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Network Technology and Management is an integral part of the information and technology sector. Students undergoing courses related to Information Technology or Cyber-Security are expected to have a deep resonating understanding of Network Technology and its nuanced layers. Thus, due to its intricate and nuanced nature, students across the globe look for Network Technology and Management Assignment Help. Assignment Hippo have seasoned experts and industry professionals to help students with the subject of Network Technology & Management.

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What are Network Technologies and Network management?

A web of connected systems through different channels around the world are known as network technologies. These systems are connected via wireless connections, satellites, optic cable etc to exchange information.

Network technology management is a broad subject that consists of networking and managing computer networks. The diverse and extensive subject entails several important disciples such as:

  1. Instruction in management theory
  2. Business decision-making
  3. Human resource management and behaviour
  4. Marketing
  5. Accounting and several other quantitative methods
  6. Organisation and production
  7. Purchasing and logistics

From accessing the internet to downloading an attachment from the mail, network technologies have become the backbone of every industry in today’s modern scenario. Be it some small numbers of computers in a single room or millions of devices that are spread all over the world, network technology has become the basic necessity in the world today.

Network Technology and Management Assignment Sample

The above is a sample networking assignment that our experts had solved for one of the students. To solve this, one needs to do intensive research and make extensive efforts to deliver. If you are looking for references to solve a similar assignment, then our experts at Assignment Hippo that provide Networking Technology and Networking assignment help have compiled the key concepts of Networking further in this article to help you write a solution to any Networking assignment.

The OSI Model Of Networking

Source: Geeks For Geeks

Physical Layer

The actual physical connection between the devices is made possible with this layer. The bits form the primary mode of storing/transferring information through this layer. This layer will coordinate with the Data link layer by exchanging Os and 1s while receiving or sending data. Ones and zeroes are only transmitted in this layer.

Data link layer

Also known as layer 2, the primary function of this layer is to manage the physical transmission that takes place in layer 1 and transforming into a circuit that does not contain any of the transmission errors. Because layer 1 does not understand any of the structure and transmits only raw data, it is the work of this layer to create and identify the boundaries of the message. According to our network technology and management assignment help experts, the decision whether a system can transmit data or not also lies within this layer. Other than this, there is another task of data link layer- to resolve all the problems and damages that has been created in layer 1.

Network layer

The third layer performs routing. The primary function of the network layer is to decide the next system or computer to transmit data. Only when an appropriate computer is chosen, information can be transmitted with ease.

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Transport layer

This layer handles all the end-to-end issues which include the entering and departing of networks. It formulates, maintains and finishes the logical connections to establish connection between the sender and the receiver of the message. Also, the entire data or information is broken into small packets in this fourth layer. In addition to this, the transport layer also eliminates all the duplicate packets, if any. Although it is the work of the data link layer to evaluate the error checking, even the transport layer can do so.

Session layer

Responsibly managing and structuring all the information is the function of the session layer. Several processes such as logging into circuit equipment, performing security checks and transferring files are conducted in the session layer. Session accounting also takes place here so that the correct party gets the bill. Other than these layers, there are two remaining layers as well which are the presentation layer and the application layer. In case, you are not aware about them, then our network technology and management assignment help experts can guide you on them.

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