Cna342 | Family Health Care Assessment Answer


Part I:

The case scenario selected for the assignment focuses on Jamir, an eight year old ethnically diverse patient living in the rural suburban neighbourhood of Australia. The case was reported by a teacher who came to the clinic to share her concerns about the deteriorating asthma that Jamir had been suffering from ever since his diagnosis of asthma 12 months ago. The teacher has mentioned that the patient has had three asthma attacks within the last two months and all of which had been occurring during the physical exercise education classes. The teacher has also mentioned that she had spoken to Jamir’s mother regarding the asthma complications that he experiencing, signs of his deteriorating condition and his absenteeism and affected educational progress due to the deterioration. The teacher mentioned that they immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan two years ago and ever since his mother has developed depression and it being a family of five with only his father being an earning member, his father has to work long hours to sustain the family. The teacher explained that even though Jamir’s mother has been notified about the deteriorating condition, nothing changed for Jamir.

As per the information provided by the case study, there are various care needs that are present for the patient. First and foremost, it has to be acknowledged that exercise induced bronchospasms are prevalent in the patient groups with lack of properly medically managed asthma. Hence, one of the most important physical health need of the patient is proper management of asthma. The fact that he had been feeling considerably low and non-participative in class and had been absent for long period of times from the school, it indicates at deteriorating health due to asthma. Along with that he had been falling behind in the studies due to his deteriorating health he had been suffering from lack of proper growth and development is also affected due to the his deteriorating health. It was discovered from the case study that he belonged to a culturally and ethnically diverse immigrant family with four children and parents and only one earning member. Hence, his nutritional requirements must also be restricted due to the fiscal constraint on the family and hence proper nutrition and development is also a very important need (Murray et al. 2017). It seemed that Jamir only knew how to use the salbutamol puffer and he did not have enough understanding of the asthma self-management either, hence it is also a very important need. Considering the psychosocial needs of the patient, it has to be mentioned that this culturally diverse family as living in a fiscal constraint with the father working long hours to sustain the family and the mother being depressed for two years. Hence, the familial bonding and residential environment of the family must be compromised due to these complicated factors, hence proper familial support and parenting is also a considerable need for Jamir. Although, from the array of needs of the patient, proper medical management of asthma, affected growth and development of the child, and lack to familial or parental support are three most pressing needs that need to be addressed immediately (Keeney et al. 2014).

Part II:

It has to be mentioned in this context that asthma is a chronic lung disorder which is associated with many health related restrictions and lifestyle modifications. The physical exercise is one of these restrictions that an asthma patient has to undergo in order to be able to avoid the risk of asthma attack or exacerbations. As discussed by Jayasinghe, Kopsaftis and Carson (2015), vigorous exercise or physical activity is associated with exercise induced bronchospasms in the asthma patients, and hence, students with asthma should not be allowed to take part in regular vigorous physical activity to avoid risk of exacerbations. The information provided on the patient includes Jamir using salbutamol in school only when he experiences asthma attacks and yet his health had been deteriorating and he had been absent from the school for increasing number of days on a stretch which indicates that his health had been deteriorating further and without adequate interventions taken to address the issues that the patient is experiencing, it might lead to considerable adverse events and his studies are also going to get affected further (Weiler et al., 2016). Along with that, living in the care of a depressed mother and a work absorbed father with three younger sibling has a significant impact on the psyche and sense for safety of a child. Hence, there is need for proper therapeutic engagement with patient and his family to address the overlapping care needs.

Strategies for therapeutic engagement:

Hence, the first strategy for the patient will be to address the communication issues in order to develop the therapeutic relationship. Exploring this issue further, Jamir belonged to the ethnic Islamic background which is associated with many restrictions and cultural constraints associated with communicating with parents. The relationship between the children and their parents in this culture is respectful yet very formal with the affection guarded by conventional and traditional strictness (Yeh et al., 2016). Hence, the children feel awkward and afraid to communicate their needs and problems, and for Jamir the depression of his mother and extreme occupational stress of his father, his communication skills become limited. The strategy will need to involve different communication theories namely relational communication theory and interpersonal communication theory where, his personal ties and relationship will be evaluated and encouraged with the parents so that he feels comfortable in sharing his woes and health issues (Kurtz, Draper and Silverman 2016). Along with that, the nurse will have to include strategies to enhance the interpersonal communication with the family and develop a therapeutic alliance with Jamir.

Family centred care can be defined as the care approach that allows the parents of the child be the centre of the decision making for care planning and implementation with collaboration of the health care staff (Mohanty et al., 2018). In this case, Jamir’s health issues are not limited to just his physical health needs but also the emotional and mental health ne4eds which is associated with the parents and family. Here the nurse will have to suggest family oriented psychotherapies to enhance familial bond and suggest psychotherapeutic interventions for both Jamir and his parents that will also help his father deal with work stress and his mother to overcome depression. Along with that, the nurse will also have to focus on involving both parents in care planning and implementation procedure, to help them feel useful, connected with their child and in control. These will help the parents and the family build trust and comfort with the child and his family and will allow the nurse to engage in a therapeutic relationship and help address the care needs of Jamir and help him overcome his health concerns effectively and holistically (Coyne, 2015).

The third strategy will undoubtedly have to focus on the need for cultural safety for the therapeutic engagement and subsequent care planning. It has to be mentioned in this context that Jamir belongs to an ethnic Islamic background which is associated with many traditional healing concepts and ideologies which is needed to be acknowledged in the care planning. And developing a therapeutic alliance with a patient belonging to CALD background, the need for a culturally safe and appropriate approach will be essential (Cené et al., 2016). Language and non-verbal communication is a very important aspect of the therapeutic engagement with Jamir and his parents, hence there will be need to incorporate a language interpreter for Jamir and his family to understand and participate optimally in the process. Lastly, respecting the cultural identity and the honouring the choices and preferences are a very important aspect of caring for as culturally diverse child, hence the nurse will also require to respect his and his family’s cultural identity and ethnicity along with taking the assistance of cultural liaison officer and CALD expert to put across my thoughts and concerns better to the family and help them understand me more effectively and help in strengthening the therapeutic engagement (Arnold and Boggs, 2015).

Care plan:

The most important care need for Jamir is better management of his asthma exacerbations and frequent bronchospasm attacks that were mostly exercise induced which indicated at the fact that his asthma not being properly medically managed.

Nursing goal

Nursing intervention


Evaluation of outcome

Jamir will be receiving proper treatment regimen to control his asthma better

Carrying out adequate extensive assessment of respiratory rate, depth, and rhythm along with adventitious breathing sounds.




Administering short acting beta 2 andrenergic agonists such as albuterol and corticosteroids such as budesonide as prescribed by physician

A thorough assessment will help understand the extent of bronchial constriction and detect any infection to provide adequate intervention (Teach et al. 2015).


The bronchodilators will relieve the bronchoconstriction by dilating the bronchial tubes and corticosteroids will reduce any inflammation in the airways and will help relieve the shortness of breath (Puranik et al. 2017).

The exact extent of asthma was determined which helped in further care planning.


The administration of medication diligently over a period of time helped in relieving the frequency and severity of bronchospasms

Jamir will understand the self-management techniques effectively

Teaching Jamir how to use spacer inhalers with help from parents prior to discharge.



Taking the aid of teach back method with collaboration from cultural liaison officer

Knowing how to use inhalers on their won will avoid the risk of respiratory emergency (Teach et al. 2015)


Teach back method will ensure the patient has understood the entire patient education session (Peter et al. 2015)

Jamir positively understand how to use spacer inhalers properly and can use it on his own in emergencies 

His parents will understand  asthma exacerbation triggers  and how to manage and/or prevent them

Arranging counselling and educational interactive session explaining asthma attack triggers, how to prevent and manage them by the use of a workshop.




Giving informative brochures in simple and easy to understand English

Demonstrative and interactive sessions will enhance the understanding of the parents (Kurtz, Draper and Silverman 2016).




Having a brochure for future reference will help the family adhere to the instructions more effectively

Jamir’s parents understand triggers for asthma attacks and how to prevent as well as mange them


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