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Microsoft Access is really a relational database management system (DBMS or even RDBMS). At the very core, it is a software 'engine' that provides an interface between physical data and user application queries. Get Microsoft Access Assignment Help from assignmenthippo.com

MS Access Assignment Help

Additional types of MS Access DBMS programs consist of:

MS Access Definitions for MS Access Homework Help

MS Access - software used for creating databases

  • Quickly
  • Accurately
  • Using wizards as well as templates created to keep the integrity of the data

MS Access Data is simply information

  • Database
  • Collection associated with data
  • Related to some specific subject or project

Data Integrity in Microsoft Office Assignment Help

  • Data should be accurate.
  • Data are RELATED to with additional data in your database (e.g., library patron is related to the book(s) that s/he has checked out).
  • Maintaining the INTEGRITY of the relationship between different pieces of data is very essential.
  • Example of compromised integrity: sending an overdue notice to the wrong library patron

Microsoft Access Assignment Help vs. MS Excel Assignment Help

  • MS Excel
  • spreadsheet
  • flat database
  • all information includes a one-to-one relationship
  • MS Access

like several spreadsheets which are linked one to the other

  • One-to-many relationships
  • Many-to-many relationships

Microsoft Access Versions for MS Access Assignment Help

  • ⯈ MS Access 1.1
  • ⯈ MS Access 2.0
  • ⯈ MS Access for Windows 95
  • ⯈ MS Access 97
  • ⯈ MS Access 2000
  • ⯈ MS Access 2002
  • ⯈ MS Access 2003
  • ⯈ MS Access 2007
  • ⯈ MS Access 2010

MS Access Homework Assignment Sample

Using an ERD to create tables in MS Access

Refer to the ERD created in Assignment 2 / Week 8:

Perform the following steps in MS Access:

  • Create the tables and relationships from the database design created in Assignment 2 / Week 8.
  • Add at least five (5) records into each table (Note: You must determine the field values).
  • Include the following screenshots in a Microsoft Word document to show the completion of the steps above:
  • Screenshot depicting the tables created within MS Access.
  • Screenshots depicting the records added into each table. Include one student where the student's last name is your name.

Query tables in MS Access

Perform the following steps in MS Access

  • Create a query with all fields from the student table, where the student's last name is your name.
  • Create a query that includes students’ first names, last names, and phone numbers.
  • Create a query that includes instructor's first names, last names, and courses they teach.

Include the screenshots in a Microsoft Word:

  • Screenshot depicting the tables created.
  • Screenshots depict the records added.
  • Screenshots depicting the query results from each of the queries created.

MS Access Assignment Question

Create tables and query in MS Access

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