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What is a Tax Return?

A tax return is a form that reports the details of income, expenses, and also relevant tax information. The process helps the taxpayers to generate their tax liability, tax payment schedules and also provide information on the refund process. It also calculates the income of a business with the tax charges that it needs to pay to the government. The taxes accumulated in this process are usually meant for the infrastructure, education, and military of the country.

History of Tax Return

In 1862, Abraham Lincoln first granted some money for assisting people who had injuries during the civil war. In 1894, Wilson Tariff Act delivered an awareness on income tax. However, it was Reagan who passed the Reform Act of tax in 1986 and the tax return file developed electronically in 1992.

Different Forms of Taxes in Australia

Goods & Service Tax

In Australia, the rate of GST is around 10% which is a complicated tax for most businesses in the continent.

Corporate Tax

The companies in Australia need to pay tax on their profit and it is planned at the percentage of 30.

Personal Income Tax

It is one of the most crucial sources of revenue in Australia and the federal government imposes the same on the employees on their income. Such tax follows a progressive technique which means the higher tax rate for higher income.

Key Section of a Tax Return


The income lists out all the income sources of the individual and the most general way of reporting the same is a W-2 form. In this section, you must report the details on wages, dividends, and even capital gains.


Deductions minimize the tax liability hence it is considered as an important section of the tax return. It includes several contributions to saving plans or even interest deductions on loans.

Tax Credits

Tax credits are the amounts that counterbalance your tax liabilities. It mostly revolves around the caring of dependent children and parents or even education.

Taxation in Australia

The amount of tax you need to pay is dependent on your residency status. At the outset, for the first six months as a resident of Australia, you are a foreign citizen irrespective of your visa status. In such scenarios, you need to pay a higher tax rate on your income and won’t be entitled to a tax-free threshold. However, once you become a resident you can avail the tax refund feature.

On the other hand, for your stay in the continent for more than 183 days then you become a resident and need to pay taxes. The residents avail a lower tax rate and get qualified for a tax-free threshold of $18,200. However, the tax you may get back depends on a variety of factors and the ATO (Australian Tax Office) has the power to formulate all these procedures.

The Australian tax year completes on 30th June every year and everyone working there needs to file the annual tax return accordingly. In this, you need to declare your total earning and detail of tax paid during the ongoing financial year and claim a tax refund. The deadline for the tax return process in Australia to the ATO is 31st October, but it is always good to file the same at the earliest.

Here are Some Commonly-Asked Queries on Tax Returns

Who is entitled to a tax return in Australia?

A resident Australian is required to file an income tax return in case gross income goes above a tax-free threshold of AUD18,200. On the contrary, a non-resident earning AUD or more has to opt for a tax return. The Australian Taxation Office usually issues an income tax assessment of taxable income and payable tax to the resident based on their ITR.

What do you understand about the income tax return?

An income tax return is a form that is used for filing necessary information about your income to the Income-tax department. The tax amount is considered based on the individual’s income and in case the tax exceeds the income then the individuals are eligible to avail an income tax refund from the concerned department.

What is the significance of a tax return?

An effective tax return process helps the country in boosting its economy. Moreover, the government uses the collected money to relieve the affected in case of disasters. The tax receipts you get after paying the tax work effectively during the Visa application process.

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