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Philosophy of science, which links scientific theories to the real world, has been gaining popularity for so many years now, that it has become one of the most opted branches of philosophy.

“Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds.” – Richard P. Feynman.

Several top universities across the world, including the Australian universities such as the University of Melbourne, Edith Cowan University (ECU), The University of Adelaide (UoA), La Trobe University and many more, are offering various degree courses in the field of philosophy of science.

Philosophy of science as a discipline, however, is a highly sophisticated course and requires the candidates studying it to have an adequate understanding of the subject as well as dedication to learning new things every day. Considering the intricacy of the course and the hectic schedule that scholars have these days, we sure cannot assume that mastering philosophy of science is everyone's cup of tea. Thus, many times renders students to seek philosophy of science assignment help from outside.

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What is Philosophy of Science?

While Science (Latin: Scientia) means knowledge and Research means the production of knowledge by the means of new “scientific methods”, philosophy of science is associated with different types of scientific methods and ways of interpreting new knowledge and science.

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While the thoughts of philosophy about science date near to the Aristotle time, philosophy of science as a separate discipline emerged in the middle of the 20th century. Philosophy of science is the study of the following related to scientific knowledge:

  1. Foundations: concerns with “what is science”, or the belief of the truth and is also referred to as “ontology”.

  2. Methods: deals with “how to build scientific knowledge” and this branch is also known as “epistemology”.

  3. Implications: addresses “how does scientific knowledge work” and how do we apply them to our real world.

Since science is only concerned with what is observable, it is unable to adequately assess and apply the progress it makes. This imparts the need for another field of thought to look at science from the outside and determine its place in the society, which is the “philosophy of science”.

Philosophy of science, thus, is concerned with the cornerstone of scientific thoughts, i.e. why science works as well as how it can be made to work better. The discipline is characterised by an overlap with ontology, metaphysics, and epistemology. For instance, while exploring the connection between science and the truth, many of the philosophy of science-related central problems, including whether the facts about the observable things can be revealed by science and whether the scientific reasonings for the same are justifiable are considered.

Furthermore, apart from the general scientific questions, philosophers of science consider issues related to specific sciences such as physics and biology. In fact, certain philosophers of science also utilise contemporary outcomes of science to achieve conclusions about philosophy.

Paradigms of the Philosophy of Science

As science progresses, especially in medicine, the ethical implications of its findings become less and less clear. This is when the philosophy of science comes into the frame, by ensuring that the scientific advances are actually helping the world as opposed to harming it. One notable philosopher of science “Thomas Kuhn” tried to understand the nature of scientific progress and his work concerned with the paradigm shifts and incommensurability.

When we talk about the philosophy of science, there are several streams, beliefs and stances, but there are four major ones, which are as follows:

  1. Positivism
  2. Constructivism (also known as interpretivism or constructionism)
  3. Critical realism
  4. Pragmatism

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