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The Blue Ocean Strategy is basically a book written by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne about a decade ago. As per the eminent writers, an organization can become successful not by simply fighting the competition but by developing ‘blue oceans’ of unconcealed market. As per the same this enables to disengage new demands thus not paying heed to the competition. Therefore the said strategy focuses upon the industries which are yet to be known to the public, unwary of any kind of competition wherein the demand is created and not fought over. The main gearing factor for this kind of the strategy is ‘value innovation’ (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005) 

Breadtalk is a bakery chain who adopted this strategy to create value by innovation. The chain adopted this strategy and made bread- a staple food items an attractive one. It opened stores which had a layout of a boutique, the offers it made to its customers were very innovative and different and the food items names it mentioned was very attractive as well. The first concept of making transparent kitchens also attracted the customers who would easily view the making and baking of the breads they ordered. Thus the owner of Breadtalk, instead of fighting the competition created a blue ocean which comprised of such customers who considered bread to be a boring breakfast.

Bakery is one such business which is full of competitors and fighting the same is not an easy task especially with established brands, hence Breadtalk amongst all these thought of creating its own value rather than offering the same products which all are offering. It concentrated upon areas which other bakeries did not due to the lack of interest of the customers. As the market demand was slowing down last year, the company thus increased the involvement of its customers via a digital platform. Thus the kitchens are linked to the screens installed in the stores which would enable the customers to know when they would get their orders. Thus creates a very different experience of shopping for the customers rather than the same boring process adopted by majority outlets. Along with the same it helps to connect the sales with the procurement of raw materials to the management of stock and the need of the staff. Thus the blue ocean strategy has enabled Breadtalk to develop interest amongst those customers who found bread and such bakery items boredom. Due to the same it has been able to increase its sales leaps and bounds as it attracted those also who are interested in cooking and baking as well (Manjur, 2012). Therefore instead of thriving upon minimal profit margins, the said strategy opened room for a higher profitability and sales revenue for the company on a year on year basis. The revenue increased by 70% in the last five years which is a rarity experienced by other companies in the said industry and that too mainly in the bakery segment.

Branding Strategy of Breadtalk

The branding strategy adopted by Breadtalk was another reason for its success in such a short duration. The company’s mode of branding i.e. through innovation so as to keep the customers afresh has made it clear to the customers that the products that Breadtalk offers has more value imbibed.

Further to this the branding strategy pronounced by Scott M. Davis is very relevant to Breadtalk’s strategy of branding. The company has given importance on capitalising its brands which can be analysed using the eleven steps proposed by Davis , categorized under four phases (Davis 2001).

The details with regards to Breadtalk are enumerated below.

Developing a Brand Vision: The Company has a very distinct vision of setting its foothold as the most trendy lifestyle bakery brand. It not only educated its employees about the vision and mission of the company but also made them aware of the fact that its main focus would be on satisfying the requirements of the customers with full vigour and passion. Lastly it has been serving the society from more than a decade now and has unstoppably been delivering newer and most distinct dishes.

Determining a Brand Image: The Company did not restrict itself only to Singapore and soon it expanded to various other countries in Asia. The most striking of it was that the owner himself was actively involved while expanding in new countries such as China. This helped to ensure sustainability of the brands in newer countries as well. Further Breadtalk’s concept of a see through kitchen enhanced its sales and brand value as the customers would be able to see the making and baking of breads. Lastly the target audience were those who were not interested in having bread as their breakfast menu (Singapore Management University. 2016). The Company took the risk of providing them exciting and interesting dishes made of bread in front of them which also helped in the determination of a strong brand image.

Developing Brand Asset Management Strategy: The strategy adopted by Breadtalk was to provide newer products every six months as per the needs of the customers. Further it has set up concept stores to suit generations, thus bridging the gap between generations and developing a concept of offering something for every generation. The stores are being set up as per the attraction and the desires of the customers of the various countries. Such as Singapore does not prefer sit and drink cafes but China does, hence establishment of stores have been done accordingly. Thus it has been maintaining the fashion trends country wise. It does not prefer competing with the mass confectioners but believes in competing with itself thus setting a benchmark of its own every time.

Measuring Brand Asset Management Culture: The brand culture developed within the organization is very stark wherein the employees feel proud to be associated with the Company. The Company believes in investing in the human capital thus knows the importance of good workers. Further to this setting up of a Breadtalk Group Academy which trains people for baking has enabled the Company to attract the best talents even during periods of stress. The connection of the internal kitchen with the external customers also provides an environment of motivation and dedication amongst the employees (Singapore Business Review- Centre for Management Practice. 2016).

Thus Breadtalk’s main aim is to serve those customers who are not too interested in having breads because of the same old preparations. Variety and innovation is the key to the success of Breadtalk. Thus its main motto to stand out from the crowd and competing with oneself rather than the competitors outside has enabled it to win the hearts of many customers.


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