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The aim of this report is to discuss the importance of knowledge of the wedding planner regarding different ways of weddings in different cultures as well as at different times. As the marriage has been performed in every culture from the ancient times, it has historical influence that has become the traditions identifying different cultural background. With changing perspectives of the couples, the location, fashions and themes of the weddings have changes so that the weddings can have the creativity and individuality incorporated in the weddings. All of these depend on the efficiency and planning of the wedding planner who effectively arrange all the associated objects for perfect celebration of the wedding. There are some contemporary issues in relation to marriage and weddings which have been detailed in this particular report. For these reasons, the responsibilities of the wedding planners are increasing in recent times.

Historical influences on wedding practices:

Wedding in the world has a log and in-depth history that reflect upon the socio-cultural structure of the communities as well as region. The wedding traditions are different in different countries. Each of these traditions has particular symbol and connotations that connect the families and communities associated with the wedding. In Australia the history of wedding has indigenous references. The smoking ceremony and stone ceremony are somewhat aboriginal tradition in the country but these have been replaced by the western Christian culture of wedding (Pelikan, 2018). In other parts of the world like China, India and the countries of middle east have different rituals with wedding. Most of these are related with the religion and geographical situation of the countries. However, wedding is practices in all the species be it civilized or uncivilized and granted to be one of the most important customs for maintaining population balance in the society.

Amazing venues for wedding:

Traditionally, the Christian weddings used to take place within the church where the members of the families and other relatives used to gather but now a days, the couples are preferring different places for wedding. Most of the western high budget wedding are taking place in distant places which is referred as destination wedding. In this regard also, the importance of venue selection and presenting them becomes challenging for the wedding planners (Halpenny, 2016). According to the new trends of searching wedding values, the couples are showing some preferences such as historic venue, hotels, restaurant receptions, covered rooftops, translucent tents, different views, vaulted ceilings and houses of worship. The main trend in this present context has become the destination wedding. The big budget couples are trying to visit new places which can be sea shore, memorable buildings, historical places and mountainous regions (Cohen, 2018). These are quite unique that make their wedding special. In addition to this, they asking for creating theme according the natural beauty of the destination. Therefore, the wedding planners are trying to offer destination wedding preferred by the customers.

Traditions in most western weddings:

For arranging proper western marriage, the wedding planners get an ample amount of customs and traditions which the couples celebrate during their wedding. First of these traditions of western marriage is re fertility and good fortune cake which is associated with luck and wealth in the western wedding culture. Secondly, the bride is expected to wear white vail with wedding dress to hide face so that groom does not change his mind. According to western culture, this is also used to keep the evil spirits away from the couple. Thirdly the bouquet Toss is essential in the western wedding ceremony which is considered to be the good luck token for the unmarried. Fourthly, the importance of bridesmaids in the wedding have increased with time. Historically, these women were needed to be unmarried who mainly protected the bride from evil by dressing same as the bride and to confuse others (Carter, 2016). Now a days, these bridesmaids throw bridal shower as well as bachelorette party, help the family members with the wedding set-up and offer emotional support to bride before the wedding.

Another most important tradition celebrated in the western wedding is the rice shower which has historical as well as symbolic connotations. Initially the tradition aimed to bless the couples with fertility as rise is the symbol of crops in one hand and dissuade the birds from the couples. Now a days, the guests shower candy, nuts, confetti and flower petals over the couples. In the Indian wedding also, this tradition of throwing of rice and flower can be seen. Another tradition in western wedding is associated with the hand fastening of the couples during marriage that symbioses the marriage engagement. This tradition dates back to the ancient Celts and spread all over the world through British (Johnston, 2015). In the Asian weddings also, this ritual of hand fasting is seen. Finally, the tradition of giving away the bride by her father to her soon to be husband has centuries of history. It initially referred to the giving away responsibilities of the bride to her man who will protect and support her. With changing time and changing perspectives regarding women rights and activities, this giving away ceremony by the father is considered to be the confirmation of blessings to the daughter.

Changes, creativity and individuality in recent weddings:

With the change of social and cultural outlook in the western countries regarding marriage, the instances of creativity and uniqueness can be seen in the recent weddings. First of them is the selecting the venue. In this regard many of the couples are now preferring for destination wedding where the wedding planners along with teams visit the place selected to celebrate marriage away from their home (Halpenny, 2016). In recent time, destination wedding has become vogue as this makes the marriage wonderful and memorable. This make the wedding more special as this take the bridegroom away from their place and let them explore as well as enjoy the setting completely unknown. Moreover, destination wedding allows the couple to incorporate the culture of that place during their marriage (Taplin, Nguyen, & Lee, 2016). The wedding planners also get new themes and amazes the guests. Now a days, the couple are demanding the dresses and fashions perfectly matching the theme of the wedding so that this adds to the creativity more.

Legal changes in western wedding ceremony:

Changing time and perception of the societies regarding wedding has affected the demands of the couples for wedding planning. These stakeholders are having changing family dynamic as the definition of family and responsibilities or role of the women in a family is constantly changing. The wedding planners are focusing in the female workforce dynamics and increasing same sex marriages in the western marriage culture. These are transforming the views of the people regarding cohabitation and marriage, wedding rates, divorce and intercultural or interfaith marriages (Fetner & Heath, 2016). The regulations and acts supporting the same sex marriage and recognizing any type of marriages equal have incurred the creativity and individuality of the wedding planners. Moreover, the regulations worldwide regarding the arrange of the divorcees have become more open which is completing the wedding planners to rethink the receptions and ideas. They are now amalgamating tradition with modernity in the perfect presentation of marriage.  

Cultural impact on wedding: 

As mentioned before, the process and traditionality of wedding has been changing with the change of perspectives of the people in the societies. The traditionality associated with the marriage are different in different cultures. Most of the weddings in this world is particularly associated with the religion as this plays a vital part in the development of the culture. All the wedding around the world. From the time immemorial, people have seen marriage to be the connection between two families, cultures, societies and sometimes countries. In the ancient times, marriage was considered to be the treaty among kings as their daughters were seen to be the property. Now the perspectives have changed, the legalities and customs of different cultures supporting marriage has changed (Halpenny, 2016). In the modern era, culture does not see marriage as treaty or commitment but allow the couple to lead their lives freely. Initially there were some essential traditions in every culture that aimed of protect the couple from misfortune and evil now with tome the strictness of those customs has loosened allowing more space for enjoyment and experience of the couples.


Therefore, it can be concluded that there are different cultures in the world which effectively impact on the traditions of their marriage. This is the reason why the wedding planners effectively arrange all the associated materials and people for the perfect celebration of the wedding. However, in the recent times the demand of the stakeholders in the wedding have changed as the outlook and style of celebration of the marriages have changed a lot. Traditionally, the western Christian marriages used to take place in the churches but now the destination wedding, hotels and other places are replacing church.


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