Hat304 Emerging Issues In Tourism Assessment Answer


The model above illustrates a customer’s quick journey mapping towards the experience of an eco-tourism journey. It involves inquiry about the particular thing, comparison with the other available programme of tourism in the market, investigating about the market of choice from the previous reviews and the word of mouth and then purchase of the particular tourism plan.

Identified Issues 

Australia's National Ecotourism strategy explains the concept of ecotourism as the nature-based tourism involving proper analysis and interpretation of the nature that is ecologically sustainable in nature (Singh, Dash and Vashko 2016). Ecotourism is generally conceived as the way of reducing socioeconomic and ecological impacts of the mass tourism that tends to promote sustainable development by the combination of conservation, education related to environment and the wellbeing of the local community people (Zacarias and Loyola 2017). The unique range of flora and fauna with a wide range of assets related to the nature that includes the rainforests, coral reefs, and wild habitats contributes to the potential for the attraction of the ecotourist on the country (Sangpikul 2015). This ecologically sustainable tourism though might seem attractive faces lots of challenges and issues in the global market of hospitality and tourism.

Lack of trust of the visitors in the tradition data sources – According to multiple research, the customers and the visitors have lost their trust on the traditional information source from the corporations, government, and the traditional suppliers. People tend to trust the word of the mouth of their immediate circle of family and friends for further information. The organizations such as the Trip Advisor has taken the advantages of the issues to deviate visitors from the sustainable eco-friendly tourism ideas with filtered reviews and high-quality contents regarding commercial tourist places that are far more attractive and luxurious as compared to the eco-tourism.

Operation in the global market- It is a challenge for the co tourism industry in Australia to survive in the international and the domestic tourism market (Choi et al. 2017). The internet and the social media have made easy for everyone to access information from everywhere enabling the visitors to look around the negative factors and the environmental degradation.

Product quality and inspiring good behavior – Reduction in the risk and the improvement in the experience of the visitors by incentivizing a quality operation are some of the factors that provide the business of ecotourism to proceed towards the excellence. Australian eco-tourism lacks the policy of preserving the ecological model and the natural assets of the country

Development of the product – The lack of investment in the development of the product for the creation of high-quality experience of the tourism are one of the major negative factors for the eco-tourism business in the country (Packer, Ballantyne and Hughes 2014). Furthermore, lack of promotions and policy realignment of the development and improvement of the natural assets contributes to the fall of the ecotourism in the country.

The Environmental Impact- Although the main aim and the purpose of the eco tourism are to conserve the natural things and the environment to its best, the eco tourism tends to have some of the negative and detrimental effects instead (Zyma and Holub 2016). This is because due to the growth in the population in a destination, sometimes the resources are overtaxed and the attractions of nature and the environment tend to suffer from over use. Furthermore, disruption of the wildlife and the rural culture by the human tourist and the visitors from around the other parts of the globe creates a negative impact over the concept of eco tourism.

Local economy- Eco tourism tends to attract visitors from around the globe. The visitor's flock to the popular rural destination in the seek of natural beauty and mesmerizing environment. These take a toll on the local inhabitants and the community people of the destination (Choi et al. 2017). This is because, they also have to pay the same inflated and over taxed priced for the food and the drinks as the tourist do, thus putting a major financial burden on the local community people.

The concept of eco tourism is often a topic a controversy. Among green problem or a green solution. Apart from certain human related business issues regarding tourist attraction and profit of the business of the country, the eco-tourism is often questioned as a problem or a solution for the county (Fatima, Khan and Halabi 2017). Starting from the carbon foot print issue to the disappearance of the migratory animals and the birds, the extinct of the mammals in Australia, the ecotourism is still a topic of much debate.

Critical Evaluation of Effectiveness

One of the fastest growing industry, eco tourism can play a very important role in the implementation of some of the global solutions for the issues or the challenges like reduction in the poverty, climate changes, reduction in the waste, preservation of the co system and forwarding the country towards a more sustainable one (Packer, Ballantyne and Hughes 2014). In lieu of the above stated issue and the identified problems regarding the eco tourism of Australia, some of the suggested recommendations for the effectiveness of the future improvement of the industry is as follows.

Propagating tourism industry action- Interest among the stakeholder like the investors, shareholder and the suppliers. Furthermore, the involvement of the factors beyond the control of the private sector like the governmental policies. Is as important step towards respondents to the action of the competitors (Zacarias and Loyola 2017). The tourism industry furthermore needs to be promoted and the marketing strategy of the business needs to be reconstructed and improved.

Consistent Data for the verification of the actions and the claims -  It is important for the agencies and the organization involved in the promotion of the co tourism to research and quantify the size and the market scope. The eco tourism industry of Australia lies far behind the commercial tourist spot wrapped in attractive hotels and luxurious amenities (Zyma and Holub 2016). It is thus important for the agencies to look for the negative claims and verify them with improved measures so that the eco tourism industry can compete in the market of tourism.

Market Data -  This is an extremely important point since the rise of social media has enabled and facilitated the visitors to search and book for their desired destination via online. The visitors furthermore search for the reviews and the background before visiting any of their places of interest. Proper restructure of the market data is thus important for the propagation of the eco tourism market.

Governmental involvement – The government of Australia has the primary duty for the preservation of the natural and the environmental asset of the country. This is because the nature is a public property and the security of the public assets are the duty of the government (Singh, Dash and Vashko 2016). Proper investment and maintenance of the natural assets are thus mandatory since these factors will attract new tourist for the co tourism of the country.

Furthermore, preserving the animals and the rare wild life species that can get affected by the human involvement via eco tourism must also be ensured by the government. Thus, proper addressing of the environmental and the social concerns rising from the eco tourism by the government and the stakeholders must be done by the implementation of policies and practices for the maintenance of a balance among the limits and the usage of the natural resources via the eco tourism industry.


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