Is Canada or Australia better for a study visa and PR?

Canada or Australia

Navigating Higher Education and Permanent Residency: A Comparative Guide to Canada and Australia


Embarking on the journey of higher education abroad is a pivotal decision that can shape one’s future, both academically and professionally. Two prominent choices for international students seeking quality education and potential permanent residency (PR) are Canada and Australia. In this comprehensive guide, we will conduct a comparative analysis of study visas and PR options in both countries, aiding aspiring students in making informed decisions aligned with their goals.

Study Visa: Canada vs. Australia


  1. Education Excellence:
  • Canada is renowned for its world-class education system, offering academic excellence and a diverse student population.
  1. International Student Presence:
  • In 2022, Canada hosted an impressive 807,750 international students across various study levels, showcasing its global appeal.
  1. Straightforward Application:
  • The process of obtaining a study permit in Canada is known for its simplicity, making it an attractive destination for international students.
  1. Work While Studying:
  • Students in Canada enjoy the advantage of working while studying, providing them with financial support and valuable work experience.


  1. World-Class Education:
  • Australia is recognized for its high-quality education, attracting a substantial number of international students.
  1. Global Student Community:
  • As of June 2022, Australia had 469,306 Australian student visa holders globally, reflecting the broad reach of its education system.
  1. Work Opportunities:
  • Similar to Canada, students in Australia can work while studying, offering them opportunities to gain practical experience.

Permanent Residency (PR): Canada vs. Australia


  1. Record Numbers:
  • In 2022, Canada welcomed a record number of 437,120 new permanent residents, a testament to its open immigration policies.
  1. Rights and Privileges:
  • PR holders in Canada enjoy various benefits, including the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in the country.
  1. Access to Healthcare and Social Benefits:
  • PR holders are eligible for healthcare and social benefits, ensuring their well-being is safeguarded.
  1. Path to Citizenship:
  • After meeting specific eligibility requirements, PR holders can apply for Canadian citizenship, becoming full-fledged citizens.


  1. Generous PR Grants:
  • In 2020-21, Australia granted PR to over 160,000 individuals, emphasizing its commitment to welcoming immigrants.
  1. Comprehensive Rights:
  • PR holders in Australia enjoy extensive rights, including the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in the country.
  1. Family Sponsorship:
  • PR holders can sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency, facilitating family reunification.
  1. Path to Citizenship:
  • After meeting specific eligibility criteria, PR holders can apply for Australian citizenship, fully embracing the country’s culture and opportunities.

Key Considerations for Decision-Making

  1. Type of Course or Program:
  • Consider your academic interests and career goals, as both countries offer a diverse range of courses and programs.
  1. Lifestyle:
  • Reflect on the lifestyle you prefer, considering the distinct cultures, climates, and ways of life in Canada and Australia.
  1. Cost of Living:
  • Research the cost of living in both countries, including accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses, to align with your budget.
  1. Future Plans:
  • Consider your long-term goals. If pursuing PR and eventual citizenship is part of your plan, evaluate the pathways in both countries.


Choosing between Canada and Australia for higher education and potential permanent residency is a significant decision requiring thoughtful consideration. Aspiring students should weigh various factors, aligning them with personal and professional aspirations. Thorough research, advice from reliable sources, and consultations with educational and immigration experts are crucial in making an informed choice. The ultimate goal is to select the option that best fits individual goals and sets the course for a successful journey in higher education and potential permanent residency in Canada or Australia. Good luck on your transformative journey!

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