed inside a membrane in the cell. Fungi can be either unicellular or multicellular. Some may even be microscopic in size, while other people form large structures like mushrooms and bracket fungi. Fungi can not make its own as it lacks chlorophyll and thus, can not undergo the process of photosynthesis. It needs to find food from the environment and degrade it to digestible matter with the help of enzymes. It comfortably ingests and dissolves nutrients in the host environment. The type of fungi that are multicellular and form a viscous microscopic structure is known as mould whereas yeast, that feeds on bread and starchy food is known as yeast.

Moulds are like a living multicellular organism that is ever-expanding. The cells of mould are cylindrical in shape and they get attached with each other to form a unique thread-like structure that holds other threads of the same mould to form a singular and lengthy structure. When large numbers of these threads or hyphae get collected on a substrate like a piece of bread, they form something called mycelium, which then becomes visible to the naked eye.


In the list of microorganisms, Protozoa were almost amongst the first to be classified along with the bacteria. However, unlike bacteria, Protozoans are eukaryotic microorganisms that vary widely in shapes from being oval to spherical or even elongated tube-like structures. The size of their cell can vary from being less than 1 ?m to being as large as 2500 ?m. Their cell structure resembles the animal cell structure as they lack a cell wall and are able to move and ingest food from the outside world. But, some protozoans are even like plants and make their own energy with the help of sunlight. They also have body parts to move around like hairlike appendages to swim in water and walk on the surfaces. The movement of their hairlike limbs can be evidently seen under a microscope.


Viruses have been the epicentre of controversy and attention for decades. It is not just because of the CoronaVirus, but the virus has been showing very contradicting traits since the day they were discovered. To begin with, even the fact that they are termed as living organisms can be debated. Because they technically lie on the borderline of being dead or living. But still, they continue to infect animals, different plants and even other microorganisms like bacteria. Virology is specifically science devoted to the study of different kinds of viruses.

Viruses lack the fundamental machinery to replicate themselves and propagate their generation further. Thus, they have to stay dependent on the host cell to do this work for them. When they infect a host cell, they hijack their cells and force the cells of the host to replicate and make new viruses. The virus makes use of the host’s cell’s machinery to make newer versions of itself and to maintain other essential life processes. Additionally of their intracellular form of transmission, they also are capable of operating in extracellular form, that carries the viral nucleic acid from one of the host cells to the rest of the cells of the host. Viruses have proteins like capsid on their outer membrane that protects them as well as work a key to help them enter the host cell as it binds to the receptors present on the surface of the cells.

With the help of an electron microscope, one can observe all the characteristics of viruses in the Vitro. Viruses are usually measured in Nanometres as they range from 20 to all the way to 300 Nm.

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