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Are you pursuing a political science degree in the Capella University in the USA? Well, then you must have POL1000 as a course in your degree, don't you? So, how do you like studying the politics of the American Government? And how far have you reached in the preparation of the assignment solution that is due the next week? Is it the 2000 word essay having 40% weightage of your entire course grade? Or the 1000 words long critical analysis of a historical political document? Are you almost done with the task? OR are you not sure about how to start writing it? Well, whatever the task is, and whatever is the status of its completion, if you are in a quest for a reliable POL1000 assignment help in the USA, then you certainly have landed on the right platform. So, whatever your troubles were, consider them gone already because Assignment Hippo provides the best POL1000 Assignment Help to every scholar who knocks at our doorsteps as you did.

What is POL1000 All About?

POL1000 or the politics of American Government is a field of political science focused at examining several policy controversies, both current and historical, in the political arena, and exploring how these can be discerned using common theories and concepts in this discipline POL1000 also focuses on the contemporary policy debates, for instance, "What should be done about the low voter turnout? How is the USA related to the other countries of the world? and Do the legal systems produce justice?"

The module of this course is structured around the following three themes:

  1. Ideas and concepts: this theme focuses on the key concepts of history and politics, such as the state of nationalism, and democracy. The module discusses these concepts to show how these are related and highlights how the meaning of these concepts has varied over time and, of course, it shows how the understanding and meaning of such concepts have been shaped how these have shaped the historical developments.

  2. Politics and history (from below): While examining the history and politics "from below", this module concerns with studying the history and politics from the "bottom-up". Therefore, the concerns here are social problems such as poverty and actors, for example, social movements. Furthermore, the module examines how such actors can make a change, both violently and peacefully via protests and revolutions.

  3. Politics and history (from above or top-down): This final part of the module is concerned with the history and politics from above or “top-down.” There is a concern here about the governance on national, as well as universal level. Particularly, this module investigates how the historical and political disciplines seek to discern this process and ponders over the role of the United Nations as a Global Governance body.

What are the Intended Learning Outcomes of POL1000?

This discipline aims to make the students acquainted with the substantive subject matter of the two domains; namely history and politics, relating them to each other and illustrating the similarities and dissimilarities between their approaches. Moreover, the module aims to help students develop the experience of:

  • Working both as an independent entity, and as a part of a team.

  • Receiving and presenting productive feedback on views and ideas.

  • Recognizing and deducing information from a wide range of sources.

  • Preparing and presenting arguments and information in oral, as well as in written medium.

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