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What is Reproduction?

All organisms are capable of giving rise to other organisms, which are either identical or similar to them, this entire process of producing offspring is known as reproduction. Of course, living organisms include plants as well. So, how do plants reproduce? Well, let’s dive straight into getting acquainted with the concepts as explained by our reproduction in plants assignment help providers.

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

You would have seen a new plant emerging from a seed sown in the ground, but where does the seed come from? From another plant, formed as the result of fertilization of gametes (sex cells) from two parents (male and female). This is the sexual way of plant reproduction. Sexual reproduction starts with pollination, i.e., the transfer of male gamete (pollen grains) from the anther, which is a part of the male reproductive organ, to the stigma (ovule), which is a part of the female reproductive organ, of the flower. While there are flowers that bear both male (stamen) and female (carpal/pistil) parts, known as the bisexual flowers that prefer self-pollination, for example, tomatoes, there are unisexual flowers that are either male or female and require cross-pollination to give rise to an offspring. Since sexual reproduction takes place inside the female flowers, flowers are referred to as the reproductive organs of plants.

Asexual Methods of Plant Reproduction

Ever wondered about the reproduction in the plants that do not bear flowers, fruits, and seeds? In such plants, asexual reproduction occurs, in which no gametes are involved, a part of the plant body itself grows into a new organism. Since the roots, stem and leaves are the vegetative parts of a plant body, when any of these are used in the formation of a new plant, the asexual method of reproduction is known as vegetative propagation. However, the parts of the plant bodies undergoing vegetative propagation varies with species to species, and the method is further divided into sub-categories, few of which include:

  • Cutting: In this method of vegetative propagation, a new plant can be grown by cutting off a part of the stem having at least two nodes.

  • Layering: In a few species of plants, we don't even require to cut the stem and instead a branch, known as a layer or runner, itself gets buried in the soil while it is still attached to the parent plant, grows roots and leaves and eventually gives rise to a new plant. Grass in our gardens propagates by this asexual method.

  • Grafting: this method is often done in fruit trees such as citrus and mango, and is characterized by a twin from one tree being joined to a stem from another tree of the same species. Newer improved varieties of plants are produced by this method.

  • Budding: The asexual method budding is similar to grafting, except that a bud is used instead of a twig. The bud is joined to the base of a young plant and the rest of the host plant is cut off. Later, the bud grows into a new plant of its kind. It is done in fruit trees such as peach and plum trees.

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