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The subject deals with the intricate concepts of quantum and Einsteinian physics. Physics has been primarily divided into two parts. Newtonian Physics and Post Newton Physics. Newtonian Physics lays the foundation for the concepts of the worldly phenomenons that we get to experience in day to day life, for example, acceleration due to gravity, momentum, inertia and conversion or reservation of energy. All of these laws were stated by Newton and stay valid for mostly the objects of macro scale.

The laws of Newtonian Physics fails to explain the phenomena and effects observed at the nano and quantum scale. For example, the theory of duality of light, wave-particle duality, or how gravity is produced, how nuclear reactions take place. To explain these theories Einstein and other scientists posted numerous laws that explained the contradicting and unintuitive concepts of Physics. These elements of modern physics form the basis of any Modern Physics assignment questionnaire. Thus it is totally natural to feel overwhelmed by the weight of the subjects. If you have been feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of the assignment, connect to our subject matter experts and avail our Modern Physics Assignment Help.

Elements of Modern Physics Assignments

An atom can be understood as the most fundamental unit that makes matter. If we were to find the smallest of an element, it would be an atom. An element can not be further broken down or its components can not be further isolated. These atoms combine themselves with other atoms to form molecules of an element, and then they form matter that interacts with other particles of matter in different states like liquid, gasses or solids.

For example, to form a molecule of water, two atoms of hydrogen and atom oxygen combine together to make the molecule. This is also a very famous molecule known as the H2O. Biological and chemical processes all involve the breaking down of molecules into their respective atoms to react and for new molecules and chemicals. A chemical reaction always happens on an atomic level whereas physical changes happen on the molecular level.

An atom is made up of 3 constituents; Electron, Proton and Nucleus. Electrons are negatively charged while Protons are positively charged. The nucleus contains Neutrons that are neutral in nature and don’t possess any charge but primarily contribute to the weight of the matter.

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Before you read further, have a look at a modern physics assignment sample below that was written by our expert.

Atoms and the Schrodinger’s Cat

So now you know that electrons revolve around the nucleus. But you must be wondering what it has got to do with a cat named Schrodinger? Well, it is a bit odd. But wait till you know about it. Experts that provide Modern Physics Assignment Help will explain the mystery behind the spooky cat below.

This is a typical paradoxical and hypothetical experiment that was devised by Erwin Schrodinger. He devised this experiment during a discussion with the famous scientist Albert Einstein and points out the drawbacks of the interpretation concluded via the application of concepts of quantum mechanics.

In this experiment, he hypothesized keeping a cat in a closed box, with an object that could potentially kill a cat with a 50% probability. Because he specifically thought of the system as a closed box, which advocated that no observations could be made until the box was opened and checked, he argued that chances of finding a cat dead or alive until opening the box would be 50/50. Hence, until the scientists open the box, the cat is both alive and dead in theory. This theory of cat being both simultaneously dead and living is analogous to wave-matter duality in Quantum Physics.

The theory of duality advocates that matter and wave exist simultaneously. This means that a particle or an object is matter but also a wave. The wave nature of particles of matter is inversely proportional to their momentum or mass. As the mass of the objects increases, it gets harder to observe their wave nature and their particle nature becomes more dominant. But as the scale shrinks to the nanoscale, like in the case of an electron, the wave-particle duality co-exists and both can be easily observed. When electrons are passed through a double-slit set-up, it forms the dark and light patterns just like a wave as it also displays the characteristics of constructive and destructive interference.

Quantum Physics is full of eerie phenomenons and an in-depth explanation of these eerie concepts is a fundamental Element of the Modern Physics assignment help. Let’s discuss the examples further and see how you can avail the required Modern Physics Assignment Help.

Quantum Tunneling

Have you heard of teleportation? Have you heard of people walking through walls? Well, quantum tunnelling is the quantum version of people being teleported or them walking through solid walls. In the quantum world, smaller particles like electrons can easily pass through solid lattices. In reality, they don’t actually pass through the lattices or solid objects but they pass through the gaps between and within the atoms of the objects. Because they are smaller in size and can pass through space between two atoms. This is pretty normal in the quantum world and there is utterly no need to name this phenomenon as Quantum Tunneling.

Quantum Tunneling is something different. In the quantum world, walls or barriers are not solid. Because solid things can not be a perfect barrier to the quantum objects as they have spaces in between. Hence, electromagnetic fields, gravitational forces, nuclear forces and an electric potential is something that works as a barrier for quantum objects. To cross potential energy, a quantum particle should also have equivalent kinetic energy to cross. But sometimes it can be observed that the electrons cross these barriers even when they do not possess the energy high enough to cross them. This phenomenon is known as quantum tunnelling. To explain, we would need to write a whole book on the subject as various explanations and arguments have been provided by numerous physicists about the effect.

But we know now that this effect is due to the wave-particle duality. Electrons also have very strong properties of a wave. So, a wave shows some signs of deviation from total internal reflection and causes an evanescent wave, which can in some cases cross and escape the barrier if the barrier is thin enough. Given below is an animation of a wave tunnelling through a barrier.

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